League Code of Conduct


MAFQ Code of Conduct


MAFQ means Masters Australian Football Queensland Inc, AFL Mastes Inc and their clubs, officers, volunteers, servants, agents and co-contractors.

The MAFQ Code of Conduct covers both on field and off field activities. It applies to all participants, including members, players, umpires, coaching staff, support staff and supporters.


Code of Conduct Principles


The constitution, bylaws, rules, code of conduct, objectives and any reasonable directive given by MAFQ are to be abided by.

The philosophy of football for fun, fitness and friendship shall be adhered to at all times.

All participants will show respect to the game of AFL Masters, covering umpires, coaches, officials, volunteers and opposition players.

Participants will not engage in any activity which places other participants at risk of injury or death, or is deemed unsportsmanlike by MAFQ. The determination of such activity is solely at the discretion of MAFQ and participants are bound by that determination. Specific unsportsmanlike conduct includes:

  • Disputing an umpire's decision
  • Violence, fighting or threatening behaviour
  • Swearing, abusive or threatening language
  • Racial or religious abuse, vilification or actions.


Procedures for Reporting of Breaches


Any persons who witness a breach of the MAFQ Code of Conduct shall report such incident directly to their club delegate, or if desired, directly to the MAFQ Executive. Direct complaints and complaints via club delegates are to be emailed to president@mafq.com.au. Complainants may request their complaint be kept anonymous.

The MAFQ Executive will fully investigate all aspects of the reported incident and consult with all parties involved. All direct parties will be informed of the Executive's decision.

The MAFQ Exexutive shall have the power to impose any required penalties and will communicate any penalties to the direct parties. Where penalties are prescribed, a summary of the incident will be communicated to all club delegates for their information and transparency.

The MAFQ Executive shall have the power to impose penalties on a complainant if their report is deemed unjust, spiteful or intended to unfairly injure or discriminate against any person(s).








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President - Steve Burchill

Vice President - Dean Wallington

Secretary - David Keenan

Treasurer - Arnold Keuker

Director - Sam French

Gold Coast Director - Vacant

Country Director - Vacant

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