Hey all! I thought I'd have a one-stop shop for all my basketball news, reviews and info... so here it is! I wanna thank you all for your support - it's been great getting your messages and emails. I' ...


reply  Julianne Huynh wrote
at 02:48PM, Tue 6 November
Amazing Patty!
reply  Jorge Curbelo wrote
at 02:47AM, Sat 27 October
hola, soy nuevo en esto pero veo que tú no.
espero empezar a usar el sitio en cuanto empiece el campeonato ya que mi equipo esta en la zona b.
un abrazo
reply  Zac wrote
at 01:44PM, Sat 11 August
Congratulations on a great campaign in London. Everyone one here was really proud of you and the other boys.
reply  Graham Beech wrote
at 11:12AM, Mon 6 August
Great game Pat. Save some for the USA team
reply  Eric Hayward wrote
at 01:18PM, Wed 23 November
Nee How Patty!
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 06:34PM, Mon 21 November
Good luck in China mate.Just saw it on the news.
reply  Jordan Herbert wrote
at 10:47PM, Sun 13 November
Hey Mills!
Your going good on the Nbl iinet Dreamteam! J
reply  khanh lam wrote
at 01:57AM, Sun 23 October
hi patty
reply  khanh lam wrote
at 01:57AM, Sun 23 October
hi patty
reply  Chris Forbes-Ewan wrote
at 08:07PM, Thu 13 October
Great to see you playing in Australia, Patty. Also terrific to see that you helped the Tigers to a come-from-behind win the other day. Cheers and best wishes from Chris Forbes-Ewan in Scottsdale Tasmania.
reply  Joshua ingham wrote
at 08:40PM, Mon 3 October
Hey patty my name is Josh I was at the tigers camp and I asked you did you expect Dallas to win the final and I have 2 brothers
reply  Denny Stevenson wrote
at 03:37PM, Thu 29 September
Hey Patty! I have been meaning to sign up on a site like this for ages but have been pretty slack! Glad i can get updates and scores now.
reply  george DIAB wrote
at 03:45PM, Tue 30 August
I heard on the news that Patty is playing for the Melbourne Tigers
reply  nacanieli naicavu wrote
at 07:06PM, Tue 12 July
Hi! there, thanks for being my friend so wat club do you join. im also thinkin of upgradin my skills in basketball. ar u in Facebook.
reply  Hamilton Santos wrote
at 04:20PM, Thu 30 June
Hey pat! I believe u can help me a lot! Either in my decisions and especially in my game. Hit me back please!
reply  joseph assad wrote
at 06:14PM, Mon 30 May
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Apache Server at www.sportingpulse.com Port 80
reply  Josh Anderson wrote
at 07:13AM, Mon 9 May
Hey thanks for the Welcome
reply  Josh Anderson wrote
at 07:13AM, Mon 9 May
Hey thanks for the Welcome
reply  Monique de Courcey wrote
at 12:45PM, Sat 23 April
Hi, I am curently entering a competition where I need the local/domestic teams (Your local level teams are the ones that you play within your respective asociation) The representitive clubs (the clubs you have played representitive basketball at) that you have played for and the number of Internation games you have played for Australia (this includes Junior national team games eg U22) and was wondering if you would be able to help me out or point me in the right direction of where i could find the answers (ive tried wikipedia)
reply  Kyla wrote
at 05:40PM, Sat 15 January
Thanks for the warm welcome.. I really do apriciate it. Good luck for the rest of the season and shoot the most hoops you can.. I know you already try your hardest but keep it up. :)
reply  Mich wrote
at 09:17PM, Sun 2 January
Hey, love watching you play!! I remember watching you in the SEABL down in Frankston!! Good luck with the rest of the season, hope to see you getting more game time! :)
reply  Tony Moore wrote
at 04:27PM, Sun 2 January
Hey Pat, love the intensity and energy you're bringing to the NBA. Your game is looking awesome. Keep up the good work. Hey what's with the beard?
reply  Buddy Abdul-Ahad wrote
at 12:25PM, Wed 15 December
I saw one of your assits in the nba top 10. Hope you make the starting 5 some time.
reply  Lucas Kiel wrote
at 04:37PM, Fri 26 November
Hey u r awesome Patty
reply  Tassy Devil wrote
at 02:50PM, Wed 10 November
Sup Patty.R u from Oz?
I am.
reply  Cam-cam wrote
at 01:02PM, Mon 11 October
First off thanks for taking time to send the message. I've always wanted to ask some one how do you stay on top of your game with new players coming in every year.
reply  Mark Mitchell wrote
at 03:57PM, Wed 22 September
haven't picked up a ball in a month (Thailand holiday), and new season starts tonight...in a higher section. Great...
reply  Mark Mitchell wrote
at 03:56PM, Wed 22 September
how's things at the blazers?
some new recruits on board i see. hopefully we can have a better season with our tall timber...
reply  james beilby wrote
at 07:05PM, Mon 20 September
hey patty,
thanks for the invite message your a gun b-ball player and i love basketball cant wiat to the nba 10-11 season
reply  Tullia Grego wrote
at 10:04AM, Fri 3 September
Hey Patty,
Thanks for the inspirational message, I'm new to myFiba, so any pointers will be greatly appreciated...:-)
reply  Sprunty wrote
at 10:22PM, Fri 30 July
Hey Patty,
Well you asked me to reply so I am, soooo are you are guard and if you are could you give me so tips!!
reply  Khalil Faraj wrote
at 04:21AM, Thu 29 July
hey Patty nice work in the summer league, i wanted to ask you about your theme how did u get it or do it???
reply  Mornington Falcons wrote
at 07:43PM, Tue 20 July
Nice work in the Summer League PM....keep up the great work !
reply  Sam Warlow wrote
at 04:13PM, Mon 19 July
Hey Patty, I have been watching you in the Summer League. You are doing so well, and I am looking foward to a big season from you in the 2010-2011 season!
reply  mei mei wrote
at 01:59AM, Fri 16 July
can you help to find a coach for basketball to coach my school .. We are really interested in this sport but too bad my school doesn't have but we wish to have an opportunity. Thanks
reply  Brain wrote
at 03:15PM, Sun 11 July
i man i dont really have any thing to ask or tell you but i love basketball and it is my best sport
reply  amirarsalan hafezi wrote
at 05:41AM, Sat 3 July
hi patty, im a refree... I live in ahvaz, its a city of iran, im 19... my degree og refree is 3... do you now Hamed hadadi? he plays in memphis, he is from my city....
reply  ollie flanagan wrote
at 04:06PM, Mon 21 June
hi patty, do you know a sammy mills.
reply  hv88 wrote
at 01:47AM, Sun 13 June
How did you get the background?
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 04:09PM, Thu 10 June
How did you get the backround?
reply  BigChris11 wrote
at 07:02AM, Tue 8 June
My favorite FIBA teams is USA.
reply  swetik wrote
at 11:38AM, Wed 26 May
thanks patty,stay focus..............
reply  Slim wrote
at 01:46PM, Sat 22 May
