Hi everyone! I am a proud member and captain of the current world number one Australian Netball Diamonds and captain of the Melbourne Vixens in the ANZ Championship. ...


reply  Sammy wrote
at 05:21PM, Mon 15 November
Hey Sharelle! Hope your netball is going well. Do you know when you'll be starting the ANZ Championships again for next year? I would love to know as I will be away for most of the year. Thanks xx
reply  floss stewart wrote
at 07:30PM, Tue 26 October
hi, u r my fav netball player!
reply  Pivy wrote
at 07:07PM, Mon 4 October
good luck at the Delia olympic games
reply  we are sooo coool xP wrote
at 12:58PM, Fri 27 August
Watched your game against jamaica was AWESOME!! you shoot really good :D
reply  Kiera Atkin wrote
at 10:13AM, Thu 19 August
Sharelle, I love you! I love watching you play, I have watched you live once but I always watch you on t.v when I'm not playing (: You are my favourite netball player (:
reply  Mazz wrote
at 11:18PM, Sun 15 August
Hey!! you are really interesting and pretty
reply  Pivy wrote
at 04:04PM, Fri 11 June
hi Sharelle That girl in GS T-birds was a match for u I think u still did FANTASTIC!!!
Well done

reply  nicole tarlington wrote
at 08:57PM, Mon 7 June
Hey, is this thing even real? is it actually you, please do let me know.
reply  Shazza wrote
at 04:55PM, Mon 31 May
hey mate hows the nose? these kiwi players tryin to rearrange ya good looks like that, need to teach em some manners mate. hope its feels better soon
reply  Pivy wrote
at 06:10PM, Fri 14 May

Hi Sharelle

how r u going
I hope me and mum see u at one of ur games

hope we win the grandfinals in 2010 (this year)
Good luck

love *Olivia*

reply  maddimoo wrote
at 10:56PM, Tue 19 January
How u goin and what does it take to make it big like you maddi xoxo
reply  maddimoo wrote
at 10:56PM, Tue 19 January
How u goin and what does it take to make it big like you maddi xoxo
reply  Jem wrote
at 09:09PM, Fri 8 January
Hey shaz,
saw the news about your amazing race activity,
that sounds so fun sorry o hear your co captain beat you.
:) got my vixens membership and can't wait for the season to start.
Good luck!
reply  Sammy wrote
at 03:26PM, Tue 5 January
Hey Hey Sharelle :)
I can't wait for netball this year. It should be another good year for the Vixens and Aus :) Go Sharelle :)
reply  Maddi Eade wrote
at 06:48PM, Thu 3 December
Hello Sharelle,
Thanx for the add
when i grow up i wanna be a great netball like you
reply  Jem wrote
at 04:52PM, Mon 16 November
Hey Shaz, Glad the Surgery all went well! :) Have fun relaxing at home. Enjoy it and think of the 2010 vixens premiership. Haha. Jem Xx
reply  Abi wrote
at 12:44PM, Mon 16 November
thanks for signing my vixens top last week at netballVic HQ! made my trip from nz THAT much better! hope your knee is recovering well :)
reply  shellbell wrote
at 05:26PM, Tue 3 November
yeah you are a really good player when do you play again i play on a team but it not that good and i played on the older team when they had the worng number of players i play better on a really good team :)
reply  Sammy wrote
at 06:06PM, Tue 20 October
All the best for your knee surgery. I hope it all goes well. I'm thinking of you! You are amazing :)
Sammy xox
reply  Mich wrote
at 07:38PM, Wed 14 October
Well done on the win in England!!! Good luck in Kingston against the Sunshine Girls!!!
reply  Cheekymonkey wrote
at 10:14AM, Wed 14 October
well done silver ferns i thought they would win good try aussie but 3rd is not that good i thought you would be playing against the siver ferns in the final
reply  Ella wrote
at 09:51PM, Tue 13 October
good luck in Bath, didn't even know they had a court there! but apparently my cousin plays b-ball there. How many spectators does it hold?
