also find us at: ...


reply  Vaughn Meynell wrote
at 05:25PM, Tue 22 April
The result for the first round U16 West Newcastle v Morpeth is incorrect. Morpeth were leading 20 nil at half time. When the boys came out the second half the game was called off.
reply  Brad Hames wrote
at 11:16AM, Wed 2 April
I am having trouble adding fixtures and ladders onto to my mysport home page. I find the league, then the division and then the team. I select add the ladder & then click "Add Options" & it takes me to the SP Passport page.
It does not not add the fixtures & ladder to mysport page.
reply  BobbyandTepaea Pera Kairae wrote
at 11:27AM, Wed 27 March
How come when I try and add teams from sporting pulse Auckland Rugby League page to my sporting pulse passport page it doesn't show up as being linked on my sport page??
reply  Pricey wrote
at 01:33PM, Tue 24 April
How do you edit the iPhone app?
ie - removing last years results/fixtures
reply  Josue Munro wrote
at 04:40PM, Sat 11 June
who can predict draw result for me
reply  Bola Nejo wrote
at 10:59PM, Wed 8 June
who can predict draw result for me.
reply  Xavier Stanley wrote
at 07:19PM, Wed 11 May
My dad told me about sportingpulse, so to check results and fixtures i've all ways been going on sportingpulse. Cheers. Xavier
reply  Richard Maloney wrote
at 11:41AM, Wed 15 December
hey sports fans - if your after free audio tips on how to become a GREAT LEADER at your local sports club check out
reply  Richard Maloney wrote
at 11:40AM, Wed 15 December
hey sports fans - if your after free audio tips on how to become a GREAT LEADER at your local sports club check out
reply  Richard Maloney wrote
at 10:51AM, Wed 15 December
hey sports fans - if your after free audio tips on how to become a GREAT LEADER at your local sports club check out
reply  Lisa Davis wrote
at 04:31PM, Fri 15 October
Hi, Horrid windy Friday. We are off to play touch tonight.
reply  Tassy Devil wrote
at 08:01AM, Fri 10 September

reply  Kit Kat wrote
at 05:11PM, Fri 3 September
reply  MASTER C RED wrote
at 08:50AM, Wed 11 August
Hello Everybody How Is Everbody Today
reply  Nathan Wilson wrote
at 06:10PM, Wed 4 August
reply  Jo Matherson wrote
at 09:25AM, Fri 16 July
How do I get the site to email me match reminders?
reply  jake wrote
at 09:18PM, Sat 19 June
football rocks and
reply  deema wrote
at 03:58PM, Wed 19 May
new on my sport and want to excel in hockey coaching,
serve hockey and uplift PAKISTAN HOCKEY IS AIM.
reply  hutchy wrote
at 05:48PM, Mon 3 May
carn brighton robins
reply  hutchy wrote
at 05:48PM, Mon 3 May
carn brighton robins
reply  hutchy wrote
at 05:47PM, Mon 3 May
carn brighton robins
reply  The Long Walk wrote
at 11:29PM, Tue 27 April
The Long Walk is coming up on 22 May, 2010
reply  david petrovich wrote
at 08:57AM, Sat 24 April
go brothers under 11;s cairns you guys rock
reply  Tapogi Epati wrote
at 12:09AM, Sat 24 April
have just finalised the splitting of our 25 man squad for waitemata u9/10 restricted team, hard decision to make, and hoping to not offend any parents. Only did, in my opinion, what was best for both teams. Good luck to them through out the season.
reply  mataiasi nabitu wrote
at 07:15AM, Wed 21 April
training the team to for the sevens tournament. every body is redy to go...
reply  Fezz wrote
at 03:11PM, Mon 12 April
Just updated Bowls Tournament on the Finley RSC site.
Check it out its worth $6,080-00
reply  Shirleen Petty wrote
at 07:23PM, Sat 10 April
First game for the year tomorrow, my boys play for Mooroolbark Cody u10's play Montrose Red and Wade u12's play North Ringwood Black.....Good Luck Boys!!!
reply  Nathan after hard game at seville wrote
at 08:05PM, Thu 8 April
Hey,my sons Nathan and Justin play for the Emerald Junior Football Club.Nathans under 16. Justins under 14. Round 1 this week. Healsville verses Emerald. Go Bombers....
reply  carol tooby wrote
at 09:16PM, Wed 10 March
Hi people Im looking for a picture of the U15s victorian hockey from either 95 or 96 would really appreciate it if anyone has a pic a friend here was in that team and we would love to get a picture of him his name is marty kemp cheers toobs
reply  serban nicolae wrote
at 03:37AM, Sat 6 March
reply   wrote
at 08:22PM, Fri 5 March
reply  Timcy wrote
at 11:08AM, Thu 4 March
Hello there!!!!
reply  Marcus Watt wrote
at 05:43PM, Wed 3 March
reply  Coyote wrote
at 11:29AM, Sun 28 February
hi all there is a web site on my page, for the Good Friday Appeal check it out, and if possible could you forward the site to your freinds and family. It is for a great course. THANX!
reply  Loren J wrote
at 06:54AM, Mon 1 February
reply  Team Australia Lacrosse - wrote
at 09:29AM, Sun 24 January
can I get the PayMySport online system to work on the Team Australia Lacrosse "Sharks" my sport - sports log ?
