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The TNZ Junior inter-provincial series are tournament competitions that have each representative area (provinces) playing against each other in the same age grades. To be selected for a representative provincial team you must:

  • Be playing at a module competition within the provincial area boundaries
  • Attend the provincial trials and be selected in the squad/team
  • Meet the age grade criteria

TNZ Junior IPS Tournaments 9-13yrs & Under 15-17 Years
The Under 9-13’s tournament provides competition for players to participate in representative mixed team environments in the age grades under 9, under 11, under 13, under 15 and under 17 teams. Players must be under 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 as at December 31st of that year.

TNZ provides 3 tournaments across the country covering:

Central IPS
14th – 15th December 2013
Southern IPS
14th – 15th December 2013

Northern IPS
25th – 26th January 2013

Each tournaments make-up is unique to reflect the number of entries and travel distances.