Thanks Patty, look forward to seeing more of you next year. Tell me, who, out of the remainingteams, are you hoping wins the NBA Championship?
reply  Doreen Dabi-Diamond wrote
at 04:27AM, Sat 1 May
hey patty, thanks yeah.
reply  staffo wrote
at 05:40PM, Thu 18 February
hey patty when r u coming tot the celtics man. we need another little rajon rondo
reply  Fenech23 wrote
at 10:30AM, Mon 18 January
Hi patt im a huge fan. my dream is to play in the NBA. i read that you were the 55th pick to play with the indiana pacers i cant remember but congrats i hopeone day i to canin the NBA. how did you get therewhat did you do. i am a guard and play MCC representing my college in sydney, Australia. i got chosen for my 3 pointers i average 10-12 points a game and im the second highest point scorer. i really wan to play inthe NBA but i live in Australia. im 14. it would be mad if you could reply. anth_1996@hotmail.com thanks.
reply  Rhys Vague wrote
at 11:34PM, Fri 15 January
hey been watching u on future cast in the d league your doing a great job. hope u do well tomorrow
reply  Anwar Hamill wrote
at 05:51PM, Tue 12 January
reply  Spyros Babouris wrote
at 12:56AM, Sun 10 January
hey my friend...d u want t come and play in greece???
reply  NARNEYBOO wrote
at 06:26PM, Wed 9 December
Hey thanks for the greetings and how to pimp up mu page. This is my first time on myFIBA, so I'm still getting the hang of it. So yeah., I think you are a deadly basketball player and to tell you the truth, your one of my favourites. I'm also related to Rohanee Cox. She my sister. I'm very excited to have contact with you.
reply  Gangers wrote
at 01:47PM, Sat 5 December
G-day Pat, Cant Wait to see you on the court for Portland Get well soon, you are going to be a star hopefully they give you the game time you deserve.
Caroline Springs Blue devils, Melbourne Vic.
reply  Huisy wrote
at 10:01AM, Tue 1 December
Hi Patty Mills thanks for the greeting and thanks for telling me what i can do
Regards Huisy
reply  jordan mulligan wrote
at 09:52AM, Sun 29 November
hi, ill be honest i dont really know who you are and thats not meant to offend you, but i do know that it takes real effort to be where you are i just want to know what you think got you to the point you are at today? please reply i know you proberly wont but its worth a try. jordan mulligan, england, nottingham, tribe Xavier basketball
reply  Luke Sicari wrote
at 09:05PM, Fri 27 November
Hi Patty I hope you get on the court soonwith Portland-Who do you think will win it all this NBA season?
reply  luke simonette wrote
at 08:45PM, Thu 26 November
i cant belive im talking to you
reply  luke simonette wrote
at 08:42PM, Thu 26 November
i wish you got in the raptors!
reply  DADDY B wrote
at 06:13PM, Thu 19 November
oh my god im so happy to talk to u. oh u were the on that came to kingsford smith my brother got to play with u and hes 6 and im 9
reply  Lakari Heazlewood wrote
at 05:16PM, Sat 14 November
Can't wait to see you with the NBA!!!
good luck with it...
reply  Rhys Vague wrote
at 09:13PM, Sun 1 November
Yeh great job! good luck.
reply  Damo wrote
at 11:55AM, Sat 17 October
Congratulations on signing with Portland! Great news! Must be a relief considering your battle against injury and missing summer league and the NBA pe-season games.
Looking forward to your next update!
reply  Brad Neumann wrote
at 12:01AM, Sat 17 October
Hey Patty mills, How r you? How is NBA environment with ur new club.? I bet it must be exciting. Im a basketball Player as well and you are an inspriation to me, the way u go bout playing ur basketball is so great to watch. i have learnt alot of you by watch you play on tv over here in Australia.
reply  Meredith Briggs wrote
at 02:35PM, Thu 15 October
Just saying thanks for the wecome
reply  Tamara Awartani wrote
at 09:23AM, Sat 10 October
Thanks Patty for the info.
reply  CB1 wrote
at 05:25AM, Wed 30 September
Hi Patty, just don't forget you got a fan here in Aruba. How is right foot - drink lots of Milk. Good luck!!!
reply  Damo wrote
at 03:28PM, Tue 29 September
Good luck Patty - hope you make Portland's roster.
reply  dean Haywood wrote
at 04:07AM, Tue 29 September
thanx for the welcome Patty. which nba team are you picking to excell this year?. im picking the Cavaliers and the orlando majic to come back with a vengence.
reply  March wrote
at 07:24PM, Fri 25 September
Congrats Mate, Hope the injury heals asap.
reply  Ty Wynwood wrote
at 08:05AM, Wed 23 September
Thanks for the welcome, how's the injury coming along?
reply  HB190 wrote
at 11:34PM, Mon 21 September
Thanks Pat for the welcoming , i already started to customize my profile .Thk you and see ya
reply  Joseph Mallia wrote
at 12:48PM, Sun 13 September
how long r you out for
reply  Damian Gilchrist wrote
at 10:47PM, Wed 2 September
Hey Pat, I'm a Dad from your old primary school in Curtin. The kids have a fete on Sunday 1 November and we were wondering if you wanted to help out, maybe a signed cap, shirt or something we could raffle ? How's the foot ? On the mend I hope. Best of luck. Love your work. Can you drop me a reply on donna.damian@velocitynet.com.au
reply  Sam wrote
at 02:58PM, Wed 2 September
dear patty
which nba team did you get drafted for?
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 10:21AM, Sun 30 August
How did u get da backgound
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 05:33PM, Wed 26 August
im a part of tryboys!
reply  pincher wrote
at 12:01PM, Wed 26 August
thanks pat your an awsome bball player
reply  Hakawati wrote
at 01:02AM, Wed 19 August
Hey man..
thanks.. your cool
reply  Jorgina Kaumbe wrote
at 01:07AM, Mon 17 August
Hey Patty, thanks for the warm welcome.
reply  Strawberry wrote
at 04:53PM, Tue 11 August
Hello..Thanks for your visit ! And,good luck to you !(Sorry,I am poor at English.)
reply  Texas Hurricanes Hurricanes Basketball Club wrote
at 07:19AM, Tue 11 August
Thanks for the welcome. I am starting a new Men's Pro-Am League in Dallas, Texas, do you have any pointers for me? Any little bit would help. Thanks again
reply  nlgen wrote
at 12:43PM, Mon 10 August
hello.. i hope i can ask for a jersey of yours...
reply  Miriam Adams wrote
at 05:59AM, Sat 8 August
hey, u gud? Jux wanted to say hi to u............
reply  Junior wrote
at 10:48AM, Mon 27 July
hey, i know that you one of my favourite player... so how are you????????when is your last time that you play basketball.....
reply  Baucks wrote
at 02:29PM, Tue 21 July
Hey Pat, well done on being selected in the draft by the blazers. I was hoping you would be selected earlier than that, oh well, hey i watched the FIBA under-19s in auckland and i watched oz play croatia in the 3rd/4th, but they disappointed me. All good though, have a good time in the NBA!
