To Ship Owners - Benefits of being an ACA host ship

Hosting a group of Australian Cruise Academy students could be a great benefit for your ship and crew. After a while at sea, the life of the crew becomes routine and boring. The crew starts to become unhappy and life is not good.

If you have some spare berths on your ship it can be a simple matter of MOU agreement to host ACA students on your ship. Students enter the ship as "Special Persons", not crew and not passengers. ACA has insurances to protect all enrolled students and their ACA Academy Masters. We try to have two Academy Masters working together on each ship to supervise an average of 16 students. Academy masters work in close cooperation with the master and ship's officers.

In the event of only one or two students being hosted on a ship, Academy asks that one of the ship's officers be delegated as "Mentor" to the students and provides the link between Academy and the students. Student access to internet communication is necessary.

New enthusiastic young faces on the ship can be a welcome breath of fresh air. It gives crew members a new reason to be enthusiastic about their work while helping the students learn and it can also polish the skills of what crew think they know - a good piece of crew update. The students are not there for long and the crew can look forward to another group.

Australian Cruise Academy students hosted onboard your ships can be win-win-win for all. The ship's personnel can become a vibrant working/learning community and all's well.

Contact Principal Capt. Arthur on or +61 4 18836137 to chat about this opportunity.

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