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Bronze bitter sweet at netball

The Cook Islands netball team comfortably beat Tokelau 63-31 on Saturday to win the bronze medal.more

Fallout and criticism after netball result

Cook Islands national coach Mii Maui and her team of managers came under fire at the weekend after the Cook Islands bowed out of any gold medal winning chances.more

Lucked out

Selina Napa (pictured) and the Cook Islands netball team lucked out on any chances of winning the gold medal yesterday when they were edged out by Fiji 52-50.more

Pipped at the Post ...

It was a well fought game by Cook Islands...but Fiji just edged their way back in the last quarter - winning the game 52-50.more

PNG Edge out the Cooks

Cook Islands came out flying leading the first Quarter 16-13 and continued the flight leading 33-27 at halftime. With the 3rd Quarter PNG lifted their game and outscored the Cooks 20-14 ending that quarter 47-47. Only changes to Cooks was C - T White and N Puia'Fraser. Playmakers for PNG - C and WA alternated positions and worked well with their GA to dictate play.more


The crowd went wild on Wednesday the 23rd of September with another exciting game of netball between Tonga and Tokelau. Tonga was in the lead of the first two quarters of the game leaving Tokelau with one point behind.more

Niue schoolgirl scouted

When Niue’s netball team takes to the court today, a 16-year-old school girl will be holding out the defence against the Cook Islands.more

Win for Cook Islands in the Opening Game

The Cooks won their Ooening game against Niue.more

The first netball match of the Games begins...

The first netball match of the Pacific Mini Games was between Fiji and Tonga. The Fiji athletes took the majority of the supporter side in cheering for their country for their fist game. At the first quarter saw Fiji leading the game by 15-8, and they kept their lead to the end. Fiji came out as the winner of the match with 58-32 to Tonga.more
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Te Karere Board - Latest Results

Day 5 Saturday 26 September - Finals




1.00pm  4th & Bronze Cook Islands vs Tokelau

Final score: Cook Islands 64 - Tokelau 31

Cook Islands Bronze - Tokelau 4th

3.30pm  Silver & Gold Fiji vs PNG

Final Score Fiji 58 - PNG 51

 Fiji Gold -  PNG Silver

Day 4 Friday 25 September - Semi Finals Day

1.00pm  5th & 6th Play Off  Tonga vs Niue

Final Score: Tonga 52 - Niue 44

3.00pm  Semi Final 1 Fiji vs Cook Islands

Final Score: Fiji 52 def Cook Islands 50

 Semi Final 2  PNG vs Tokelau

Final Score PNG 58 - Tokelau 35

Day 3 Thursday 24 September - Latest Update

2.00pm  Pool B Fiji vs Tokelau TSA Stadium

Final Score: Fiji 57 - Tokelau 27

4.30pm  Pool A Cook Islands vs PNG TSA Stadium

Final Score Cook Islands 63 -  Papua New Guniea 67

Bye: Niue & Tonga

Day 2 Wednesday 23 September

2.00pm  Pool B Tokelau vs Tonga TSA Stadium

Final Score Tokelau 42 - Tonga 36

4.30pm Pool A PNG vs Niue TSA Stadium

Final Score PNG 67 - Niue 27

Bye: Cook Islands & Fiji

Day 1 Tuesday 22 September

2.00pm   Pool B Fiji vs Tonga  TSA Stadium                                                                                         

Final Score  Fiji 58 - Tonga 32

4.30pm Pool A Cook Islands vs Niue TSA Stadium                                                                                                            

Final Score Cook Islands 65 - Niue 28

Bye: PNG & Tokelau