reply  Iceccles wrote
at 06:26PM, Tue 14 July
sorry dat was Kobe Bryant were having a slep over and watching like mike and napiloin dinomight nd he say u suck
reply  Iceccles wrote
at 06:25PM, Tue 14 July
ya mums a man
reply  Iceccles wrote
at 06:24PM, Tue 14 July
sup bro
reply  pretty awesome wrote
at 03:00AM, Sat 11 July
PATTY! Spewing you're injured, woulda been sick to see you in SL with Bayless. Hope the foot heals quickly and you make the mighty Blazers roster! :D
reply  Marcus!! wrote
at 08:17PM, Thu 9 July
Heyy Patty.
Just like to wish you good luck with the NBA Draft. Cant wait to see you play at the highest level and to see you mix it with the best in the world,
Good luck again,
From Marcus
reply  Maddi wrote
at 06:52PM, Tue 7 July
Hi Patty!
how did you get that background?
Your a gunn!!
reply  Maddi wrote
at 06:51PM, Tue 7 July
Hi Patty!
how did you get that background?
Your a gunn!!
reply  Richo wrote
at 05:51PM, Tue 7 July
Great job mate, your gonna tear it up. Good luck!
reply  Maddi wrote
at 11:12AM, Tue 7 July
like Matt said "Congrats"
will all be cheering for ya!!
write back!
reply  Matt Ellis wrote
at 11:09AM, Tue 7 July
congratsb on being drafted in the nba
reply  TAI JENNISON wrote
at 08:12AM, Sat 4 July
hey patty whats up
reply  Dion Lansdale wrote
at 06:39AM, Sat 4 July
Congrats on getting drafted by the Blazers. Good luck in your career. You playing on their summer league team?
reply  #1 Patty Mills Fan! wrote
at 05:12AM, Sat 4 July
Good luck Patty! I'm rootin for ya.
reply  Jen wrote
at 07:39PM, Fri 26 June
Hey Patty, congratulations on the NBA draft! You must be really excited. Hope you have a long and successful career as one of the best in the world!
replyFootball tragic wrote
at 05:03PM, Fri 26 June
Congratulations. A fantastic achievement.
reply  Shazza wrote
at 03:09PM, Fri 26 June
congrats mate all the hard work has paid off you've hit the big time, now go show em how its done.
reply  BAFF wrote
at 07:41PM, Thu 25 June
Good luck in the draft tomorrow !
reply  Jay Jay wrote
at 10:17PM, Mon 22 June
thanks Patty i think you are great from Jay
reply  Michael Oliveira wrote
at 02:07AM, Wed 17 June
Hello Patty!!how are????
reply  brittz wrote
at 12:09PM, Mon 15 June
Thankkks Patty !
reply  boof wrote
at 08:07AM, Sun 24 May
reply  Dr. Joshua Alexander wrote
at 04:55AM, Sat 23 May
Best of Luck this weekend in Chicago
reply  alexandra park wrote
at 07:15AM, Fri 22 May
Pat,tnx a lot for ur warm welcome. i'm new here.think i will need help to learn everything here...God bless
reply  mitchell currie wrote
at 07:40PM, Thu 21 May
reply  Ghilay Woldemariam wrote
at 02:59PM, Tue 19 May
Hey Pat, i saw some of your footage from your AIS days, and its motivated me to hopefully make the institute one day, im a 17yr old queenslander and absolutely loveeeeeeee playing ball, is basically all i do, i eat drink and sleep basketball nd just wanted to say good luck with the draft and hope you get into the team you want brother. much love - ghilay.
reply  {--NeLL--} wrote
at 02:47PM, Sun 17 May
Thanks for your help Patty. I'll be sure to check it out soon=)
reply  Hot Sauce wrote
at 02:19PM, Fri 15 May
hi...im from the Cook Islands(south pacific)...wanting to do a basketball page for the Cook Islands because there is no information...would like any help to start....thanks
reply  DEMSTA wrote
at 08:57PM, Wed 13 May
Hey patty hows you been goin lately...??
reply  Cojana Tonkin wrote
at 11:49AM, Tue 12 May
Hi Patty, I'm new to your site, I am a Dragons fan and friend of Tremmell Darden and the others. Its great to see how well your doing and it would be great to hear from you. My 10 year old son thinks your great. Regards Cojana
reply  Russell Upton wrote
at 03:48PM, Mon 11 May
Hey Patty thanks for the reply, met you in Beijing, I am a mate of Wortho's. All the best with your next 12 months and your career. cheers
reply  DEMSTA wrote
at 05:47PM, Sun 10 May
heyy patty...my name is demi and i live in Port Lincoln.. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips...?? Did u likr Micheal Jordan
reply  almir sisic wrote
at 05:51AM, Sun 10 May
Thank you very much on support and we will be in tuch...
reply  Le'Che McCavana wrote
at 12:05PM, Thu 7 May
hey i'm new here
reply  CAT wrote
at 08:34AM, Wed 29 April
Have a great poll on my page!!! Answer today
reply  Richard Matolo wrote
at 01:05PM, Tue 28 April
if the message was for me! well thanks and will sure visit your site. Thanks again
reply  Richard Matolo wrote
at 01:05PM, Tue 28 April
if the message was for me! well thanks and will sure visit your site. Thanks again
reply  Midget wrote
at 08:50PM, Sun 12 April
wassup Patty, seen you play live once (Aus vs NZ in Brisbane) one of the best games ive ever watched. too bad you lost that game.
reply  noah peels wrote
at 12:08PM, Tue 7 April
Hey patty i loved watching you play in the olympics you played awesome in the olympics i love playing basketball i play for three basketball teams and i'm really good at shooting and defence for ringwood hawks, maroondah magic and sub zero next season.
reply  ryan knight wrote
at 04:01PM, Thu 2 April
Hey patty sorry to see saint Marys didn't make the NCAA tournament this year and missed out on the championship game in the NIT tournament. I watched all the games on foxtel ESPN here in Adelaide. Honestly i would love to see you play for saint Marys next year.
reply  Chris stevens wrote
at 01:17PM, Thu 2 April
Hey Patty we all love ya downunder keep up the good work :)
reply  Big Willie wrote
at 06:35AM, Thu 2 April
hey patty thanks for the welcome. i play basketball in nz, i play centre only at 6'4 for my club team
reply  Luka wrote
at 05:43PM, Tue 31 March
thanks i will look at your page please look at mine i'm a good player i play alot of roles in the sport of basketball point guard
shooting guard and small forward
reply  jono wrote
at 03:26PM, Sat 28 March
hi patty i just won the grand final for my club please reply
reply  CB1 wrote
at 08:29AM, Thu 26 March
Great game against Davison on Monday night. This was actually my the first Saint Mary's Basketball game that I was able to see on television.
Anyways, I was kinda exited about this game, because sofar I’ve heard and only knew of you thru your myFIBA pages. So, getting to see you in action was a real treat. And, of course I wanted to see if your really “worth” the player you are. You know see if you can really “walk the talk”.
Well, seeing is believe. So, you played extraordinary.
Thank you for performing and a great game. Don’t know when I’ll see another game from Saint Mary or you playing. But… well, if you all continue winning and make the finals I will, I get more opportunities to see you play.
So, Good luck

