Victory Goes a Long Way On July 29,2014, the 8th Micro Games Basketball tournament had reached its women's championship game between the two outstanding teams of team Guam and the Republic of t...
Men's Basketball: Palau takes the bronze medal home. July 29, down at The National Campus, Palikir,Palau and Kosrae go head to head in the men's basketball division for the bronze medal.
Guam's Long Journey Worthwhile July 29 marks the last day of games of 2014 Microgames.
At around four, a large crowd assembled at the COM Palikir Gymnasium to observe as male teams from Guam and ...
Guam's Men Basketball Team Advance to Finals COM's National Gym was packed as spectators were present to witness another intense game between Team Kosrae and Team Guam for Men's basketball.

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Men's Basketball: Yap Defeats Chuuk

Team Chuuk and Team Yap faced each other on Monday night at COM National Gymnasium for Men's Basketball.

Green Light for Team RMI

Team RMI advances into the finals after a victory over Pohnpei, 57-49, in the COM GYM.
The matches advances on in the COM GYM.

Team RMI Awaiting Championship Game


Guam Women's Team Cruises To Victory

The Guam Women's basketball team maintained a solid lead throughout their game against the CNMI Women's basketball team, cruising into victory with 97 points, against CNMI's 49 points.

Guam Overshadows Chuuk

The gym was packed with people! On July 24, 2014, team Chuuk and Guam (women)competed in a basketball game at COM National gym.

Basketball Fiba Live Stats Are Coming

Very soon the 8th Micronesian tournament will launch its Live Stats coverage of the basketball out at the COM National Gym. Local statisticians have been capturing the data for each match and soon these will be available to watch play by play and saved to view online.

Marshall's Point Guard: Jessica Olson

July 23, 2014, another great day for basketball. I am down here at the Pohnpei National Campus to witness the game between two great teams, Pohnpei vs RMI (women). Pohnpei was able to come out with the victory winning 72 to 63.

Men's Basketball: Pohnpei Loses To CNMI

Last game of the night, the men's team for Pohnpei went head to head with CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island). The game was intense, both teams brought their a-games, but there can only be one winner.

CNMI Men's Basketball Point Guard

Chris Micer, an athlete, plays for the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island) also know as Saipan, as their point guard. He started playing when he was a young kid, he started off with baseball.

Micro Games Chuukese Women Basketballer

The Opening Ceremony of the 8th Micro Games took place in the Pohnpei track and field on a cloudy Sunday (July 20, 2014).

Kosrae Point Guard Aims For Team Gold

With a slightly swollen ankle Kosrae’s point guard David Taulung begins not just this interview, but his Micronesian Games.

He’s becoming well regarded as not only a member of a possible gold medal team, but also a real possibility at being crowned the tournament MVP.
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