Night Division Team
Thursday Mixed B Up n Smoke
Thursday Mixed C New UFO's
Thursday Mixed D St Kilda Jettsetters
Thursday Mixed E F45 Bankers
Thursday Mixed F Touch My Balls
Tuesday Men's B Iron Men
Tuesday Men's C The Cruisers
Tuesday Men's D The Bearsharks
Tuesday Men's E GDP All Stars
Tuesday Men's F Barflies
Tuesday Men's G Hungry Fella?
Wednesday Mixed C Up n Smoke
Wednesday Mixed D Exodus
Wednesday Mixed E Victorious Secret
Wednesday Mixed F No Touch Ref
Night Division Team
Wednesday Mixed D The Sonny's
Wednesday Mixed E DFC
Wednesday Mixed F Free Ballin
Tuesday Men's C Dumbledore's Army
Tuesday Men's D Backdoor Bandits
Tuesday Men's E GOATs
Tuesday Men's F Comfort Machine
Thursday Mixed C/D Line Strike
Thursday Mixed E St Kilda Jettsetters
Thursday Mixed F Inappropriate Touching