An unforgettable moment On July 29th, 2014, was a memorable day for teams Pohnpei and RMI. Both teams worked hard to reach the position they are in now; Championship game. Unfortunately, only o...
RMI Strikes Again On July 28th, 2014; women's division; Pohnpei and RMI fight for a chance to take Guam in the finals. Despite the loss for team RMI in their previous match with Guam, the...
Pohnpei Survives Palau On July 28th, 2014,Pohnpei and Palau go head to head in the men's softball division. With only three teams left in the league; RMI taking out Guam, Pohnpei and Palau are...
RMI Eliminates The Men of Guam RMI wins a very close game. On July 28, a great match between the men's softball team for RMI and Guam happened at the Spanish Wall field.

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Palau Shares Group Picture After Win

Continuation game between Palau and RMI. A game that was supposed to be held on July 23rd,was post-poned to July 25th due to bad weather. Both teams finishing what they started, Scores were neck and neck in the first four sets.

RMI Breaks Guam's Winning Streak

In the women's division in softball, RMI went up against Guam. Guam with a winning streak, finally ceases on July 25th, 2014. RMI pitcher allows no score in first two sets.

Palau Takes Out Kosrae

Nice sunny day for men's softball. The game for this day is between team Kosrae and team Palau; July 25th, 2014. Both teams ready to play; not allowing easy points on the defensive side. Team Palau showing hard work and determination, diving after balls and making highlight plays. Team Kosrae, with the support from their home crowd, did not let in runs in the first inning.

Remaining Softball Games Delayed Due To Bad Weather

The women softball between Pohnpei team and Palau team began with very enthusiastic players playing through the first inn with scores of 0-0.

Palau With A Comeback Win Against Guam

A big hit to save the day! On July 22, a match between the men's softball team for Guam and Palau at the Spanish Wall field, was truly an exciting game to see.

Men's Softball Game Between Kosrae and Guam

Softball at the Micro Games is heating up as it advances through the remaining days.

Big Win for PNI Men over RMI

On the 22th day of July, at the Spanish Wall Field. Day two for softball, and for the second match of the day is between the men of Pohnpei and the RMI(Republic of the Marshall Islands).

PNI Women Win Over Kosrae

It's Tuesday, July 22, and day 2 for softball at the Spanish Wall Field, with the women's teams for Pohnpei and Kosrae going against each other in the first game of the day.

RMI Took Over Kosrae With A 6-2 Win

We are down to our last game of Softball for the day, July 21, between RMI and KSA(women), and it is getting hotter by every minute. Cheers coming from one side and another. Kosraean fans singing songs, RMI fans shouting, and both teams seem to never lose hope for the win.

Men's Softball: RMI vs. KSA

RMI came out with the first points in the game. Kosrae was only able to come up with two points. Only four innings were played out of all the seven innings, scores being 12 to 2.You could see how intense both teams were. They all did what they had to do and what they can do to win.

Softball: Pohnpei Walks Away With A 7 Difference Win

Palau jumped out with the first score in the first inning with a hit up to left field. Pohnpei then came back with 3 runs, 2 basehits, and an error by the short stop.

Guam's Women Team Took Over Pohnpei In Extra Innings

In the bottom second, Pohnpei had two runners base. Leilani Joseph, Pohnpei's pitcher, hit a double driving in the game's first run. In the top of inning number 2, Guam came back with 3 runs making it a 3 to 1 lead. Innings passed in the game and no run was scored until they came into extra innings. In extra innings, Guam was able to drive in three more runs, leading the game by 3.
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