What is Aussie Hoops?

What is Aussie Hoops?

Aussie Hoops is Basketball Australia and Caboolture Basketball’s development program for children aged 5 – 11 years. It’s a great opportunity to acquire and develop new skills.

Most of All Aussie Hoops is about having FUN…!


What do I get?

Every new participant in the Aussie Hoops Program receives an Aussie Hoops Pack. In the Aussie Hoops Pack participants get:

• Aussie Hoops Drawstring Bag

• Aussie Hoops Size 5 Spalding Basketball

• Aussie Hoops Reversible Singlet


How long does it go for?

Each session runs for around 1 hour and will be taken by one of our accredited Aussie Hoops Coaches. There will be 8 or 10 weeks of 1 session per week in a school term.


How do I sign up?

Register online HERE, check out their website or click the image to the right

and follow the links to the Aussie Hoops page

or contact develop@moretonbaysuns.com





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