reply  Sammy wrote
at 04:05PM, Tue 13 October
Hey Sharelle! I love your new display picture. You are stunning! :) You are doing really well at the World Netball Champz!!! :) You are the most amazing shooter I have ever seen! Keep it up Sharelle. Good luck in the future :)! xx
reply  Stuart wrote
at 11:48AM, Tue 13 October
Your awesome and the hottest sportswoman ever, i wish you would go in zoo mag
reply  stacker wrote
at 10:18PM, Sun 4 October
hey wat u been up 2 ? u r my fav player lol
reply  shellbell wrote
at 10:11PM, Thu 1 October
hey lol we have the same name but my name is shannell not sharelle lol but close to it so how are you i have just joined but hope to learn more thing from this mynetball progam and would love to talk to you about skills :)
reply  Jem wrote
at 11:23AM, Wed 30 September
No Way. Aussies are gonna win they had two off games. The Diamonds can beat the silver ferns easily if they put their best seven on which means sharelle in GA not GS. =] Go Aussies. Xx
reply  Cheekymonkey wrote
at 01:13PM, Tue 29 September
thanks sharelle for giveing irene the flowers that was really nice of you but the silver ferns are going to win the next games
reply  Mich wrote
at 07:49PM, Fri 18 September
Hi Sharelle
awesome job on Sunday and congrats on 100 tests!!!!!!! Hope to see you playing for a lot longer!!!!!!!
reply  Shazza wrote
at 10:23PM, Sun 13 September
congrats on 100 tests mate thats one hell of an achievement. Good to see you and team giving them kiwis what for lol
reply  Clare wrote
at 08:47PM, Sun 13 September
Awesome match today Sharelle, congrats on the 100 tests!! absolutely amazing achievement, hope to see you playing many more!!
reply  Sinbad wrote
at 02:03PM, Sun 13 September
congratulations on 100 tests!!! lets hope its celebrated with a massive win over the ferns!!!
reply  Ella wrote
at 03:19PM, Fri 11 September
Congrats on your upcoming 100th test, its an amazing achievement and I've very much enjoyed watching you play over the years
reply  Sammy wrote
at 11:57AM, Sun 6 September
Hey Shaz!! Good Luck! You're game starts in 1 min :P! Have a good game <3 :) I'll be watching the team <3
reply  Mich wrote
at 08:10PM, Wed 2 September
Hi. Hope you go well with the diamonds!!! Hope to meet you one day but who knows?? :) Good luck!!!!!!!!!
reply  Sammy wrote
at 07:29PM, Mon 24 August
Hey Shaz!!! :) Send my wishes to the team! Good Luck with the test matches!!!! They're coming up sooo fast! :) One day I'll meet you! One day.. (:
reply  Cheekymonkey wrote
at 07:52PM, Tue 18 August
well done on winning your games and the last game
but i hope magic win next year
reply  Sammy wrote
at 04:13PM, Tue 18 August
No problemo! I wish I could meet you! :) You seem gorgeous and really kind! :P
reply  Sammy wrote
at 07:03AM, Fri 14 August
Happy Birthday Shaz! Sorry I didn't wish you Happy Birthday on your special day :(! Have a good one! :) Good Luck with the Diamondz!! I'm supporting you all the way! :) Over the mountains we go! :)
reply  Ella wrote
at 09:43AM, Wed 12 August
Happy Birthday! When do you aussie girls start training for the games now the team/touring squad has been announced?
reply  Issey wrote
at 12:59AM, Sun 9 August
MAN, Your detemintion FREAKS ME OUT!!! YOUR S GOOD!! Your so fast and sharp with your passes, its so cool! One day I hope I will become as good as you!
reply  Sammy wrote
at 06:10PM, Sat 8 August
Thanks for the support :) Its greatly appreciated! One day.. I'll achieve my dream!!! One day!!!! :) You are really a true athlete, and thats why.. you're my hero :)
reply  Maddi wrote
at 09:04AM, Sat 8 August
Will do, Congrats on beating Adelaide. I think you would be one of the best players Australia has ever had.
