2019 Presidents Report – Hale Gordon

  2018/19 has been a year of progress and challenges for the Dubbo Basketball Association. We were able to accomplish many positive things over the last year that assisted in the development of the Dubbo Basketball. I believe we took many steps forward in establishing Basketball as a respected sports option for the eager participants in our community.

 I’d like to thank the efforts of the current board members for their tremendous efforts over the last year and your contribution in striving to make Dubbo Basketball a better place. To our outgoing board members, thankyou on behalf of all members for volunteering your time to Dubbo Basketball and contributing to its success.

 Some notable achievements of the DBA over the last 12 months include:

  • Establishment of online junior competition enrolment
  • The recruitment of 2 imports with quality coaching skills
  • The re-establishment of a women’s state league team
  • The WJL & State cup success of our under 12 girls team
  • Increased sponsorship recruitment
  • The participation of 8 teams in WJL
  • The junior representative presentation day
  • The uniform presentation of local junior basketball
  • The establishment of our online merchandise store
  • The high success rate of collection of fees and debts, which has resulted in a very positive bank balance
  • The reduction in representative fees


I’m sure their were more achievements and I apologise if I missed any.


Thankyou also to all our junior and senior coaches and managers for volunteering so much time and dollars to help achieve many goals with their respective teams. Thankyou also to our referees for providing the necessary contribution for our teams to compete, as many had to officiate and compete, please know your efforts were much appreciated.

 Dubbo Basketball also faced challenges this year, which for the majority came down to facility arrangements and support numbers. Facility improvements is a long term goal and largely out of our control. Where as recruiting volunteers is an immediate need. This association cannot prosper without more help. The current crop of volunteers have worked themselves to near exhaustion on multiple occasions in the last twelve months and the load needs to lighten. A few have asked, I’ll help just tell me what you need. What we need is for more volunteers to take on roles with responsibility. I have placed on the website many roles under the volunteer and director tabs that could assist in the association prospering. We need people to take on these roles and make them their own. If you have professional skills that can enhance the results of a role, please offer your services if you wish to see change. If you think you can help but the role isn’t mentioned, please speak up. We need more action to partner with the endless ideas.

 Sections of the association may become unsustainable if further help is not supplied.

 As a community working together efficiently, we can transform Dubbo Basketball into a strong and well respected community that generates tremendous athletes and even better people. But it’s going to require volunteers, so whose stepping up?

 Hale Gordon


 Dubbo Basketball Association


Dubbo Basketball would like to thank all of our Sponsors



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