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Return to Sport Update - June 24, 2020


Since the Victorian Government announcement on June 14 of a further relaxation of restrictions commencing Monday June 22, we have been working to seek specific clarity on what level of reactivation could apply for the Victorian basketball community. As of today, we have received the specific detail that we required to announce the return to indoor venues under the Orange 50 reactivation level for people 18 and under; and Orange 20 indoor and outdoor training for people 19 and over.  

We thank everyone for your patience and understanding over the last several days as everyone across sport and government has worked to define the details behind the Victorian Government announcement.

Before we provide further details, we wish to note that given the current increased COVID cases in Victoria, we emphasise the importance of everyone following the Victorian Government restrictions and advice when planning, preparing or conducting basketball related activity. Our sport has been given the opportunity to restart and the whole Victorian Basketball Community must work together and follow the Basketball Victoria Guidelines to help minimise risks and ensure there are consistent and safe experiences for participants.
Department of Education Update

We have received a formal update from the Department of Education (DET) in regard to venue access for the return to train and/or play.

Schools may provide associations and clubs access to shared school facilities for community basketball activity from Monday, 29 June, however, it is at the discretion of each school as to whether they open their facilities from that date, or the start of Term 3. While we are hopeful that schools will make their facilities available from June 29, we ask that our members be respectful of the decision of schools should they elect not to open their facility until the start of Term 3.

The Department of Education and Training advice for schools in relation to opening indoor facilities for community use can be found here.
COVID-19 Restrictions: Orange-50 Status (18 years and Under)

Basketball Victoria has now received notification from Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), that our understanding and application of the Victorian Government return to sport announcement (on Sunday June 14), allows for basketball to move to an Orange-50 indoor competition/training reactivation status from June 22 – for players 18 years and under. For players 19 years and over the status is Orange-20 - Indoor/Outdoor Training from June 22.

We will continue working with Local Government Authorities and facility management groups (such as YMCA, Aligned Leisure, Belgravia) to relay this information and confirm our guidelines to try and ensure a consistent approach across all indoor venues.

For details on the latest approved Basketball Victoria Reactivation Summary and Return to Sport Guidelines, as well as checklists, tools and signage, visit  here.

The Sport & Recreation Victoria website also provides further clarity on the updated restrictions; and below is some of the key information:


  • Outdoor and indoor sports venues and physical recreational facilities (for example, gyms, health clubs, class-based fitness studios, dance studios and personal training facilities) can open.
  • For physical recreation, multiple separate zones may be created within a larger indoor space. To be considered a zone, the area must be for the exclusive use of a group and be no less than 200 metres squared. For example, a large indoor court could be separated into two zones for different groups at each end. Signage must be displayed at the entry to each indoor zone or indoor space outlining the maximum number of people allowed at a single time.


  • For organised community sport, both indoors and outdoors, the minimum number participants required to conduct the sport should participate in the activity. The rules of the sport governing body (e.g. the State Sporting Association) determine the number that can participate (ie. the number who would normally be involved in a match or training, including players on the field/court and allowed substitutes). This applies even if it exceeds the density quotient or group limit on the venue.
  • For example, 20 players for a game of basketball or 26 players for a game of water polo. Please note, that as these activities are considered contact-sport, only those aged 18 or under can participate.
  • If indoors, spectators should not attend – just those necessary for the competition or training and to support the participants (e.g. supervising parents).

Summary of Current Restrictions:

  • For 18 years old and under - full contact training and competition for both indoor and outdoor is possible from June 22.
  • For 19 years and over - non-contact training for both indoor and outdoor is possible from June 22.
  • For 19 years and over- full contact training for both indoor and outdoor (forecast for) July 13
  • For 19 years and over - resumption of competition both indoor and outdoor (forecast for) July 20  

Note: the forecast July dates are not confirmed, the Victorian Government will still need to finalise these dates in the coming weeks.
Venue Safety Plans & Checklists
Basketball Victoria has developed some checklists and tools that can help Clubs and Associations develop a Venue Safety Plan and a Venue Access Plan, in preparation for the return to venues.Please visit here:

We are still aiming for a season return on July 17, however this is dependent on factors such as venue availability and Victorian Government travel advice or warnings with the current 'COVID-19 hotspot' areas. We will be as flexible as possible, but the health and safety of the community is our highest priority. 