We need to fundraise and sell merchandise, need your help guys !
reply  Brett Wright wrote
at 09:54AM, Mon 11 January
Hey Guy's... my 80 year old Grandfather has joined up to Mysport... & he loves it, but when he was filling out his profile, he clicked in Football ( Soccer ) & there was no team option for the A-League side Gold Coast United. Just wondering if this will be corrected ???
reply  will wrote
at 04:42PM, Sat 9 January
yours is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  Ellah wrote
at 11:57AM, Thu 7 January
BULA....!! n Happy New Year, MySport; Thank you for letting me be a member of this site. I was 9yrs old when I first started playing volleyball, its the only sport I know n its my best sport at present.
reply  tilly wrote
at 07:03PM, Tue 15 December
hi mysport ppl
reply  tilly wrote
at 07:03PM, Tue 15 December
hi mysport ppl
reply  The Ballboy wrote
at 11:11PM, Thu 3 December
Ha Guys

Can you fix the How does it work link up on the new PayMySport
reply  will wrote
at 01:13PM, Sun 22 November
you could just add more of the Raiders

by will's bros
reply  will wrote
at 01:13PM, Sun 22 November
you could just add more of the Raiders

by will's bros
reply  Joshia wrote
at 02:03PM, Fri 13 November
I am Iotia Paul of 20+ yrs of ages and I was a basketball mvp player, since in the 1990's and played a point guard position. I played for the past 20 yrs and now become the National Basketball Development Officer for the Kiribati Basketball Federation and this job offers and funded by the FIBA Oceania.
reply  Anita Hayward wrote
at 03:42PM, Wed 11 November
Write The mySport Team a message
reply  will wrote
at 07:10AM, Sat 7 November
yours is 10000 times better. i love your home page
reply  will wrote
at 06:01PM, Fri 6 November
do u like my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  will wrote
at 04:50PM, Mon 26 October
josh morrison sweared at me but i deleted it
reply  Anita Hayward wrote
at 11:09PM, Thu 22 October
It's a lot of things, schools who's coaching hockey these days? not as many schools in our area as in previous years, since soccer took to the high road. Publicity is a big factor, plus the structure of National, State leagues when and how it's played at Elite levels, doesn't allow for Elite players to stay in it for a lot of years. I have a daughter who played in State teams up until last year she is only 22 now they have U18 U21 players making teams and development squads ahead of her because players in the Open state team are still in the team and their her age. We have no State or Zone comp that goes through the season for Elite players. As does leaque, netball, soccer, ruby union. She has to come back to play Div1 that's it. She isn't even on the development list. NOT a lot of insentive to even stay in it but she will. She loves hockey. She could have played a number of sports and maybe gone somewhere higher. There is no money in it. Elite players are going overseas to play
reply  jamiee williams wrote
at 09:51PM, Thu 22 October
they only beat us 8 -4 so they still had to run for their money!!!! we did not have a full team so i hope that we kick their buts next time but who knows with touch footy who ever comes with their game on wins!!! what you think bout A grade finalist going into a team that is now in social ladies!!! is that legal!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  jamiee williams wrote
at 05:49PM, Thu 22 October
Finds it funny that "A" grade Finalist from last season can now be playing in social ladies comp!!! who is it more embarrassing for them or us??????????/
reply  will wrote
at 02:49PM, Sun 18 October
are u aloud to swear
reply  TAI JENNISON wrote
at 09:21AM, Wed 30 September
i love this website do u know any mx riders
reply  rupeni veiba wrote
at 09:37AM, Wed 16 September
i love this website
reply  Simmo wrote
at 12:08PM, Sun 16 August
how do you name your photo's
reply  Dora the Explorer wrote
at 11:13AM, Tue 14 July
The Dragons are a great team my favourite being Wendell Sailor and Jaime Soward, I love it when Jaime goes to kick a goal and does his little march, of which I cant help but sing the happy little vegemite song and call him the vegemite kid because of it. They should have these guys in origin.
reply  Steve Frenkel wrote
at 10:54AM, Tue 14 July
Saints fans are here mate. What a year we are having. This winning thing is addictive.
