About us

We are a great bunch of guys and love the game of rugbyleague with a passion

We welcome new members both old and young- male & female 

New referee's ( our youtube channel videos - slide shows of the team in action)

Are most  welcome and made comfortable in a relaxed inviting environment from the get go.




Our members are a mixed bunch and come from all walks of life - includes Road workers - Company C.E.Os. - Policemen - Teachers - Painters - Marketers e.t.c.

Becoming a Referee
can be the best way to stay involved in the game you love. The great thing about being a referee is that you actually get to be still amongst the  

It also provides a meaningful reason to stay in shape as we get older and opens up the opportunity to get out of the house two or three times a week and participate in an enjoyable and rewarding physical activity.

Role Model

 Provides a unique opportunity to influence  young people positively. The referee is in charge with enforcing the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship.

 Refereeing appeals strongly to the competitive spirit that all of us possess. The successful referee is a fierce competitor who enjoys the opportunity to work with teams toward a common goal of a good game.

Develop Yourself-

It requires you to make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts, and deal with stress and pressure. It demands good communications skills- these skills can be an advantage in your work life as well.

$$$ Not for the Money- but the love of the game. 

Being a Referee is not an extremely lucrative past time (money wise) but the pay back in other ways can be immerse.-Your fellow referee's can become your friends for life. 

Team work-

Amongst referee's is important as they provide a support base which is required when you need it.
Although it is still important to be competitive amongst your peers the support will always be there for you .

  • Often the role you play in sport is heavily scrutinised and you are consistently judged by your last call. 

New referee's can help themselves by taking more care about what they do and gaining a greater understanding of the sport, rather than worrying about being too technical at first

  • Ultimately that separates the very good referees from the others. 

Come along we meet every second monday please go to contact page for more info.

Did You Know ? 

 The first game or rugby league in New Zealand was played at the now demolished Athletic Park on 20 May, 1908,

between teams made up of the just returned pioneering All Golds, 18 of them took the field, and a number of prominent local rugby union players.

This first match was played to raise money for Albert Henry Baskerville’s widowed mother and attracted 8,000 spectators. For the record a Black X111 defeated a Red X111 55-20

Did You Know Who refereed the first ever State of Origin match?

Bill Thompson. It had been the Englishman's only Origin appointment. Kiwi Kevin Steele controlled the second Origin match, while Roberts was the first Australian to referee an Origin game, in game 1, 1982.

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