Presidents Report


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who stood up and contributed towards our club this year. Admittedly it is not for the faint hearted, but many hands do make light work and I would like to say a sincere thank you to Lucinda and Karen for putting in a huge effort towards their roles but also looking beyond that to do the very best they could for this club.

A special mention also to Karen, Sharon, Bec, Kylie, Mark, Don and Nugget and all the people who helped out to lift the kitchen and the club to a level where it has become a part of the local social agenda to come in and enjoy a meal and a drink on a Friday night. I tip my hat to those who continue to turn up week in, week out, and to those who come when they can. We really do have a great time and enjoy seeing what the club can offer back to the local community who have embraced it. It has become a steady part of the club’s income and survival in lieu of tedious fundraising and raffles. The coming few weeks should see the new kitchen installed by Connoisseur Kitchens, thanks to Charlie Pattison for obtaining this grant for us. With the help of a few willing volunteers a bit of an internal facelift should see the clubhouse looking better than ever.

Thanks to the players and our coach Phil and coaching staff for sticking together so tightly for another season and having another successful year on the paddock. The team has performed consistently and has become a fierce competitor in their division. I am particularly proud of the way they were not intimidated by the step up into the next level of competition and demonstrated that we are capable of beating any team on the day. You should all hold your heads high as there aren’t too many teams who back each other like we do, like family do. Hopefully we will see most of you again to go around another year.

To all our supporters who come to the games, we cannot thank you enough. Our group of followers are the envy of the teams on the coast and they contribute to our success.

Thanks also to those who contributed to the lighting project and helped to get us over the line, particularly John Langfeldt and Clinton Lewis who put in a lot of time and resources. It is a credit to our field and an asset to the local community which we can all be proud of. Our field is the envy of the coast and we strive to keep it that way with continual improvements where we can. Special thanks to Ron and Errol for keeping the place looking great. Thanks to Wally, John and Clinton once again for coming to the rescue when our septic system “shit itself”. Despite continual requests to the Council it ended up being you guys who fixed things up once and for all.

Last and definitely not least, thank you to our generous sponsors who keep the wheels turning and whose contributions allow us to have the best on offer for both team gear and training gear. The team goes without nothing and this makes life a lot easier for us all.

As a President I couldn’t be prouder and hope that all of the old faces, plus some new ones, will be there for another great season in 2016 to continue our success.

Thank you

Des McLeary

Major Sponsor

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