reply  vinnie wrote
at 11:47AM, Fri 10 July
send a reply
reply  zac dwyer wrote
at 09:59AM, Wed 8 July
reply  Williiam Tuhaika wrote
at 01:12PM, Tue 7 July
Write The mySport Team a message
reply  jack putt wrote
at 08:36AM, Fri 3 July
would be good to see some of the saints players on the message board
reply  jack putt wrote
at 08:32AM, Fri 3 July
Go Saints on sunday, we are going to beat cats
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 03:43PM, Tue 30 June
Guys ... having problems again. Trying to edit an image on my fiancee's myBowls site (Barbara20). Am logged in as her. Can change body copy under image, but caption simply will not register despite multiple attempts (with every failed attempt also falsely showing as an added image on all her friends' play-by-play lists). What is going on please?
reply  michael sheehy wrote
at 09:48AM, Fri 26 June
Money talks? Brodie Holland allowed to play when players from lesser clubs deregestered for exceeding games suspensions(edfl)
reply  Shayne Saurine wrote
at 01:02AM, Fri 26 June
cool site
reply  Simmo wrote
at 04:05PM, Wed 24 June
are you my friend?
reply  Trudi Hayes wrote
at 01:26PM, Tue 23 June
how do you join big footy?
reply  Woods wrote
at 06:58PM, Sun 21 June
Thanks for the welcome, folks.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 04:31PM, Wed 17 June
C'mon ... while posting my last message I saw you guys had only 182,838 friends. Geez ... change your brand of deodorant, puleez!!!
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 04:27PM, Wed 17 June
Thanks for fixing the Page Banner to prevent the "Change Image" message from blotting out the 4th line of the intro statement. Sometimes it takes you guys a while to get around to things ... but most times you get it right eventually. (Marvelous how a screen capture can help eh). Keep up the great work.
reply  wally watkins wrote
at 08:13AM, Tue 16 June
any old jacana players out there? wally watkins
reply  Coach wrote
at 08:55PM, Tue 2 June
can anybody tell me if I can put movies and slide show that are in my computer. I don't want to put it on u tube and then link it from there. I want to do it straight from my files.
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 11:05AM, Tue 26 May
The silence is deafening on the 'advertising'!!
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 11:22AM, Thu 21 May
hi guys,
what are the rules on having advertising banners on my home page...BETFAIR are wanting to help me support JUNIOR FOOTY in our league and would like an advertising banner on my home page in return...can you please advise.....i have the 'codes' etc....morgs
reply  JY wrote
at 11:11AM, Tue 19 May
Write The mySport Team a message
reply  Johnny wrote
at 07:23PM, Mon 18 May
Hi guys, just wondering what you thought about auckland league on the weekend.

Who was your favourite, and team of the weekend.

Cheers, great site
reply  elisha, leash wrote
at 09:40AM, Sat 16 May
this is an awesome web site come have a look at my web site i've only been on here for 2 days and how do you get a back ground
reply  Stephen Willing wrote
at 11:17PM, Thu 14 May
When I go direct ot my home page it seems to be still on my original setup screen. If I go there through one of the email links it is as I had set it up. How can I get to go to this page directly?
reply  Billygoat wrote
at 11:29AM, Thu 14 May
booyeah go the roosters
reply  Laurene Murphy wrote
at 12:09PM, Wed 13 May
Hope the football GOD is looking upon the titans on Friday night.
reply  hayley ford wrote
at 12:02PM, Wed 13 May
reply  Rab Smith wrote
at 10:46AM, Wed 13 May
Hello, still getting this Aussie KRAP, I've asked you to unsubscribe twice. Your advice is as good as your website - RUBBISH. If and I say IF any Spurting Pils staff read this Message Board - let me escape. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME . Rab Smith New Zealand.
reply  Don Yates wrote
at 05:21PM, Mon 11 May
You are clever in there, you even know I follow the Box Hill Hawks......more good reasons to use your site. At this stage I would'nt like to be too presumptuous on what you are presenting, but something may come up as I get used to the site and I will mention any thoughts, but at this stage I am just grateful to find out information that was'nt available from the AFL site.
Ben Muston in particular, he has'nt been mentioned hardly over the 2 yrs he has been injured, but I now know he's back playing with Box Hill after a match in the reserves.....and doing well, so there are plenty of reasons to visit your site. Thanks once again. Don
reply  Mitch Gray wrote
at 07:04PM, Sat 9 May
This is the best ever
reply  Don Yates wrote
at 11:45AM, Sat 9 May
This is the greatest site and leaves the AFL way behind in presentation and news. Knowing how the affiliate team performs is just so important in keeping a check on the progress of recruits....but rarely gets a mention on the AFL club site. keep up the good work. Don
reply  Stephen Willing wrote
at 08:05AM, Sat 9 May
How do I get my main Honepage to show these updates in the emails? If I sign in I still see the basic setup page and no new info.
reply  Rab Smith wrote
at 08:01AM, Sat 9 May
Hey - stop sending this Ausie crap to me - R Smith NZ
please UN subscribe Spurting Pils
reply  Robert Murphy wrote
at 07:56PM, Fri 8 May
reply  maddy:P wrote
at 01:46PM, Fri 8 May


reply  ? ? wrote
at 09:20PM, Wed 6 May
warnbro under 16s gold were badly done come out after a melee 3 goals down at half time and beat halls head bye 5.1 goals,shows what footys about ,not you guys going to tribruniel, cost us our for pionts....your tactics cost us both,,,you sore losers....
reply  Laurene Murphy wrote
at 07:28PM, Wed 6 May
Who is looking forward to the test on fri nite,go Aussies
reply  maddy:P wrote
at 01:28PM, Wed 6 May
reply  maddy:P wrote
at 01:27PM, Wed 6 May
reply  Sean Jenkins wrote
at 03:56PM, Tue 5 May
Thanks for your reply...clears things up a bit!
