Hi,I'm Ashley Fitzgerald. I represented Victoria for the first time at the Australian Classic in 2006 and won a bronze in the mixed pairs. I started playing bowls in 2002 age 14. I've also done Aus ...


reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 12:31PM, Sat 4 July
R.I.P. Phil Walsh (Adelaide Crows Coach) 2015
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 12:31PM, Sat 4 July
R.I.P. Phil Walsh (Adelaide Crows Coach) 2015
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 04:10PM, Wed 3 December
Bicentennial baby same as me. We were both born in 1988. A lot achieved in a short life. R.I.P Hughsy
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 07:29PM, Mon 1 December
Best wishes for Hughsy's family and friends for his funeral on Weds and Best wishes for Sean Abbott and family
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 10:17AM, Wed 26 November
Thoughts go out to Phil Hughes and family, South Australian, New South Wales and Australian Cricket teams.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 06:47PM, Mon 10 September
Thoughts go out to the McCarthy family. Collingwood Football Club and Port Adelaide Football Club. Sorry for your loss.
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 05:40PM, Sun 26 February
haha, lol yer thanks :)
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 03:25PM, Fri 3 February
Naw, thanks Dasher :) we should go well this year ? lol
and OMG! lol we r finally moved into our house lol last sunday :)) its only been a year and a while lol but hey lol
they still have to finish the job thou because this other guy who was doing it before didnt do it right and only did a cheapy on it.. lol :/ bad guy ! lol but yer, lol its fine thou :) weird but good lol
thanks lol
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 06:11PM, Mon 9 January
Thanks dasher :) u 2 :))
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 09:03PM, Sun 25 December
thankyou dasher ! :) you 2 :)
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 07:58AM, Fri 23 December
All the best to you and family Dasher
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 12:06PM, Mon 7 November
oh :) lol thankyou :) lol it was so exciting !! lol
reply  Bee wrote
at 08:40AM, Mon 29 August
heyo! Whats been Crackalacking up your end? :D
replyKelsey Cottrell wrote
at 08:21PM, Mon 4 July
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Cant believe im actually 21! Alot has happened in the last 6 years!
reply  casey crane wrote
at 09:22PM, Wed 30 March
hi i'm ok & bored, how r u?
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 11:38AM, Mon 21 February
i did k i guess, lol i was proud of myself., lol i mean i only missed out on going to the next round by 1 point, lol so i cnt complain, lol but it looks like i will have to win all the under 18's state championship with my mates in april up here :D lol i cnt wait, lol but yes, lol the ppo r really nice down ur way :D lol the greens were a bit slower than up[ here, but i got used to them :d n i love the indoor one :D played on that for ages the other day :D but yeah, lol looks like nxt year, lol :D
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 02:10PM, Tue 15 February
n yea, lol well, im off to melbourne wednesday :D for AUS open :D cnt wait lol
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 11:27AM, Thu 27 January
hey Dasher :D im good, except the flood got us badly, lol but we still living :D n merry xmas to u too, sorry its so late but i only just found out how to get back on this website, lol silly me, lol but other than that im am good, loll wbu?????
reply  Shenayde wrote
at 02:12AM, Mon 17 January
Hi. Im good thankyou, how are you? And Bowls is going well thanks, hope it is going the same for you!!
reply  Glenn Errington wrote
at 09:34PM, Sat 15 January
good to have u aboard Dasher, how did you get the nickname ??
reply  Janette Griffiths-Carter wrote
at 10:46PM, Fri 14 January
G'day Dasher thanks for the add! Gold in the next game.
reply  Shazza wrote
at 09:49PM, Fri 14 January
hi Dasher thanks for the add! good luck with the bowls.
reply  Brett Wilkie wrote
at 10:33AM, Mon 20 December
Hi Dasher, all the best for Christmas mate, goodlick with your bowls in 2011.
