Pohnpei's Top Female Tennis Player Takes a Win Pohnpei and Kosrae's top female tennis players, Maggie Finnen and Delia Sigrah, went head to head in a singles match earlier this morning at the Pohnpei Tennis Court. ...
Day 1 Competition Results There were a total of nine tennis matches held at the Pohnpei Tennis Court this morning. The competing states include: Pohnpei, Kosrae, the Republic of Palau, and the Ma...
Former Tennis Table Champ Prepares Players Gloomy, as it is the 8th Micronesian Game ceremony took place in Pohnpei, track & field area.

Tremendously, the program provided a warm welcome to the spectator...
Tennis Players Poses for the Media As people were leaving the ceremony, we came across three of Pohnpei's women's tennis team.

In their first appearance in the Micro Games, Amanda Hawkins, Maggie...

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Future Tennis Stars on Show at Micronesian Games

Walking across the newly renovated PNI Tennis Courts, Reynaldo Garcia is a relaxed, happy and smiling man.

Garcia, a Junior tennis coach in Pohnpei, has a new title - the Competition Manager for Tennis at the eighth Micronesian Games.
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