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 02:42PM, Tue 5 May
Thanks for that....I look forward to an update!
All is going well with our league.........very competitive season thus far.
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 03:02PM, Mon 4 May
Hi....just wondering if you have any counting devices to see how much 'traffic' passes through each individual web page.
Cheers Morgs
reply  baillie wrote
at 08:32AM, Mon 4 May
it is really cool
reply  Sean Jenkins wrote
at 07:05PM, Sun 3 May
Hey when are the sunday arvo soccer photos going to be made available?
reply  Bulls wrote
at 10:38AM, Sat 2 May
We won 6-1 the team sucked!!!!!! (in soccer) from Mitchell Logan
reply  Feral wrote
at 09:40AM, Fri 1 May
My daughters premier league soccer team as of last Monday night (winning 5-1, my daughter is the keeper) is currently in first place ! I'm excited, what a great bunch of girls........Amanda - Murwillumbah
reply  MrPineapple wrote
at 03:59PM, Fri 24 April
reply  'Ah,thats my Daughter,playing' wrote
at 07:22AM, Fri 24 April
Hello Team
unable to put a Title and a Caption for single photographs
I upload, please fix this.Thanks...Baz
reply  Mitch wrote
at 11:31AM, Wed 22 April
i hate broncos
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 09:02AM, Tue 21 April
"Did I have a good weekend?" Oh guys ... if only those Bentleigh walls could talk!

Thanks for fixing the captions thing. If you weren't all so ugly I would kiss you too
reply  Corey Torvald wrote
at 09:02PM, Sun 19 April
reply  rachelle calder wrote
at 04:22PM, Sat 18 April
My daughters team played cambo the final score was 28-20 there way but our kids played great especially my daughter.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 09:15AM, Thu 16 April
I have today sent this message to a "friend" on the Lawn Bowls site: "You know the reason I have not replied on the subject of the local clubs. There are things I wish to tell you that I can only say in private, so until Sporting Pulse offers a way of allowing me to do this, the only alternative is for you to FIRST DELETE ME AS FRIEND FROM YOUR SITE ... THEN RE-INVITE ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND. IN THAT INVITATION INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE MESSAGE BOX. You and I are then the only ones to see that. I will accept you again as a friend and send my comments via your email address so you will then also have mine".

Come on Guys ... the option of "friends" approving each others messages before they "go public" cannot be all THAT difficult to implement. Nearly every OTHER 10 year old in Australia could do it!
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 05:14PM, Wed 15 April
Thanks guys ... do appreciate your efforts.
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 01:34PM, Wed 15 April
come one get a better name
reply  Gwappo Rizal wrote
at 05:26PM, Sun 12 April
Warriors lost again :-(
reply  Emmah / M''zz Emz wrote
at 01:01PM, Sat 11 April
Happy easter :P
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 11:00PM, Thu 9 April
Hey ... couldn't be happier. Nice prompt response ... and on Easter Holiday Eve too. Thanks for Easter wish. Coming back at you
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 06:24PM, Thu 9 April
Ranndy Stone has just posted this msg on Patrice Warren's site: "And see ... the mySport team has even got rid of all those double features like double friends and double profile. If we can just get them to turn your page into a "myBowls" page instead of a "mySport" page everything will be great".
And I have to tell you mySport team, with all the problems I am still having on my site, I really do feel the 2009 years old my profile insists on displaying. But I am in good company ... I see that's how old YOU are too!
reply  Prue Goonan wrote
at 10:09AM, Thu 9 April
Go the Broncos!!!!!! :)
reply  emzza wrote
at 05:25PM, Wed 8 April
wow u have done a great job on this website
reply  Laurene Murphy wrote
at 05:10PM, Tue 7 April
gutted to hear Shawn Mackay has been taken from us thoughts and prayers for his mum and dad,
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 05:41PM, Mon 6 April
How do I add captions and a small message with my single photos now......Morgs
reply  ian tormey wrote
at 10:01PM, Sat 4 April
Go Morwell Tigers Junior Football Club U10s U12s U14s
reply  SAZZA wrote
at 01:33PM, Sat 4 April
by the way PArramatta is so better than Broncos
reply  SAZZA wrote
at 01:31PM, Sat 4 April
SUP so u r into basketball ha?