We will continue to provide further updates as soon as possible.














“Fly with passion”

Home of the "Chelsea Gulls"

Chelsea and Districts Basketball Association was formed in the late 70s with the completion of construction on the two court Basketball Stadium, Cannes Ave, Bonbeach. The club has since grown to over 4,000 registered members with organised training and games on court seven days per week. Chelsea Basketball stadium is used for practice and games for more than 200 domestic teams and over 28 elite representative teams.


The stadium is used by the Basketball Association seven days a week.  Other groups such as local schools, Netball Association, Roller derby, soccer, All Abilites, Walking basketball and Badminton Association use the stadium during hours not already occupied by basketball teams.  In an average week approximately 5,000 people pass through the stadium doors.  The stadium has men's and women's change rooms facilities, a conference room with audiovisual equipment and a popular canteen.

In late 2010, the new 3 court stadium was completed and that has moved Chelsea Basketball to being a 5 court association. Growth was expected to sharply increase over the next 12 months as a result of the new stadium, and this has since been the case with both stadiums used for domestic and representative basketball as well as local school courts also being used for games and training.



Come down and try out our  Baby Ballers program for up to 5 year olds, let them get a head start in basketball and know all the aspects of this great game, then look to enrol them in our Aussie Hoops Program run by junior rep players and coaches. This is the perfect program for beginners and is specifically designed for kids aged from 5 to 12. Give your child a chance to try out a session free and then join the weekly 45 min sessions on Thurday afternoons, while baby ballers will be run on Fridays from 4.00pm. How about our Walking basketball program, this is designed as a low key format of the game and also for more of the social side of basketball and great for people who may find the struggle of the fast pace game.

Junior Domestic:

Currently we are running competitions for boys and girls with age groups from Under 8's through to Under 18's

Senior Domestic:

We run competition in men's , Open Women's along with a great Open Mixed competition. 

The Men's competitions will run on Sunday evenings. The Open Mixed and Women's divisions will remain on Monday evenings, while we also have a Tuesday morning women's comp.

Junior Representative – The Chelsea Junior Gulls:

We have an elite Junior Rep Program that is for age groups from Under 12 to Under 20 in boys and girls.Our Junior Gulls Program has the philosophy of "achievement over mere participation" and under that philosophy, our Junior Gulls teams have shown massive improvement since 2010.

Much of that can be attributed to the guidance of our loyal and dedicated VJBL coaches, and in 2020, we anticipate over 30 junior rep teams as we move into the next phase of development at Chelsea and our endeavour to better this program the club had appointed our mens import Corey Standerfer as Director of coaching and womens import Shaniqua Nilles as development officer along with other current Big V players helping out.

Programs Available - To all at Chelsea

Starting late 2015 and early 2016 we will have many different programs that you can enquire about to help your child get better - e.g. High intensity program - which will be run over Christmas holidays and will include testing players agility, speed, fitness, spring etc. Individual sessiosn - Why not have a personnal basketball coach for your child, run most days of the week, your child will get one on one training with one of our senior Big V players. Holiday camps - Mon-Thur camp will be available for all domestic & rep players from 10.00am-3.00pm, please check website for details. FLIGHT CLUB - For all rep players to apply and be given the opportunity to train at a high impact either early one morning a week or shooting skills on Saturday morning. 

Senior Representative – The Chelsea Gulls: 

 Chelsea and Districts Basketball Association entered a men's team in to the Big V competition in 2003.  The Chelsea Gulls did the association proud in 2004 finishing Runners Up in Division One. Then coach Nathan Jolly led the Gulls through the 2009 season with outstanding leadership from All Star Five guard Paul Nicholson and 3 point marksmanship from and leading games holder at Chelsea Steve Haddrell. In 2010 the Big V Mens team won the Division 2 Championship and then went onto play in the Big V Division 1 competition under the guidance of coach Peter Caspersz where in 2017 they were runnners up in Division 1 and went on in 2018 and won the D1Men title, and have now entered State Championship with Corey Standerfer leading the way with co-captain Matt Brasser, star forward Mitch Riggs and some new and old faces plus appointing NBL legend and 400 game veteran Matt Shanahan as head coach this will make 2020 an exciting season ahead .

