The Micro All Around is a sport consisting of a variation of events specific to Micronesia, completed by athletes. Events for males are coconut tree climbing, coconut husking, spear throwing, run/swim and diving. The events for females are coconut husking, coconut grating, spear throwing, run/swim and diving.


Coconut tree climbing

In order to win the cocnut tree climbing, athletes must climb up and down three coconut trees consecutively in the fastest time. Participants must climb 20 ft up a coconut tree, ring a bell to signify they have reached the top, then climb back down the tree, repeating three times.


Coconut husking- Male

This event involves athletes husking ten coconuts in the fastest time possible, quickest winning. On completion, all coconuts must be clean, without the presence of cocnut fibres. All husking implements must be wooden.


Coconut husking/grating- Women

First, athletes husk ten coconuts each, under the same rules as males. They then must must grate five cocnuts, ten halves in total. No gratable cocnut can remain in the cocnut after an athletes completion. This is a timed event, with the quickest time winning.



The run/swim event is timed, with the athlete completing in the fastst time recieving 20 points, the second fastest recieving 19 points and so on. This event involves athletes first running ten metres, to the endge of the pier, and diving into the water. They must swim 100 feet, at which point, the athlete must dive to reach a bouy placed approximately 25 feet under the surface. Ringing a bell signifies the athlete reaching the bouy. Failure to successfully reach and bouy and ring the bell results in the deduction of five points.



Athletes will be taken out on a boat to a water depth of 10 to 15 feet for men and 8 to 10 feet for women. Here they will dive for five object each. A timer starts from when the athlete enters the water until the retrieve the last object and it the object is on the boat. Only one object may be retrieved at a time and it must be placed on the boat before diving for the next. The scoring is the same as the run/swim, with the fastest being awarded 20 points, the second 19 points and so on.


Spear throwing

Three targets will be placed in the water at three different distances; distances for men are 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet; distances for women are 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet.  Each athlete is allowed one (1) practice throw at each distance.  Each competitor will have three throws at each distance.  No points will be awarded for simple touching or grazing of the target; the spear must penetrate the target. 

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