Carlos B - Aruba.
reply  Debra Miller wrote
at 05:22PM, Wed 25 March
Hi Cuz how you going? Glad to hear your bones have healed & your back on track playing great games again. Bet you enjoyed havin your folks over there for a holy day? Asked them if I could fit in their luggage? I try to watch all your games but during the day it's work work work so I miss them but your folks keep me in touch. Any way love from all your relies over on the west coast of SA. Cheers
reply  zcity wrote
at 02:05AM, Wed 25 March
Great game last night vs Stephon Curry and Davidson, all the best in the NIT from here on out ...keep up the strong play.
reply  dianne demello wrote
at 08:40AM, Tue 24 March
it is great to hear from someone like you. i looked at your video on your website and you were amazing. When i play basketball i also wear 13 because that number is my lucky number. Now i see why you wear 13 because it is your lucky number too. I play basketball at state level now and i hope one day i can play for australia too.
reply  Bobby Calliss wrote
at 11:36AM, Thu 19 March
Hey wats goin on patty... i try watch evrey game u play in if school dont get in tha way ur first game back from injury was sick u chopped up them blokes ur a role model to all Aboriginals if u keep improving and playing the way u are ur gonna be a NBA MVP 1 day stay black brutha try write back bro
reply  Karina wrote
at 10:36AM, Thu 19 March
hey there just thought i would leave you a message??
Holla bac.....
reply  Sandydanny big mack and chocolate wrote
at 08:14AM, Sun 15 March
Thanks for your welcome, hope to be in touch, you have a great websitte it's a great idea to have people all over the world exchanging ideas. I'm happy to receive international ID from FIBA level 2
reply  Sandydanny big mack and chocolate wrote
at 08:14AM, Sun 15 March
Thanks for your welcome, hope to be in touch, you have a great websitte it's a great idea to have people all over the world exchanging ideas. I'm happy to receive international ID from FIBA level 2
reply  Sandydanny big mack and chocolate wrote
at 08:08AM, Sun 15 March
Thanks for your welcome, hope to be in touch, you have a great websitte it's a great idea to have people all over the world exchanging ideas. I'm happy to receive international ID from FIBA level 2
reply  Geordie Murray wrote
at 12:26AM, Fri 13 March
Hey patty saw your first game back at st marys after your injury you played well. your one of the best players ive seen ay when your watching the game you can see when your on the floor that the tempo of the game has changed its sick :P
anyways all the best hope you have time to write back catchya
reply  Sunita Ramesh wrote
at 12:25PM, Thu 5 March
Thanks Patty. Nice to hear from you.
reply  raul guerrero wrote
at 07:58PM, Fri 27 February
hey patty sup man m raul from manila wna wish u d best of luck in the game man. jus dropin aline to tel folks how basketball crazy manila is ayt. peace
reply  Black wrote
at 12:14AM, Fri 27 February
hey was up firstly id lyk to say u r probably one of the best players out there but i would love to know how sum1 gets as good as tou because i am a young playr in botswana(africa) but we have limited resources plus most people dont care about the sport so i was wndring if u cud maybe give me some advise on wat to do to improve my game and shw my fellw country man that basketball is a sport that one can grow to appreciate
reply  Steve James wrote
at 12:51PM, Mon 23 February
Go patty you tha man
reply  BLISS COBBLAH wrote
at 10:50PM, Sat 21 February
watz up im bliss culd we be frendz
reply  Brett Malissar wrote
at 03:23AM, Sat 14 February
Hey man how ya doin? Hope the hands healing alright. I guess you've become good mates with Carlin at St Marys. I used to play with him back in Rockingham in Perth. Well say hey to him if you get the chance and goodluck with the season.
reply  jono wrote
at 07:40PM, Thu 12 February
hey hope your arms better and you rock and go for the nba draft you r to good youll blow them away but go for la bye pat
reply  Mr. Shine wrote
at 06:34PM, Thu 12 February
reply  DYLAN!! wrote
at 09:14PM, Tue 3 February
when are u gonna go for the nba draft because you are easily going to go first round
reply  DYLAN!! wrote
at 09:13PM, Tue 3 February
when are u gonna go for the nba draft because you are easily going to go first round
reply  Jordan Binas wrote
at 07:05PM, Tue 3 February
Unlucky on your injury.Hope to see you back on the court.

