About S&DBA

The Strathalbyn & District Basketball Association (S&DBA) has been providing sport for the local youngsters & seniors for over 30 years. Catering to the sporting needs of locals within StrLogoathalbyn, Langhorne Creek, Milang and Ashbourne.

If you are new to the area we encourage and welcome you to touch base with a committee member, learn about the association and become a part of a great, fun and social environment.

Basketball provides an opportunity to develop physical, social and emotional skills and these can be applied not only in sport, but in life. Young people should be encouraged to participate in sport and the sport we want them to do is Basketball.

Basketball is truly a sport that can be enjoyed by all people regardless of ability.The S&DBA promote a healthly and safe environment. Rest assured that any official and/or volunteer that is involved in S&DBA are expected to complete a Police Check (this is compulsory with Junior sports).

Our season runs through Summer, October – April, trying to not overlap with Winter sports. Basketball is not played in the school holidays. Games and trainings are held through the week and may require some Sunday trainings.

Adults and children are the most valuable resource and our basketball association is run by a group of volunteers, inwhich we are ever so grateful for. But we are always looking for more. idf you would like to be a part of this fabulous association please contact our club secretary on the 'contacts' page.

Thank you for visiting the S&DBA website.


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