Over Age Policy

OVER AGE PERMIT RULES AND REGULATIONS The use of players no more than one year over-age is permitted for in the Sungold Milk Under 18 competition provided:

• All over-age players must be approved to play by the WBFL CEO prior to playing any match in the Sungold Milk Under 18s.

• No more than three (3) over-age players may play in any one match. In addition, no registered Under 18 player (excluding U16 players) may miss out on a game at the expense of an over age permit player. • The first permit granted will last for three (3) games only. Following the third game, the permit will be re-assessed.

• The Western Border Football League reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time, for reasons including, but not limited to, suspension, yellow card, red card, form/ability.

• Should a situation arise where an opposition team requires numbers from the team with the over-age player(s) to help field a team, the over-age permit players must be the first provided until there is an equal balance (or as close to as possible) of over-age players on each team.

• The over-age player(s) are to be clearly marked on the team sheet.

• These set of guidelines are in force for the 2010 season only.

• All opposition coaches, presidents and secretaries are welcome to provide feedback on any of the over-age permit players at any time during the season.

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