reply  Sam Fewster wrote
at 11:09PM, Sun 1 February
Bad luck about the injury Patty. Good luck for a speedy recovery. Hope the Gaels can keep winning for ya.
reply  jono wrote
at 03:47PM, Sat 31 January
please comment on my site i adore your playing
reply  CB1 wrote
at 10:43PM, Fri 30 January
Boy are you for real.....all eyes on yah.

Keep it up.

CB - Aruba
reply  Karrell Ross wrote
at 02:07PM, Fri 30 January
Hi Patty,
My daughter Shanieka and I watch you all the time on ESPN. We both think your an awesome player! Shanieka and I live in Cairns - and are mates with big Nate J! Anyways we are murris from up this way and think what your doing for Basketball and Indigenous kids is awesome. She has been to AIS and apart of the finding the next deadly basketballer! She also has been apart of QLD rep teams and National Championships. Her dreams are to rep Aus and also go over to College Ball - North Carolina - so what your doing is paving the way for kids to know their dreams can come true! Look forward to seeing you play soon!
reply  Debra Miller wrote
at 01:25PM, Fri 30 January
Hi cuz how you going? Following your basketball on ESPN & myfiba. Working on a family reunion in Ceduna SA on the 6th, 7th & 8th June 2009. Thirty years since nana passed so it's about time the family got together again. Hope you can make it but will understand if you can't. Keep working hard & we all love ya from Ceduna.
reply  James Bourke wrote
at 12:45PM, Fri 30 January
Awesome new looking site, love the colours. Great to hear you are doing so well at St Marys, keep up the good work
reply  David wrote
at 07:26PM, Mon 12 January
Great games on ESPN, especially the 3 to win the game! Keep flying the aussie flag over there with your aussie team mates!
reply  Anthony Vlahov wrote
at 06:04PM, Mon 12 January
Hi Patty
Congrats on all your success at St.Mary's. Good work and keep it up. I just wanted to know after your this season at St.Mary's, will you enter yourself in the NBA draft?
reply  Bobi wrote
at 07:58AM, Fri 19 December
what do you think who is the best basketball team in the NBA? please vote on my homoage.
reply  Daniel Turner wrote
at 06:42PM, Wed 17 December
Hey Patty! i hope you are in australian squad for 2012 olympics because your the best

reply  Jordan Couch wrote
at 10:57PM, Tue 16 December
hey, good luck with all your basketball games.

i hope to soon be recruited into nbl, hahaha, sounds pretty funny, but i want to persue basketball as a career. well, that it from me, hope to here from you soon, Jordan
reply  Bobi wrote
at 08:38AM, Sun 7 December
Hi Patty!
Have you got an MSN adress? If you have got, send it to me, please.
reply  Bones wrote
at 10:44AM, Fri 5 December
Hey Patty, I watched you in the Anaheim tounament. You were awesome! You blew the other guards off the court with your awesome speed! Look foward to seeing more of your NCAA games this year. Good luck!
reply  TAI JENNISON wrote
at 08:20PM, Thu 4 December
Do you know Kobe Bryant
reply  Ewan Tracey wrote
at 06:30PM, Thu 4 December
Hey Pat. I am a huge fan ever since you played fo the AIS. You are amazing! Keep up the good work!!! Come back to Canberra!!!!
reply  PETER wrote
at 01:19PM, Tue 2 December
Hey it looks like you got a good level, keep it up, hope you get to the NBA, good luck.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:30AM, Thu 27 November
Hey Pat, great game for St Marys last week. You played a ripper, well done.
reply  Winmar wrote
at 04:31PM, Wed 26 November
Hi Patty