reply  Sammy wrote
at 10:56AM, Fri 7 August
I am sick today... But I have netball training after school, and since I love netball so much, I am making an effort to come! (L) I wish I could come to every game you play, and meet you and the team! :) GO DIAMONDZ Foreva!!! :) one day.. I'll be out there representing australia! Boy.. will I be proud! :) GO VIXENS! :)
reply  Sammy wrote
at 10:51AM, Fri 7 August
Awwww!! Thanks :) I really appreciatiate it (L) She is my hero :) So are yooh! :)
reply  Sammy wrote
at 08:10PM, Thu 6 August
Totally! GO DIAMONDS! :)!!!!!! (L) Hey, do you know if Mo'onia Gerrard is still on this netball network... her page doesn't exist :S But maybe that was an error! Good Luck anyway :) Say hi to Mo'onia for me :) (L)
reply  Sammy wrote
at 05:06PM, Mon 3 August
I won't miss you! xx Although i'm going to America, I will try my best to not miss out on the games! Good Luck! xx
reply  maddimoo wrote
at 03:19PM, Sun 2 August
wow i saw your grand final against adelaide you were great i wish i could move that quik... your a really good player we were sitting right up close but i was thrilled with the game ok xx bye
reply  Issey wrote
at 06:26PM, Wed 29 July
POO. Why did you have to beat the Adelaide Thunderbirds? Jokes. anyway.., WELL DONE?!?!
reply  Sammy wrote
at 04:27PM, Mon 27 July
Congratulations on winning against the Adelaide Thunderbirds!! It was a great game! :) I went and I was sitting way up the back :( Only because my mum and my brothers aren't members of the Vixens! :( I remeber earlier on in the season, I went to the match that you kissed Mo'onia Gerrard on the cheek! :P Funny that you kiss my supastar! Well done anyway! :) Good Luck for your next test matches for the diamonds!
reply  Maddi wrote
at 10:12AM, Sun 26 July
Good luck for today. Go Vixens!
reply  Issey wrote
at 11:26PM, Wed 22 July
Good luck with the Grand Final. I will probably watch this Sunday. It is really annoying because my favourite and my second favourite teams are versing each other. Although I am baraking for T - Bird, I hope the best man wins. Bye good luck! Issey
reply  Dogz_rock4life wrote
at 01:19PM, Sun 19 July
hey r u on
reply  Kristina R wrote
at 10:16AM, Fri 17 July
Sharelle Mcmahon; you are one of the best players Australia has ever seen.
Write Back Please!!!
reply  Issey wrote
at 11:56PM, Wed 15 July
BEST PLAYER, HEY? NICE WORK! You really rock at GA and I congratulate you. Take a look at my page and leave a message! Cya! Love Issey!
reply  Maddi wrote
at 11:15AM, Tue 7 July
Sharelle Mcmahon; you are one of the best players Australia has ever seen.
Write Back Please!!!
reply  Shazza wrote
at 06:16PM, Wed 8 April
and never was there a more deserving player to be named captain well done. good luck i've no doubt you'll do yourself proud.
reply  Mich wrote
at 11:17AM, Sun 5 April
Nice game the other night.. guess the knee's fine now considering the falls you took during the match?

Good luck for the rest of the season!!!!!
reply   wrote
at 11:36AM, Sat 21 February
hey wat u been up 2?
reply  Jamie Parsons wrote
at 05:10PM, Wed 14 January
thanks Sharelle - you are great!
reply  Ella wrote
at 09:38PM, Mon 3 November
G'day Sharelle, I had a question, I know you probably wont have any time to reply but I thought I'd ask anyway. Tonight in my game a goal went in for the opposition team that came of our GD and the umpire counted it as a goal, is that wrong? cause I thought it has to come from a shooter to be counted a score.
reply   Ned wrote
at 04:47PM, Mon 3 November
Hi Sharelle, Great to see the Aussie girls get up against the kiwis. I would have a word to channel 10 about the lovely clothes they give you to wear (not), but what would I know, I'm just a man.
