WABL Pre Trials Clinics


Designed for more advanced basketball skills and game concepts. This camp is aimed at the elite WABL players or players wanting to play in the WABL. Skills that are enhanced: Advanced Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Footwork, Rebounding. New skills: Offence, Defence, Team play/structure.


$30 per person includes 2 Sessions or $20 per day



Tuesday 8th of Jan                   2pm to 5pm                 Under 12 and 14’s Females

Thursday 10th of Jan                2pm to 5pm                 Under 14 Males, 16 and 18’s



Tuesday 22nd of Jan                 2pm to 5pm                 Under 12 and 14’s Females

Thursday 24th of Jan                2pm to 5pm                 Under 14 Males, 16 and 18’s

Dear Parents

Welcome to the 2020 WABL season. 

The Perth Redbacks WABL Committee is excited about creating another year of exceptional development opportunities for our players, coaches and officials in a positive,  family-oriented environment.

Before we can get on with the fun stuff, however, we do need to get serious for a second.

The WABL Committee is comprised of volunteers, all of whom are committing significant time and energy to the betterment of our WABL program and our club as a whole. In past years, an unreasonable amount of that time and energy has been spent managing adverse behaviour in our club. 

To protect the energy levels and ability of the WABL Committee to be proactive in 2020,  we are implementing a very simple but important policy:

There is zero excuse for poor behaviour.

Any situations within the WABL program that involve:

towards another person will not result in a long and drawn-out investigation to decide whether the behaviour was justified or not because …

There is zero excuse for poor behaviour.

Given we ask our kids to self-regulate on the court (when faced with challenges and perceived unfairness) it’s not fair to permit the adults around them to blame stress, pressure or the actions of others for behaving in an adverse manner.

Any poor behaviour will be immediately dealt with via a ‘one-strike’ notice issued to the offender. If someone re-offends after their first strike,  they will be asked to take some time out from the club.

This one-strike policy applies to all Perth Redbacks parents, coaches, spectators and club officials. 

We know you will support this policy as another significant step towards strengthening our club culture that has family at its core. 

To those whose kids have grading this weekend, we look forward to seeing them playing hard and having great fun with their WABL friends. We also look forward to sharing more exciting developments in the WABL program shortly.

The WABL Committee



Perth Redbacks Basketball Association acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which the Association is located, the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Boodja, we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We respectfully acknowledge the continuing connection of the Noongar people to the lands and sea on Noongar Boodja.