Were are you playing at the moment ??? have you been wining lately ??? hope you have !!!!! your my favorite player in the NBL
reply  Marita Carman wrote
at 12:03PM, Sun 23 November
Hi Patty,
I am 9 and I am in love with Basketball. My Sunday is full of Basketball. Playing, watching and coaching. I play for a team called The Saint Pauls Wildcats in Melbourne. What is it like being a superstar? Do people always know who you are? Has anyone ever done something extremely weird or disgusting when meeting you? I am starstruck just writing you a comment.
reply  Marita Carman wrote
at 12:03PM, Sun 23 November
Hi Patty,
I am 9 and I am in love with Basketball. My Sunday is full of Basketball. Playing, watching and coaching. I play for a team called The Saint Pauls Wildcats in Melbourne. What is it like being a superstar? Do people always know who you are? Has anyone ever done something extremely weird or disgusting when meeting you? I am starstruck just writing you a comment.
reply  Marita Carman wrote
at 12:03PM, Sun 23 November
Hi Patty,
I am 9 and I am in love with Basketball. My Sunday is full of Basketball. Playing, watching and coaching. I play for a team called The Saint Pauls Wildcats in Melbourne. What is it like being a superstar? Do people always know who you are? Has anyone ever done something extremely weird or disgusting when meeting you? I am starstruck just writing you a comment.
reply  AtKiNsOn wrote
at 07:25PM, Mon 17 November
hey man some comentator during the olympics sed something about Kobe Bryant giving u some advice or words of encouragement... What was that like and What did he say???
reply  k a T i e D u n c a n #12 wrote
at 04:48PM, Mon 17 November
Hi, thank you for your reply . ! Cool i hope i am playing at kilsyth this week ! if i see them i will say hi !
How is the USA? Let me no when you come to Kilsyth ! ahahaha
Bye. katie p.s your nice !
reply  k a T i e D u n c a n #12 wrote
at 08:31PM, Sun 16 November
Hey. i watched you on t.v and you r a gun mate :)
Please comment me and have fun on the Usa. laterrr.
reply  matt rimmer wrote
at 07:57PM, Mon 10 November
hey bro, all the best for this season, oh by the way carlin hughes was my old coach when he lived back in rockingham. neways plz add me. laters
reply  Titi wrote
at 03:28AM, Mon 10 November
Hey Pat, thanks for adding me man. Wish you a great year in the States!
reply  fred dag wrote
at 06:29PM, Thu 6 November
how are you
reply  Naldinho wrote
at 01:53AM, Thu 6 November
Hi, how are you?

I am fine and I wold like wish to good luck on this basket season.

reply  Pricey! wrote
at 02:38PM, Tue 28 October
HELL YEAH MAN!! UR GUN!!!! GO ALL THE WAY BRO. and GO THE MIGHTY BRONCOS (well next year anyways)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love wearin my broncs jersey too! its gun!!!

cya man
reply  Gangers wrote
at 01:25PM, Sat 25 October
Hey Patty
Saw you on tv at Beijing and you are a gun! keep up the good work. few more confident players like you in the team and the Boomers can go all the way.
reply  Dan wrote
at 09:23PM, Wed 8 October
Hey Patty, just wanna say congrats in Beijing mate you played well. Good luck with St Mary's hope you play well next season. All the best mate.
reply  Bobi wrote
at 07:05AM, Wed 1 October
Thank you your answer
reply  hafiz wrote
at 07:35PM, Mon 29 September
am a basketball coach in south kurofan state kadugli town Sudan i hope i know you well , to get more expearance from you.
reply  Matt Allen wrote
at 12:33PM, Mon 29 September
hey patty i was wondering if you could answer a few questions for an assinment im doing at school, ifyou could would you possibly email me at mattv2_tothemax@hotmail.com
reply  kyle walford wrote
at 12:01PM, Mon 29 September
Hey Patty
I found out on friday afternoon that i made the NSW state team.I was playing basketball at school on tuesday and tried a dunk they have a metal net and my finger got torn and had to go to hospital i ended up getting a few stitches hope to get back into training as soon as i get them out.
reply  Bobi wrote
at 05:14AM, Mon 29 September
How are you? What do you do in your free time?
reply  kyle walford wrote
at 07:49PM, Mon 22 September
hey patty
how you going you played good for the boomers in the olympics.I tryed out for nsw on the weekend I think I got in if i don't it's probably because i didn't use my left hand and because i didn't drive to the basket those two things i have trouble doing on the court.and I'v talking to tim mallon about the deadly program I just wanted to know if you knew anything about it.
reply  Noela Hanks wrote
at 03:09PM, Thu 18 September
Fantastic job done in Beijing. Everybody in the basketball commnity is very proud of you and your team.
reply  Pen wrote
at 05:26PM, Sat 6 September
Hey Patty

You were awesome against the USA in the Olympics.

Keep up the good work :)
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 12:59AM, Fri 5 September
man, you have 21,000 people connected to you through myFIBA! amazing. but only a fraction of the people that saw you carve up CP3! haha, go get em, the NBA awaits for sure
reply  CB1 wrote
at 11:12PM, Thu 4 September
Hi Patty,

I saw just part of a video clip of one of your games! Against USA redeem team.
Fear less and darn you can play, basketball!