It will be good to see you and Coxy back on the court soon.
reply  kate o'neill wrote
at 11:41PM, Fri 10 October
sorry to hear about your injury. im out at the momoent with an ankle :-( when will you be able to get back out on court? oh and great work courtside on the test against england - very profesional possible career after netbal? media?
reply  Abi wrote
at 10:30PM, Wed 17 September
Congrats on the win against the silver ferns..even tho you didnt play! I was so gutted that you were not at the Christchurch game! hope you knee is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see you in action again!
reply  Ella wrote
at 10:03PM, Sun 24 August
G'day, hows the recovery going?
reply  spinner wrote
at 04:36PM, Thu 14 August
had a good birthday?
reply  Ella wrote
at 08:25AM, Tue 12 August
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good day
reply  Abi wrote
at 09:32PM, Mon 11 August
Happy Birthday Sharelle! Hope you are making speedy progress with your rehab from your knee surgery so I can see you in action in Christchurch for the test series! I'm moving out of home tomorrow starting work as a physio, when you need some physio advice look me up and I'll sort you out! Have an awesome birthday :)
reply  Ella wrote
at 01:00PM, Sat 19 July
Good luck with the operation next week, I hope it all goes well
reply  chase muraahi wrote
at 11:35AM, Thu 17 July
oh thats sooo gay that yous lost but i believe that you had a fantastic tournement against the teams good luck on your australian games
reply  Nick Donnelly wrote
at 10:33AM, Thu 17 July
Hi Sharrelle
Thanks for adding us as a friend. Dont suppose there is any chance we can temp you up to Rockhampton to be our guest speaker at our annual presentation dinner on Friday 28 November
reply  Ella wrote
at 02:06PM, Tue 15 July
Bad luck last night Sharelle, you'll get them next year! Rest up that knee! I'm looking forward to seeing you back in action in the green and gold later in the year
reply  chase muraahi wrote
at 10:13PM, Sun 13 July
hey sharelle good luck on your game today!!!
reply  Redbacks wrote
at 07:53PM, Sun 13 July
Your a absolute gun girl...congratulations! We will be cheering you on here, best wishes from Warrandyte Redbacks
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 11:47AM, Thu 10 July
congratulations on the captaincy - how any games have you played for australia?
reply  Abi wrote
at 11:37AM, Fri 4 July
Congratulations Sharelle. Can't wait till the NZ vs Aus game in Sept! I'll definitely see you there! Good luck for the rest of the ANZ champs - GO Vixens!!!!
reply  Ali wrote
at 01:58PM, Thu 3 July
Another great decision made - well done on scoring the top job!! You are a great ambassador for our sport - always eloquent and diplomatic. Congrats Sharelle!!!
reply  James Bourke wrote
at 04:11PM, Tue 1 July
Congratulations on the captaincy Sharelle! Always a true indicator of a players ability by being given this massive honour. I am sure you will do all Australian's proud.
reply  Ella wrote
at 04:08PM, Tue 1 July
Congratulations on being named the next captain of the aussie team, and good luck on Sunday against the Mystics, see you there
reply  Jess wrote
at 10:56AM, Thu 19 June
ur game on monday nite was awesum...out team was going to go up to watch it but was sold out so we went to someone elses house to watch and was blown away by everyones performance...it was just awesome to watch...well done and congrats
reply  Ella wrote
at 10:26PM, Mon 16 June
Sharelle you're a superstar! what an excellent game that was, I could watch it over and over again, GO VIXENS!!
reply  Jess wrote
at 10:23AM, Thu 12 June
great game on the weekend, but unfortunately couldnt come up eiththe win. i am watching intently so i can get sometips on shooting, although i am a defender i sometimes get put there!!! good luck next week and for the rest of the year
reply  Ella wrote
at 03:30PM, Mon 2 June
Great game yesterday Sharelle, hope the knee is holding up ok, we want you around for a few more years yet!!
reply  Ali wrote
at 10:27PM, Tue 27 May
The Firebirds did a number against the Vixens just like they did when they played the Swifts. Tough night at the office.
reply  Azza wrote
at 10:33PM, Thu 22 May
thank you so much for accepting my friend request. you would have to be 1 of if not my favourite Australian Netballer of all time. Keep up the great work !
reply  Ali wrote
at 10:09AM, Mon 19 May
Well done to the Vixens on a decisive win over the T'birds. Perhaps Mo'onia needed a kiss to get her moving!! Great tactic!