reply  Kelstar wrote
at 04:31PM, Fri 3 April
reply  Kelstar wrote
at 04:31PM, Fri 3 April
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 02:53PM, Tue 31 March
I have a friend I have talked into creating a site on myBowls. Now I find that she has two sites ... one for myBowls and one for mySport. But she cannot get onto her myBowls site ... when she tries, it defaults to the mySport site. If you email me I can give you the name but naturally don't want to do that here on this public message board. By the way, there is another lady on whose site I was accepted as a friend ... now when I search I find she has THREE different URL's and the only one I can get onto does NOT have me listed as her friend. I do not understand what is going on.
reply  Sean Jenkins wrote
at 03:39PM, Mon 30 March
Hey when are the social sports ladders being updated? I'm referring specifically to men's 7 a side soccer on Sundays
reply  Gutho wrote
at 11:14AM, Sat 28 March
After being beaten by Carlton Richmond will be lucky to finish 15th this season. There are still 16 teams in the competition right? Therefore my prediction is for Richmond to finish 16th or LAST. Sorry Terry Wallace and all of the Richmond supporters..
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 05:47PM, Wed 25 March
yes the captions for the pics are gone and been repled by the title
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 12:32PM, Wed 25 March
What has happened to some of my transcipt on my uploaded photos are showing but written info with each has disappeared bar the heading/title.......thanks morgs
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 10:31AM, Wed 25 March
There ... you see ... you have come up with the answer! Good work McDuff. And thanks for the tip on Preston Bowling Club closing down. Will run with that too
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 07:19AM, Wed 25 March
Hi mySport Team. I have just posted this message on Ric Shinnick's myBowls page in response to the latest Sports Log he has written:
"Congratulations Ric. Great effort. There are some thoughts I would like to pass on in private but sadly MyBowls doesn't offer any way of doing that without one of us making our email address or phone number public, and we shouldn't have to do that".
reply  Sambo wrote
at 07:48PM, Sat 21 March
The blues, the blues are on fire
reply  earle hawkins wrote
at 10:13AM, Sat 21 March
we're the eagles the west coast eagles and we're here to show why we're the big birds, kings of the big game we,re the eagles we're flying high
reply  Akeem Onibonokuta wrote
at 09:32PM, Thu 19 March
the grateful site, I will be very grateful if u can give me information about the weekend english and scottish football league (premiership, championship and divisions). Thanks.
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 09:55PM, Wed 18 March
Why doesnt a new page come up now, when i click on a link i set up on my home page? Until today a seperate page would display the site i set a link for......thanks Peter
reply  mm wrote
at 08:20PM, Wed 18 March
go carlton
reply  Mininera with Morgs wrote
at 12:52PM, Wed 18 March
Thanks mySport Team.........thanks for the tips and yes I would love my site in the Grassroots newsletter....Cheers Morgs.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 11:41AM, Sun 15 March
To the mySport Team ... I have just sent the following message to BENana (Ben Simmons). Ben is a member of Marysville Bowling Club, totally destroyed in the fires. My club have raised $1,000 to assist them. Because the mySport Team have no provision for Ben and I to communicate privately on the myBowls site, I was forced to make public to the world my phone number for him to contact me. I must do the same if I want someone to have my email address. I think your policy is stupid but it IS your site and I am only a guest so I have no alternative but to abide by your rules.
QUOTE "Got your message Ben and will wait on the call. Please write down my phone number and let me know when you have done that as I want to delete my phone number from the message below. Unfortunately the myBowls team don't have any provision for private conversations between "friends" so I was forced to make my phone number public to the world just to get it to you".UNQUOTE
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 10:44AM, Sat 14 March
The mySport Team said this in reply to a message from gk: "Are you suggesting a private chat area?
Currently if your myBowls website is set to public then your MessageBoard is also public. You can make your myBowls website only visible to your friends. A private chat area could be a good idea... "
I have been suggesting this option to the Team for some time. You, the mySport Team do not offer me the option of reading comments posted to my site message board BEFORE they actually appear. If someone sends a message to me which contains defamatory comments, and I don't check my site daily, those comments just remain there until I do ... a very dangerous situation. I don't want my site to be "friends only" ... I want the world to see my site ... but I cannot risk people making comments that may be libelous.
reply  gk wrote
at 08:31PM, Wed 11 March
hi my sport team i am only trying to get the message to gorden that you cannot just have social bowlers people catch the bug and improve to championship level if serious bowls is not avaible at kew he will lose his members to somesomesomewere else a shame considering the work he has put in on teacher players
reply  darrell maxfield wrote
at 03:08PM, Mon 9 March
hey team well done"excellent"
reply  gk wrote
at 05:51PM, Sun 8 March
hi my sport team gorden has sent me off because i was to personal he said he was instructed to do this by you chaps or girls the world has lost its way to political correctness to curb someones opinion about this great game will only condem your site to triva the site needs to be revamped to allow private conversations thus removing the threat of defamation regards gk
reply  Karina wrote
at 05:16PM, Tue 3 March
Hey i think this sight is awesome
reply  sean donnelly wrote
at 11:30AM, Wed 25 February
How do I win a Toyota on this site?