We don’t get much of Ausie games or info this part of the world. But, someday, maybe I’ll get to see you play – in real life.

Wishing you all the best. And keeping doing what you enjoy and do best!

CB - Aruba
reply  Anthony Vlahov wrote
at 06:27PM, Thu 4 September
hey patty. i just wanted to say that you played very good for the boomers in beijing. take care
reply  Debra Miller wrote
at 11:54AM, Thu 4 September
Hi Cuz, great to hear that you had an awesome time in Beijing. We watched your games and were very proud of you. Hope to catch up again soon. Love your family from Ceduna, South Australia.
reply  Bobi wrote
at 02:30AM, Wed 3 September
Hello Patty
My cousin lives in Sidney so I really love Aussies.
reply  Jacko wrote
at 07:16PM, Tue 2 September
Hi Im a big fan of yours and I really like it how you play basketball
reply  Azza Monish wrote
at 04:03PM, Tue 2 September
hey p0atty just wondering if u got to choose a NBA team that u would play for who would it be and why?
reply  Winmar wrote
at 06:07PM, Mon 1 September
Hi Patty

You are right its not very fair on 1 of your brothers but Port were in alot better form than Melbourne (wooden spoon team)
reply  Winmar wrote
at 04:52PM, Mon 1 September
Hi Patty you 1are of my favourite player also do you surport an AFL team?
reply  Bobi wrote
at 09:28PM, Wed 27 August
Hello Patty
Where do you play basketball? Please write to me.
reply  Golden Goblet!! wrote
at 09:03PM, Wed 27 August
Hey patty love your work against the US at the olympics u palyed really well.
reply  danny swift wrote
at 06:34AM, Tue 26 August
ite lad ur a good point guard
reply  Staff wrote
at 02:56PM, Sat 23 August
Hey Patty
Great performance through the Olympics i watched u play and i thought u handled Jason Kidd really well. Well done one getting that far. Congrats
reply  Bobi wrote
at 07:13AM, Sat 23 August
You are a very good point guard. you are the best
reply  Cammy wrote
at 10:43PM, Wed 20 August
Watching ur game right now good game considering USA Team!
reply  DeeDub wrote
at 08:38PM, Tue 19 August
Go Patty! Big fan of you and the boomers! Try and stick to the Yanks :)
reply  Nicko wrote
at 08:06PM, Tue 19 August
Hey patty Good luck Against USa. Give em heaps!
reply  Shane Sugg wrote
at 04:21PM, Mon 18 August
Awesome job in this tournament mate - you're an inspiration. Give all the guys a slap on the back for me, and go & let it all hang out vs the US. Play hard, play aggressive - I BELIEVE!!!!
reply  Lina Toavila wrote
at 11:31PM, Sat 16 August
Hey, u r da deadliest bball player i seen! N a deadly role model 4 us all 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  Anth wrote
at 01:27PM, Sat 16 August
Hey Mills you are a gun you blitz them when you vs the dream team you should take james
reply  Anth wrote
at 01:27PM, Sat 16 August
Hey Mills you are a gun you blitz them when you vs the dream team you should take james
reply  Anth wrote
at 01:27PM, Sat 16 August
Hey Mills you are a gun you blitz them when you vs the dream team you should take james
reply  chip wrote
at 07:42PM, Fri 15 August
u r well sexy
reply  Chris Wallis wrote
at 12:35AM, Fri 15 August
Patty awesome effort matey!! Cant wait to watch you progress in your career...
reply  DeeDub wrote
at 01:09PM, Thu 14 August
Superb effort at the Diamobnd ball and Olympics Patty - Very pround to be an aussie - good on you and the lads!
reply  Coach Wells wrote
at 11:47PM, Wed 13 August
reply  Dominator wrote
at 03:52AM, Wed 13 August
Great Game! Hope you get into the next round!
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 09:55AM, Tue 12 August
patty - we need a big one from you this afternoon against argentina! best of luck
reply  Jose Neto wrote
at 12:40PM, Mon 11 August
Hi Mills.
I am a coach of Brazilian National team U19 in Serbia and assistan coach the senior team. good Luck for you.
my msn is netobasket@hotmail.com
see you!!!
reply  Hayden Forssman wrote
at 07:19PM, Sun 10 August
Good Luck At The Olympics And Also At St. Mary's
reply  Jess wrote
at 08:40AM, Fri 8 August
hey...great game tues nite...almost won and was really good...good luck for the rest of the games...u cana beat USA!!!
reply  Nico wrote
at 09:07PM, Wed 6 August
Great game last night patty.
Hope u and the rest of the guys give'm HELL.
Go the Boomers.
reply  Damo wrote
at 04:04PM, Wed 6 August
Hey Patty - great game last night. Good luck in Beijing!
reply  NickStar Jackson wrote
at 03:47PM, Wed 6 August
wow grear jopb patty
u certainly got the dream team worried
aussie aussie aussie
reply  NickStar Jackson wrote
at 03:47PM, Wed 6 August
Write Patty Mills a message
reply  Matt Allen wrote
at 01:22PM, Wed 6 August
Wow you torched the U.S last night even CP3 and D Will couldn't keep up with ya.
you just blew past everyone great showing
good luck at Beijing
reply  jarrad hurley wrote
at 04:10PM, Tue 5 August
congrats on making the olympic team. hope u give the US a good shake tonight
reply  Shane Rodgers wrote
at 07:01PM, Sat 2 August
Hey Pat
Good Luck for the Olympics Mate have fun and play hard and I think you already have impressed many scouts. I would love to see you in the NBA
reply  Pen wrote
at 08:10PM, Sun 20 July
Hey Pat
Good Luck for the Olympics have fun and enjoy it
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:41AM, Thu 17 July
Good luck Pat. I have no doubt you'll impress a few scouts keeping an eye on the games.
reply  BAFF wrote
at 09:40AM, Mon 30 June
Good luck overseas for the Boomers.... we saw the NZ game at Melbourne...Boomers defense looking very strong.
reply  NOFP-Philippines wrote
at 12:39PM, Fri 27 June
hi patrick....thanks for the add...goodluck!
maria teresa
reply  kyle walford wrote
at 08:31PM, Thu 26 June
hey patty its kyle do you have any basketball tips for me
and i just wanted to know if you new tim mallon
reply  kyle walford wrote
at 08:28AM, Thu 26 June
thanks for getting back to me patt and good luck in the olympics
reply  BAFF wrote
at 08:29PM, Wed 18 June
Watching game from Adelaide live on Foxtel ! Great 1st Qtr for you Patty ... I'll be at game Friday in Melbourne.... looking forward seeing Boomers live
reply  hocka wrote
at 06:52PM, Sun 15 June
hey patty remember to do a slam dunk for me
reply  CB1 wrote
at 10:14PM, Fri 13 June
Good Luck !!!