reply  James Bourke wrote
at 01:39PM, Fri 16 May
No kissing opponents this week Sharelle? :) Hope you get the win over them this time
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 11:36PM, Wed 14 May
i reckon 12 comments on your last sportslog is almost a record from what i've seen! good one
reply  Ella wrote
at 09:30PM, Tue 13 May
Hey Sharelle, just wondering if you have ever thought about writing a biography?
reply  Ali wrote
at 09:37PM, Mon 12 May
Looking forward to the game next week - Vixens v T'birds - should be a cracker!!
reply   wrote
at 07:52PM, Sat 10 May
Hey, how r ya???
reply  Ali wrote
at 04:43PM, Wed 7 May
Certainly saw the game - fantastic - altho it didn't end up the way I would've liked - the SWIFTS will getcha next time!!
reply  Clarky wrote
at 04:25PM, Wed 7 May
Go the Vixens!
reply  Ali wrote
at 12:25PM, Thu 1 May
Sharelle, Sharelle, Sharelle, I just have to tell ya that I will be cheering on those SWIFTS on Monday - SOZ. Can't wait, should be another goodie. I'm just loving this comp - shame that the Aus v Kiwi teams only happens once tho.
reply   wrote
at 05:18PM, Tue 29 April
Hey, how r ya???
Catch ya l8r :-]
reply  Ali wrote
at 12:21PM, Mon 21 April
WOW - The Gerard "KISS" was a classic!! It was a great game to watch - the result sucked tho!! Vixens will get them next time. See ya Sharellie.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:43PM, Fri 18 April
Hey Sharelle, good luck this weekend. Go Vixens!
reply  Ali wrote
at 10:07AM, Thu 17 April
Hey Sharelle. I am just loving the new Trans Tasman comp. Every game so far has been just enthralling. My team the "Swifties" are playing the "BOP girls" this weekend and I am making the long 5 hr drive to go to watch. It will be the only game i get to this season, so I am crossing fingers for a nail biter. Good luck to you and your team this weekend, you have a big game too against the 'Chunderbirds'!! LOL
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 09:54PM, Tue 15 April
great to read your updates - i reckon with all the netball players through the SportingPulse network, this page will go off very shortly - go vixens!
reply   Ned wrote
at 07:56PM, Tue 15 April
Can't wait till Vixens play Southern Steel, so you can remind Donna Loffhagen (Wilkins) about that world champ final where she had a shot from under the post to win, she choked, Lizzie got the rebound, you shot the goal in the last second, and then went nuts. Best netball game ever.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:57PM, Tue 15 April
Hey Sharelle, great work with the Vixens. Fantastic start to the season. Go Vixens!
reply  Ella wrote
at 03:29PM, Mon 14 April
Great game on Sunday
reply  Hoody wrote
at 09:42AM, Fri 11 April
Good luck against the Firebirds on Sunday Sharelle......Hey you netball nuts, get out there and support the Vixens at 1:30 on Sunday at the State Netball and Hockey Centre. It will be a cracker
reply  Ali wrote
at 01:44PM, Mon 7 April
Great win first up for the Vix on Saturday. Can't wait to see how our other Aussie teams will fare tonight.
reply  Ali wrote
at 10:34AM, Tue 1 April
Thanks Sharazzle for adding me. Keep those Kiwi's on their toes!! Good luck for the ANZ. Can't wait.
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 10:32AM, Tue 25 March
Hi Sharelle. Good luck to you and Vixens for the start of the ANZ Championship.
Could you please contact me at mysport@sportingpulse.com?
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 10:51AM, Fri 14 March
Hi Sharelle. Great to have you on mySport. Let us know if you need any help setting up your mySport website.
All the best.
The mySport Team
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 11:29AM, Wed 13 February
hey - thanks for adding me & good luck in the new trans tasman league - hope to read your sportslog from behind the scenes
reply  Cate wrote
at 04:47PM, Fri 8 February
Hi, don't know if you remember me,
but I'm the girl who made you those netball pillows
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:05PM, Wed 9 January
Hi Sharelle, great to have you on board with us here at mySport. Keep spreading the word and good luck with the Vixens. Perhaps we can get a mySport page up and running for the Vixens as well.