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 03:52PM, Sun 19 December
Hi Ashley, all is goin well here, except for the weather, hopefully will be better after xmas. All the best to u & urs for xmas,
reply  Bee wrote
at 11:43AM, Fri 29 October
heyyyy, im good thanku hru'???????? lol
ummmm yer bowls is goin good lol =) haven won anythin major yet. lol
how it goin 4 u???
=). bee
reply  Brett Wilkie wrote
at 01:26PM, Thu 21 October
Thanks Dasher, it was a great experience
reply  drewster wrote
at 07:36PM, Sat 16 October
boring w/end. no bowls.
reply  drewster wrote
at 07:07PM, Sat 16 October
hi dasher,when do u get time to play bowls with all ur other sports interests. DREW.
reply  Mark Casey wrote
at 03:26PM, Wed 22 September
Thanks Dasher, I'm really looking forward to getting out there and having a red hot go mate. Thanks for your suppport!
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 06:47AM, Tue 21 September
Hey Dasher, GO THE SAINTS, will be hard to beat those Pies tho. Just gettin into the Bowls now, had a bit of a rest for the winter. Who are you playing with this year Dasher?? I'll keep an eye out for some scores
reply  Sharyn Renshaw wrote
at 03:50PM, Mon 20 September
Hey Dasher! Thanks for the good wishes & sorry it's taken a while to get back! Still got my training wheels on with my myBowls page!
reply  Bee wrote
at 07:35PM, Sat 18 September
tats good then.. =)
well, yer lol u got tats rite =Nsweet as, well done =)
reply  Julie Keegan wrote
at 09:01AM, Fri 17 September
Hi Dasher, thanks for you message and support. Sorry for the delay in replying, but been away playing/training. It is greatly appreciated.
reply  TERRY ANTRAM wrote
at 08:08AM, Fri 17 September
bowls is going well. i have a busy weekend coming up. i will be playing the semi finals of the club triples today followed by Premier League tomorrow with the raymond terrace jets then on sunday i am playing the champion of champion fours. how is your bowls going
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:30AM, Wed 15 September
hey lol yer im good thaku... how are you? bowls is going great so far :D
oh yer, oh oh more pokies lol.. . . . .wow! tat is a floggin lol. haha excellent. lovely =)
ah lol ohk tats good ya won but the greens slow, there not usually slow r they? =N haha.
hah yer its good t hav a tlk to u... =D. Bee talk soon
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:24AM, Wed 15 September
hahahah hellz yer, tat is awesome =) those songs n ppl r like heapz awesome lol =D
reply  Brett Wilkie wrote
at 09:19PM, Mon 13 September
Thanks Dasher, getting close now, we leave on the 26th Sept!
reply  Road Runner wrote
at 10:06AM, Fri 3 September
pretty good thank mate. how is it with you
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:55AM, Wed 1 September
haha tats fine =) wow geelong tats awesome, im at burnett its in Bundaberg near Gin Gin whicj is in Qld haha
hmmm should hav a roll there =) hehe... are they synthetic or grass?
burnett is grass with 3 greens lol but only lyk 300-400 people in the club....
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:34AM, Wed 1 September
hey, lol yer im good thanku... =) hahah hellz yer i love country music =) its the bomb haha
welll i also do love the people u hav just said, there like awesome singers.... n i also llove chad brock, shania twain, Mark Wills, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith n yes plus more lol... =) but i lov em
replyBlest wrote
at 10:08AM, Wed 1 September
Sorry make that the Kanga's...Sad about CJ hanging up his boots, he was an awesome player when he was at his best.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:06AM, Wed 1 September
Hi Ashley aka DASHER!!! I'm great thanks mate really enjoying my bowls atm... if your not having fun on the greens I say "take a break" so I did last year. So how's your bowls going? I read that you follow the cats? Who's your favourite player? Cheers mate.
reply  David wrote
at 11:36PM, Tue 31 August
Hi Dasher, im good mate , I am over this winter weather and looking forward to the forthcoming bowls season.
valley bowls is the newest bowling club in Wa but im expecting it being one of the biggest and most successful in Wa within 5 years.
I have been voted as chairman of selectors at the club after joining them in January this year.