reply  Ray Crittenden wrote
at 05:54PM, Sun 22 February
reply  jessica vidler wrote
at 09:08PM, Sat 21 February
reply  Tristan wrote
at 12:28PM, Thu 19 February
reply  Emz wrote
at 05:02PM, Mon 16 February
Last year I discovered My Sport. What a world of opportunities have come up. I have shared this round with all my friends and I think it is a great site that helpful and informative. THANKS
replyStanto wrote
at 05:54PM, Thu 22 January
Hi guys! After I reply to a message, is there a way to remove it from my board automatically? Cheers, Jase
reply  jessi finch wrote
at 07:12AM, Wed 21 January
roni, Its an aussie thing, but we would rather say gdayy
reply  Eddie wrote
at 08:47AM, Sat 17 January
hey ... this is a great idea ... i wish i'd found it earlier!!!!
reply  Veronica :) wrote
at 11:32AM, Wed 14 January
hey i am from the u.s and i was wondering if u guyz say "hello mate!"
reply  P. J wrote
at 12:48PM, Sun 4 January
Happy New Year mysport crew...... Just checking to see if any modules have a mixed/mens tournament before the modules start back into there local comps'
reply  Aussie TEK wrote
at 02:33AM, Thu 25 December
Merry Christmas ... SportingPulse .... Your site is amazing as well as your country .... Opal Gold and Matilda Gold 2012
reply  Iani wrote
at 09:04PM, Thu 11 December
this site is one of a kind i like it, right from the stuff
reply  Phantom wrote
at 10:50AM, Wed 10 December
Where are all the young lawn bowlers out there it a great game
reply  FEWY wrote
at 10:31AM, Wed 10 December
hello back and any chance i can get a copy of a project plan, promo material, financial docs inc- budget outlining expenditure and income , admin paperwork- rego form - correspondence, media release information for a idea on how to develop and implement a recreation program. please FEWY 08
reply  Bailey Ingram wrote
at 09:51AM, Sat 29 November
hay ledder i got mysport 29th of Noveber i love it
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 11:04AM, Wed 26 November
Thanks alot guys. no probs. you should try and get Mark Knowels from the kookaburrus to get on to mysport.
reply  Jody McPhee wrote
at 06:21AM, Fri 21 November
What sports are they playing and how do you get in their team? GOOD LUCK!
reply  Phantom wrote
at 08:03AM, Thu 20 November
Good luck to all our teams
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 01:11PM, Mon 17 November
hey guys. just wondering is there any way that you can change the colour of the writing on my page? because patty mills' is purple. also have you got any more pro hockey players on here?
thanks luke
reply  $$skye$$<3 wrote
at 06:15PM, Sun 16 November
thanx for ur help and support on my poll now u hav helped me make 1 mabye u can vote on it
reply  Rutha Alick wrote
at 10:21AM, Thu 13 November
HI guys! just wanna know what level Vanuatu is in in the world!!

i wont be suprised
reply  3mily wrote
at 06:25PM, Tue 11 November
do u like international rules?if so who do u barrack for...ireland or australia?
reply  $$skye$$<3 wrote
at 04:53PM, Tue 11 November
soz about captilas
reply  $$skye$$<3 wrote
at 04:52PM, Tue 11 November
thank so much
reply  $$skye$$<3 wrote
at 03:54PM, Mon 10 November
wat edit section i need more help
reply  $$skye$$<3 wrote
at 01:26PM, Sun 9 November
how do u make poles plz help me
reply  kaykay wrote
at 08:49AM, Sun 9 November
this is not me its my aunty and uncle when they goot married in the 4th of october they went to kasemoe for their honey moon sweet marriage you two
reply  kaykay wrote
at 08:47AM, Sun 9 November
how do i become friends with people
help me
reply  fitzy wrote
at 01:37PM, Thu 6 November
y dont u have darts in the sport catagorie
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 09:03PM, Sun 2 November
hey guys, i remember when you only had 800 friends like a year ago
reply  Sarge wrote
at 11:51PM, Fri 31 October
How do I unsubscribe? Too much sports for me, I'm afraid. Get me outa here.
reply  jan geddes wrote
at 08:36PM, Sun 26 October
Hi, I don't want to seem dumb. Is there a way to put my other photos below my profile. Can the photos be rearranged like Lee has done?
reply  danny gil wrote
at 11:42AM, Sat 25 October
hi play well
reply  AOCRA NSW wrote
at 03:04PM, Fri 24 October
Hi there would it be possible to have a outrigger canoe racing in the find my sport section please . We have 3000 members in Australia and it would be easier for them to find it if that section was on the top page.. thanks AOCRA NSW
reply  Alex Kachel wrote
at 05:31PM, Mon 20 October
i have a new poll
reply  Graeme Lee wrote
at 06:50PM, Fri 17 October
Ho do I unsubscribe? This is far more information than I need.