Chelsea expanded it's senior representative program to include a women's team in 2007. The Lady Gulls won the Big V D2 Campionship and from this produced 3 players in the Big V Allstar team. Well done to Kate Mahoney, Nicky St Clair and Jenny Maher. The team then competed in the Big V Division 2 competition where they have just a had a succesful 2015 campaign by winning the title and having USA import Jasmine Lovejoy win the MVP for that division. Now in the  2017 season Chelsea women have had to farewell Jasmine due to a major injury but are extremely excited to have had Allstar D1women and US import Malika Jackson joining the Nest and along with other star studded players and home grown talent they were able to be crowned 2017 Champions and looked to add to that in 2019 after new coach Paul Graham found his feet in 2018 and in adding exciting new import Shaniqua Nilles and Allstar Georgia Stirton who will certainly turn up the heat for our Women team. With the new appointment of Mike Funcke as head coach and most of the playing group returning in 2020, Chelsea will be looking to add to its title collection. 

We also have a Mens Youth League which gives a great path way for our junior boys to develop into our next crop of senior men and after a succesful 2017/18 which saw them become super competitive with such a young group, we saw another exciting year for our U23's in 2019 with Matt Wright into his second season as coach and being appointed coach again in 2020.

Our long term plan has come in fruition by entering a Womens Youth League team in 2015 for the same reasons for our junior women and we saw a team that was not only to be competitive but made play offs in their first season in Big V and under the coaching eye of Glenn Dyett, this group of young women won the YLW2 title in 2016 and have been promoted to YLW1 in only their third season and with the addition of Glenn Wansbrough in his secoend year as coach we see 2020 as a great year for our young Gulls.

A brief history summary of which our Men in the mid 70's were able to be National champions and that team was made up of some now legends of Australian basketball such as Michael Tucker (former Australian Olympian, Russell Simon (Former Australian Olympian), Mark Wright (Former Australian Olympian), Darrell Timion (NBL Legend) Bill Runchey (NBL Legend) then throughout the years we have been graced by NBA and NBL Champion Adonis Jordan and Fiona Hannan (Former Australian Olympian) all these players plus some great local talent and now overseas talent such as Mens import Corey Standerfer and Colin Voss plus Womens import Shaniqua Nilles this has put Chelsea as one of the real threats on and off the court.


Our current Major Naming rights sponsor is OBrien Real Estate and we currently have as major corporate sponsors Aspendale Gardens Bendigo Bank, Longbeach Hotel Chelsea, Frankston International & Functions By The Bay Frankston while Back in Motion Physio Patterson Lakes, VF Trainor Melbourne, and Teksupport Mulgrave are all corporate sponsors of this great club. For any information on sponsorship contact stadium 



For any further information contact the stadium on 97761895 or email manager@chelseabasketball.com.au


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Will the Men make play offs in Champ Men 2020

Notice Board


At Chelsea we understand the needs of players who want to improve their game and get to the next level.

So we are offering a range of training sessions that would best suit your child and help them get better at basketball but also grow in confidence for themselves as well.

To know more about what your after please contact doc@chelseabasketball.com.au


The club is always needing and on the look out for sponsors and we might just have the package for you or your business.

Just email manager@chelseabasketball.com.auand we will send out a sponsors pack for you to look at and then discuss with our sponsorship team what is the right package for you. 


Want to improve your skills and fundamentals, then Chelsea Gulls are running their Basketball Academy every Saturday morning from 9.00am for all age groups at Patterson River stadium, conducted by USA import Corey Standerfer this is a great way to improve your skills.Contact either doc@chelseabasketball.com.au or manager@chelseabasketball.com.au for more details  


For ages 5-12 years at Bonbeach Stadium every Thursday from 4.45pm, runs every term and teaches kids the fundamentals and rules of basketball.

Great way to introduce your child to basketball before moving them onto domestic basketball, fun and exciting, email manager@chelseabasketball.com.au for more info.  







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