The Battle for Gold (Women) the Heat and final battle for the Women's volleyball championship!
Strive for the Gold Medal Championship Tournament The unstoppable Guam men's volleyball team strikes again winning Gold Medal final.
Pohnpei Spikes Out Nauru On the 28 of July, two teams, Pohnpei and Nauru clashed at each other to determine who will advance to face Guam in the mens' championship game tomorrow.
Both Guam Male&Female Teams Alongside Each Other Moving on to the third game for today which is July 28, 2014, both male Volleyball Teams from Guam and Chuuk competed in the semi final to see who's going to win and go ...

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Team Competing With Guam For Gold: TEAM YAP!

Second game of semi finals between female teams from Yap and Pohnpei has just terminated and it had been a great match.

Women's Volleyball: Guam advances to finals!

July 28, the day that decides who will be advancing to the finals for volleyball. The first game was between Guam and Palau (Women). In a great battle against each other, one team was able to step-out with a win, and that was Guam. They won 3 sets to nothing.

Chuuk and Palau Tough It Out

July 24, 2014, a volleyball match was held at the PICS gymnasium where many people from different states gathered to observe the battle between the teams of Chuuk and Palau (Women's).

Guam Denies Nauru

Its the 24th of July, and our second last game of the day is between Nauru and Guam teams (women's). Both teams tried their hardest and aimed for the win.

"Shout Out" for Team Yap(Women) for Winning Again in the Volleyball Game

Today's fifth match in Volleyball Games was held at PICS Gymnasium at 4:30 p.m. The Teams that were competing against each other was Women from Yap and Kosrae.

RMI Volleyball Ladies On Fire

Marshall Islands vs Nauru (Women)

Packed on every corner, inside and out at the PICS gymnasium, more spectators gathered for the 5th game of the day (July 24).

Team Palau (Women) Won Three Sets Straight

Still moving forward, tonight's sixth Volleyball game was Team Palau vs Team Kosrae (women). Game was held in the PICS Gymnasium at 5:30 p.m.

Nauru Shocks Crowd With Win Over Yap

Sitting in the volleyball gym with the crowd’s cheerful commotions, team Nauru and Yap went head to head. Both teams were eager and anxious to attain victory, but it all came down to the teams’ capabilities.

No Mercy Shown by RMI

On July 23, 2014 at the Pohnpei Public Gym, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) faced-off against Chuuk in the women's volleyball tournament.

Guam Too Hot for Kosrae

Final game of the day, July 23rd, 2014. Team Kosrae went up against team Guam; women's volleyball. This was one of the most exciting games that happened today. Both teams fought hard. Guam hit Kosrae with many hard spikes but Kosrae didn't let up. They took a lot of heat from Guam in the first set, which eventually burned them out. Guam went all out on team Kosrae, not letting them a win. Guam too

Yap says No to Palau

Today, July 23rd, 2014. A women's volleyball game is held in the gymnasium at Dolonier, Nett. It is between Palau and Yap. The ladies from team Yap go up against the ladies from team Palau. Both teams look anxious to face each other on the court.

Pohnpei dominates Nauru

Game between Pohnpei and Nauru; women's volleyball game. Pohnpei dominated their opponent winning three straight sets. Nauru seem to have woke up on the wrong side of the bed in this game. They started scoring late in the first set and didn't reach a score over twenty. Nauru just couldn't find the answer to pohnpei's defense.

A Legend's Final Shot at Gold

On the first day of the Micronesian Games, July 21st, 2014 (Monday), men and women volleyball competition was held at the State Gym in Dolonier, Nett.
With great opportunity, we witnessed the women's volleyball competition between the Yap volleyball team and the Marshall Volleyball team. The Yap team won all three sets straight.
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