reply  duane thompson wrote
at 09:24AM, Fri 17 October
Go the kiwi's
reply  jack griffiths wrote
at 09:03PM, Thu 16 October
oh yer and my rugby league team 1 the grand final
reply  jack griffiths wrote
at 09:02PM, Thu 16 October
thanx mysport that message will really help my team
reply  jack griffiths wrote
at 06:15PM, Wed 15 October
my indoor soccer team is on the top of the ladder and they rule
reply  Alex Kachel wrote
at 06:13PM, Mon 13 October
my touch tem is good we won 10-2 in the first game and 11-2 in the second. cant wait till the next!!
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 07:38AM, Mon 13 October
I will Thanks
reply  will mckinlay wrote
at 04:41PM, Sun 12 October
hey yall
reply  Paris wrote
at 12:09PM, Mon 6 October
To any one that is going to participate in the qualifying of NZ Open in November mens section I am looking for a partner in the pairs and 2 people for the triples.Entries close 15th October leave a message if any one is interested in playing or contact me on cheers Paris
reply  Chamitha Wijesekera wrote
at 05:53PM, Sat 4 October
Hey, any one playing in the Albert Park Touch Rugby mixed grade need an extra player? Keen to play but teamless!
reply  kate o'neill wrote
at 12:49AM, Wed 17 September
well done to the mens paralympic basketball team - beating world champians canada to win GOLD!!!!
reply  Claire Hotan wrote
at 05:09PM, Mon 8 September
's okay, figured it out :)
reply  Claire Hotan wrote
at 04:42PM, Mon 8 September
hi mySport team. How do I add more clubs/teams to myCommunity? I can add more teams & ladders to my page, but that doesn't add them to myCommunity.
reply  Dan wrote
at 02:09PM, Fri 5 September
hi mysport team, Daniel from Netball Queensland testing the messaging.
reply  noel kenny wrote
at 03:43PM, Wed 3 September
Write The mySport Team a message
reply   wrote
at 03:08PM, Wed 3 September
i put my name under the wrong div not checking whether i was looking in the boys or girls divs... does anyone know how to change this?
reply  James O'Beirne wrote
at 09:43AM, Wed 3 September
Hi there! I am NOT impressed by your additional butchering of the sporting pulse web site, nor was I impressed by the 2008 umpiring system.
reply  Greggie wrote
at 12:13AM, Tue 2 September
Have you ever had a 106 point victory in a Second Semi-final? If not read my first post about my team where we beat a 51 year old winning margin
reply  Morrie wrote
at 01:24PM, Sat 30 August
Please show me how to redirect any replies to my par. to my In Box .Thank you.
reply  wilis wrote
at 02:03PM, Fri 29 August
how do u change ur top friends
reply  heidi (nickname) wrote
at 05:09PM, Thu 28 August
please vote in my poll and please tell everyone to vote as well please vote for collingwood
reply  shelbs wrote
at 08:18PM, Tue 26 August
thanks guys i changed my logo
reply  shelbs wrote
at 10:19AM, Tue 26 August
how do you change your l,ogo
replyFootball tragic wrote
at 04:10PM, Sun 24 August
Is it possible to embed a slide show into a sports log?

reply  shelbs wrote
at 04:51PM, Sat 23 August
can ypu write to shelby griner
reply  shelbs wrote
at 04:18PM, Sat 23 August
go the bulldogs
reply  Bob wrote
at 01:55PM, Fri 22 August
All the best Ladies!
Thanks for the invite, Im in Melb. but cant attend other family committments Sunday. Hope the Melbourne mud and slush benefits the complexions after the game too! haha!!!, cheers, Bob

reply  Nicholas Wright wrote
at 07:07PM, Thu 21 August
We Do hane skins for legs Nicko
reply  Nicko wrote
at 08:03PM, Tue 19 August
Hey Great website! i was just wondering if theres any skins for your sport. If so how do you put them on?
reply  heidi (nickname) wrote
at 10:20AM, Fri 15 August
hey please vote in my poll thank you
reply  Edward Jones wrote
at 09:21AM, Fri 15 August
canyou please stop sending me emails thank you ted jones
reply  heidi (nickname) wrote
at 10:17AM, Thu 14 August
thanks so much for your help and hope you all have a nice day thanks-
reply  J A H B L E S S - 1LOVE! wrote
at 01:00PM, Wed 13 August
Go the MANUREWA MARLINS A n B Teams!!!! Go Hard No Fef's............ Dats how we dooze it. Che Che!
reply  Aliki wrote
at 05:20PM, Sun 10 August
Hi mySport Team, as sson as I get my personal Laptop I will need you to help mi out with my proposed website. We will keep in touch.