I feel we can perform well and will give every bowler in the club the opportunity to compete and take this club forward.
i have 20 years experience at first division level so hopefully we can get them up there quick sharp.
How is geelong looking this year
reply  Bee wrote
at 05:03PM, Mon 30 August
omg! really, wow now u really are a champion =) lol...
hmmm should hav to play wit u one day =) where do u play at?
nah sounds lyk u really enjoyed it =) well done mate
reply  Bee wrote
at 04:54PM, Mon 30 August
ok tats good then =) lol ohk kool was it good? sorry ive beem disconnected from the skools internet cuz ive apparentallu usede too much but yer sorry lol =)
reply  Brett Wilkie wrote
at 10:13PM, Sat 28 August
Thanks Dasher!
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:58AM, Wed 25 August
hey im good thanx... =). . . . omgosh really =) tat's awesome news... and very much congrats to u! =)
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:54AM, Wed 25 August
im good thankyou. hru? ah..thankyou so much. hehe =)
how did u find out? lol thats awesome
reply  Bee wrote
at 09:17AM, Tue 17 August
im great thanku.. hru? =) hehe...
reply  Wayne Turley wrote
at 04:26PM, Mon 16 August
Great to hear from u mate. Hope u doing well and thanks for the message
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:45AM, Fri 13 August
That's awesome then.. =) hah yeah she says thanku.. =) hahaha... lovely =]
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:39AM, Wed 11 August
nice, nah its good to har that you are.. =) lol
oh yer... o ohk... awww...
awwww, tat's not good. but at least ur still getting arpuund everywhere =)
wow really? tat's lovely to hear.. =) lol.. keep up the good bowling ay.. =) nicely done.. Bee
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:30AM, Wed 11 August
Im good thanku... how r u? =)
oh.. awww that's not good =S hope u get better soon ay... =) btw it sounds very painful to what u didi... ur stomach lol
ah yer.. lol.... oh awwww tats not good......... hmmm.. wonder wat it wsa. < > =N
oh yeah nice.. =) nah bowls is going alright ll my liil sis just went to the Jnuior Golden Nugge, and shall we say she came fourth in the top 16 australian wide, so yer it was prett kool.
and i was a reserve for this, i didn play.. but hopefully ill play next yar =) lol
so yeah its been pretty exciting... =)
reply  Simmo wrote
at 06:39PM, Wed 4 August
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:13AM, Wed 4 August
hahahh lovely =) so how are u??? =)b winnin bowls lately? =)
reply  Bee wrote
at 09:30AM, Tue 3 August
oh well i really dnt think tat she will say sorry... but u will never kno... hmmmm thanku lots. it means alot lol
reply  Bee wrote
at 09:20AM, Tue 3 August
thanku, tat's a good thin i recon... =) lol
at least i can talk to u bout it.. cuz uve been in this situationn thankyou so so much =)
reply  Bee wrote
at 01:04PM, Mon 2 August
im great =) lol
oh tat's not good at all.. =N =S yeah, well i dnt blame u for doin tat... yeah.. =), well tat's the thin i probably have to do.. stand up for myself once.. oh tat's not good... sad =( nawwww... i sort of know how u feel...
reply  Bee wrote
at 11:11AM, Mon 2 August
hey hey =).. yeah she did a lot of things... i forgive her well some of it but it always went to heart with me.... i just it breaks my heart...
omg! she rang me up the other day, i was petrified to talk to her cuz its been lyk 3 yrs for no talk n no see....
but she just wants everythin.... dissappointing ino..
reply  Bee wrote
at 11:03AM, Mon 2 August
hey =) im great thankyou... =) hahahah yeah ino the feeling... awww thanku so mch lol.. nah its kool, well i really do think you r.. =) thanku... i will try hard =N lol. Bee =)
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 11:40AM, Sun 1 August
Hi Dasher, bad luck about the finals, we won ours and then won the group, so we got the trip to Barham for the State titles...that was hectic, but great experience. Hope all goes well for you this year, and you go right thru to the Big one, will have to catch up around the traps..cheers
reply  Bee wrote
at 02:34PM, Tue 27 July
that is awesome... =)
how are u these fine cool days... lol
woj anything yet? oh wait u dnt need to cuz ur already a champion.. =)
lol hahahaha...
