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It is with sadness that we advise everyone of this information. Wellington Netball and Netball New Zealand have advised that ALL netball is postponed until Saturday, 2 May when we will know further information as to this current situation we are all facing.
This means that our Junior Programme will not go ahead for the remainder of this term, effective immediately.
We will also postpone our up-and-coming Delegate meeting but we will provide papers to you all instead. All courses and programmes for winter will be postponed as well as the Kiwi Whistler course. These courses will all be held at another time when we get given the clearance.
Please still send in your winter registrations so we can get everything underway behind the scenes.
MK will be working closely with Wellington Netball and we will keep you all advised as soon as information becomes available to us.
We wish everyone to keep safe in this current situation, be mindful of your community around you, and take care of you and your family.

Latest Rules Snapshots 

Please click here for the Year 1/2 rules snap shot, here for the Year 3/4 rules snap shot, here for the Year 5/6 rules snap shot and here for the Year 7/8 rules snap shot. Hopefully these are handy quick tips for everyone.

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Motu Kairangi Netball is a satellite of Netball Wellington Centre and provides the opportunity for Year 1 to Year 8 students of Southern, Central and Eastern Zone schools to participate in Netball and futureFERNS Netball.

All games are played on a Saturday at the Evans Bay Intermediate School Netball Courts, Tacy Street, Kilbirnie. 

Motu Kairangi follows school class years and is divided into Junior Netball for Year 1 to Year 4 which is run in School Term 1 and Term 4, and Intermediate Senior Netball for a combined Year 5 and 6 grade and a combined Year 7 and 8 grade which is run in School Terms 2 and 3.