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Hi there and welcome to myTouch, a fun and exciting online network dedicated to touch players and supporters just like you
and me.

myTouch is our very own communication platform created for us
by our technology partner, SportingPulse.  With more than 200,000 players nationally, and with your help, we will create one of the largest online communities in sport.

When you join myTouch, you will immediately be made a friend
of mine, plus you will be able to invite your teammates, family
and friends to join and share your sporting experiences.

Join me now – it’s free and easy!

Keep in TOUCH,

Jason Stanton

With myTouch you can:

Be part of your league and team's community

Recieve communications (eg: news & game reminders)

Have easy access to your fixtures, results and ladders
Design your own personal myTouch page
Meet and chat with teammates and supporters
Show your favourite videos and photos
Participate in games, competitions, forums and polls
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