Season Dates

Suumer season dates have been updated. Please note we will have 1 double header and also Finals will be played on the same weekend with a Grand Final Day to be held on Sunday 28th March before the Easter break. 

Please note we do not play during School Holidays or Public Holiday Weekends.

Summer 2021 





Summer 2021 

Week 1

28th November (Grading)

Week 8

20th March  

Week 2

 5th December (Grading)

Semi Finals

27th March  

Week 3

30th January 

Grand Finals 

28th March (Sunday)

Week 4

 6th February



Week 5

 13th February



Week 6

20th February 



Week 7

 27th February 


Week 8  13th March


 Week 9  14th March (Sunday)