Bee.. talk to u soon =)
reply  Bee wrote
at 02:31PM, Tue 27 July
im great thanku... =)
have ya won anythin yet.. oh wait ur already a champion... lol =)
hahahahaha.. so wats been happenin?
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:33AM, Fri 16 July
Im greeat thanku... sorry havent been on for a while... lol yeah well that is waht everbody is saying... i don;t know but you never know but i am hoping lol =)awww thanku so much =) lol...excellent, well i c u done well, especially for bronze =). yeah it is =)..... Bee talk soon
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 05:15PM, Thu 24 June
hey! thanks for the apprectiation! lolz
hope i do well, lol
Catcha around mate! :0
reply  Bee wrote
at 10:26AM, Wed 16 June
that's kool. =) thankyou very much.. =) hope to hear from u soon...
reply  Bee wrote
at 09:39AM, Wed 9 June
hey Dasher?? how are you goin?? =). hope your winnin =) haha
good luck in ur next tournament or game. =). Bee.. =)
reply  Moree Mauler wrote
at 07:40PM, Wed 19 May
I'm doing fine here in Canberra. How's the bowls going? Do you play pennant?
reply  Moree Mauler wrote
at 07:49PM, Tue 18 May

I notice you live in Lara. Do you know the famous greyhound trainer Graeme Bate?


Moree Mauler
reply  Jess wrote
at 12:50PM, Mon 17 May
Hi thanks for the add, but who is this?
reply  Kaz wrote
at 06:14PM, Sun 9 May
so who won today? in mildura
reply  Darrell Andrews wrote
at 07:44PM, Fri 7 May
Thanks for the remarks dasher... Is a great feeling to know that you have contributed to a Team result and done your best.... Chuffed you could say eh.....All the best on your next conquest
reply  Darrell Andrews wrote
at 05:34PM, Thu 6 May
Thanks for the add Dasher...... I play in Lead position and we won the Grand Final in the Pennant 4's last weekend....
reply  Simmo wrote
at 04:56PM, Fri 30 April
good i have kicked 4 goals already in 3 matches!
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 06:22AM, Wed 3 March
Finished 2nd Dasher, beat the top side by 5 shots in 2nd semi, so we are in the granny. All the best for you when the finals start: we have won it from 4th before so it can happen
reply  Simmo wrote
at 06:58PM, Sat 2 January
yeah i got one on my birthday it is cool!
reply  Simmo wrote
at 06:59PM, Wed 30 December
i just bought a video game on ps3 smackdown vs raw 2009.
reply  Simmo wrote
at 06:32PM, Fri 25 December
happy christmas i got $80 all together don't know what to buy what do u think?
reply  Fezz wrote
at 12:19PM, Thu 24 December
Merry Christmas & Happy NYr. Will be pleased when chuck the crutches, hope 2 10 will be good for U mate. Have a Good 1, OK.
reply  Paul O Donnell wrote
at 06:25AM, Thu 24 December
Hi Ashley, hope you and family have a great xmas. We are goin ok at pennant, sittin 2nd, looking forward to a bit of a break tho. I s your club the one near the tennis courts under the bridge??
reply  Simmo wrote
at 05:37PM, Sat 12 December
reply  Simmo wrote
at 06:59AM, Fri 11 December
yeah won 8 and lost 8 and i got in 4 in thw whole Geelong.
reply  Simmo wrote
at 08:36PM, Wed 9 December
hi dasher how r u going?
reply  Georgia White wrote
at 05:22PM, Fri 27 March
Awesome achievments Ash,
and thanks for the support, its slowly growing back - i will have to update the pics on my page so you can see!
keep up the good work, and the good bowls! good luck for the year to come ! :)