All eyes on you !! I'll be talking about you in one or our YMCA "more than just Sport session".

Stay smart and be a good role model!

CB - Aruba

Cheers !

reply  Kirbz wrote
at 04:45PM, Thu 5 June

when r u gonna make urself available for the draft?
reply  AtKiNsOn wrote
at 04:52PM, Wed 4 June
Hey bro...
Just been watching some of ur games on youtube and ill have to say man!! if u keep this up, u could seriously make it all the way to the NBA bro!!! and if u do I'll be ur biggest fan! haha... train hard mate!
reply  CATH wrote
at 08:15PM, Mon 19 May
Hello patty i saw you play ovcer in Ballerat last year for the Ais i was playing for south australia in the ivor Burge team you are a very good basketballer
reply  Hoody wrote
at 02:01PM, Sat 17 May
Hey that record at St Mary's is impressive. Not enough mention of where you learnt your trade in the collegehoops article but that's not unusual. Well done mate
reply  Clarky wrote
at 01:41PM, Fri 16 May
Good to hear from you again Pat! Looking forward to seeing you in action with the Boomers this year! Can't wait for the Olympic Games to start
reply  sammy wrote
at 09:10PM, Thu 15 May
hey patty=] watz up good luck with the boomers seya
reply  Karah wrote
at 10:14AM, Mon 12 May
hey pat! wats good? just saw that you accepted me so thought i would drop you a line and say hi! hows things goin in the states? anyways, have a great day aye! peace.. karah x
reply  »јояdаи wrote
at 08:29PM, Fri 9 May
G'Day Pattty!
Saw you at school the other day, don't know if you saw uss but we were the kids that were playing basketball next to you when you were being interviewed =]

reply  GEORGIE! wrote
at 05:47PM, Fri 18 April
Hey Patty =] good luck with getting into the boomers, hope u guys go well at the Olympics. catch ya later.
reply  Ali wrote
at 03:27PM, Fri 18 April
Yo Patty - whaddup? Ya gotta luv that yanky lingo dontcha!
reply  Nicko wrote
at 01:42PM, Wed 9 April
hey pat u dont no me but some friends of mine no u so just calling in to say ur a bloody mad player and keep the good work up
reply  Jay wrote
at 09:18PM, Sat 5 April
Looking Forward to it starting????? Thans, Jay
reply  »јояdаи wrote
at 03:50PM, Thu 3 April
That's good to hear. We just had another Senior team vs. Teachers game today, Senior team won it, i guess the teachers needed you to get them over the line, lol

Cyaz Budd
reply  »јояdаи wrote
at 07:40PM, Wed 2 April
Pat, How's it going, Hope America's good

L8a duude
reply  Jay wrote
at 09:51AM, Tue 1 April
hey Patty,
Whats up?:)
Hows the basketball going?
reply  Anthony Vlahov wrote
at 10:17PM, Tue 18 March
ok patty, good luck at the olympics!
reply  Anthony Vlahov wrote
at 09:06AM, Sat 15 March
hey patty, you going to try-out for the nba one day?
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 09:11PM, Tue 4 March
hey, got the links to the stats - and caught you on ESPN a few times lately. we are cheering you on from australia mate, keep it up & good luck
reply  AtKiNsOn wrote
at 03:41PM, Sun 10 February
Sup man??? Hey your like a hereo bak in aus now... how does that feel???
reply  Spook wrote
at 03:52PM, Fri 8 February
Great job the other night Patty. Keep up the great work rate
reply  Bear wrote
at 02:48PM, Thu 7 February
Hey Patty, just watched a telecast of the Gonzala (or somethin') game screened here on ESPN, very close game and a very good win. Keep it going mate, you are a star and obviously a very important player in the St Mary's line up! Wishing you all the best, from sunny Corio Bay in Geelong!!
reply  Pigott wrote
at 10:24PM, Wed 23 January
heya patty

thnx for the add,ill neva forget 2 years ago when i was AIS with school,i saw u and i was like wow man pattys the man,and me mates didnt ava clue who u were,but sooner rather then later theyll no
reply  Marcus!! wrote
at 09:13PM, Sun 20 January
Heyy Pat
hows it all goin over at college??
my name is marcus and u r my favourite player!
how have u been??
Please reply it would make me real happy
reply  Damo wrote
at 09:26PM, Thu 6 December
Congrats on backing up your weekly award in November with the Freshman Player of the Month award in the WCC. Sensational mate!
reply  Damo wrote
at 08:13AM, Thu 6 December
Patty, great to see you and your team doing so well.Keep up the great work!
reply  David wrote
at 07:44AM, Wed 5 December
Patty, great to see you on My Sport! Look forward to reading your sports log and keeping up-to-date with yor career. All the best!