Social Media Policy

Mitcham Senior / Junior Football Club

Social Media Policy and Guidelines


  • Recognise that you are responsible under law for anything you write or present  online.                                                          

  • Be respectful of all other users. Do not engage in behaviour that is derogatory, defamatory, inflammatory, abusive, sexually or racially vilifying, libellous, threatening, bullying, hateful, disrespectful or illegal.                                                             

  • Do not impersonate or falsely represent another person.            

  • Do not make statements or comments that will reflect badly on The MFC or its reputation in the football community.                  

  • Do not post photos or images of members or associates acting in a way that brings The MFC into disrepute.                                 

  • Do not convey the impression that you speak on behalf of The MFC unless you have been authorised by the committee to do so.                                                                                         

  • Do not use The MFC logo or other identifying information to give the impression that you have authority to represent the club unless you have permission to do so.                                        

  • You should not post information which is confidential to The MFC operations or which could provide a competitive advantage to other clubs.                                                                            

  • Do not use social media to raise any complaints or concerns regarding The MFC or its members or Associates. We have a dispute resolution procedure for this purpose.                           

  • If you notice a posting by a MFC member or affiliate which breaches these guidelines, or if you notice comments made by others which reflect badly on the club or its members, you should bring it to the attention of The MFC President or another member of the committee without delay.                                  

  • Responding to inappropriate comments or posts may inflame the situation. Think carefully before responding to material that your consider breaches these guidelines

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