reply  the man with the electric heels Ewis19 wrote
at 07:23PM, Tue 5 August
hello all, my name's Ahmed Ewis I am a man 26 years old I am looking to know new friends of my sport in all over the world and I need your help also I want to becoming one your friends.
kind regards Ahmed
reply  amanda stumer wrote
at 04:35PM, Tue 5 August
looking for someone i lost....
reply  JY wrote
at 02:25PM, Thu 31 July
just started today love the sport
reply  Aliki wrote
at 04:49PM, Wed 30 July
Hi, I am still learning on how to use this web. As soon as I know, I will start posting items and my artivities.
reply  3mily wrote
at 06:53PM, Tue 29 July
this is kind of weird.....
reply  Ducers Jr wrote
at 09:04PM, Mon 28 July
cool man
reply  edskys wrote
at 08:40PM, Mon 28 July
well sorry guys the best team on the night wasn't the ABs for the second week in a row. At least I'm honest with the other 1000s of other AB supporters, who believe that Robbie Deans was a better prospect than Henry & co. Old coaches with the old approach, nothing new on offer. This is a man trusted with the best rugby team of the world and he himself has never represented at this higher level or let alone feel the metal and physical presser placed upon these athletes of today. Now hes' having to eat humble pie and bring back out of the wilderness Piri Weepu, who many can't believe has been overlooked for so long and yet had a very good super14 an the 2 current halves. He could've gone overseas to make a fortune, rather than hang around and be misused by Henry & co for a second feeding frenzy. Oh well,I won't be there this week,even tho its only around the corner. It will be much safer if we Robbie supporters stay home & watch from the comfort of our lounges. Deans means business.
reply  kathy pisani wrote
at 12:10PM, Mon 28 July
Write The mySport Team a message
reply  Jacob Dash wrote
at 03:11PM, Fri 25 July
Has anybody seen how much wooribinda warriors have been tearin up this year go woori, and Brendans
reply   Ned wrote
at 12:23PM, Fri 25 July
Hey, on your forum, can you format it so that when a topic is commented on, it rises to the top of the list.
reply  Dylan Williams wrote
at 02:44PM, Thu 24 July
Thank you very much for your assistance,, the below would make the site alot more user friendly :-)
reply  Dylan Williams wrote
at 02:52PM, Wed 23 July
I have been working on my sons page and the Sports log,, is causing me a bit of grief,, when I add to this it changes the font of the page,, I have tried redoing and redoing this entry and now I have the same entry when you view all under sports log and I cant delete them,,?? Can you please assist with the font issue and the duplication of news that I want to delete
reply  Passa wrote
at 11:47PM, Tue 22 July
can you help me please.I cant figure out how to use the new my player stats section.
reply  Jenny wrote
at 07:21PM, Tue 22 July
Can you believe Netball Victoria! No room for Knox, Gippsland Storm or MDNA? The South Eastern Corridor have nowhere to send promising players from Lilydale Yarra Valley, through Knox and Mountain District, Berwick and Gippsland. What are they thinking?? Where do I develop my most promising players now????
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 08:30PM, Thu 17 July
Hey guys. The new things are great. Except i have acidentally put the mysport forum one on my page but i dont want it. I can not get rid of it. so could you please delete it for me?
thanks heaps.
p.s. can you guys please vote on my poll.
reply  David wrote
at 05:10PM, Thu 17 July
Use Abobe Premiere Pro for my video editing...still not sure the best way to get them to look good on youtube but great on DVD
reply  spinner wrote
at 03:33PM, Thu 17 July
is there a way to see if your friends are on or signed out?
reply  spinner wrote
at 01:04PM, Thu 17 July
check out my poll
reply  spinner wrote
at 12:53PM, Thu 17 July
How do I create a thing that people can read?
reply  αDяііαиИ #11 wrote
at 08:16PM, Wed 16 July
hey i just recently attended the kevin sheedy afl camp on the first week on holidays.have u herd nifin bout it
reply  Clair Spry wrote
at 10:10AM, Wed 16 July
Hi guys, do you have any email flyer/ info promoting mysport? To distribute to club members.
reply  Dazza wrote
at 11:38AM, Tue 15 July
That would be good if you can get that suggestion done i am sure it will work out ok . another thing why do i not have my reply button on , etc etc etc , ???????? and my add Dazza to friends to reply ,
reply  Dazza wrote
at 01:18PM, Fri 11 July
Hey there my sport team , when we are posting on the forum any chance that the last reply to a post brings that post back up to the top of the forum page again , this would make it better for that particular post to continue rolling a long , what do you think .
reply  Muzza wrote
at 09:02PM, Fri 4 July
Thanks Paolo, all done. I'm still learning this networking stuff(or whatever we call it) Just had a look at part 2-fantastic. Again thanks to you and all the crew for your promotion and support of the Lyndale Football Club over the past month or so. You know you're welcome here any time. Thanks Muzza
reply  STEVE-OH #14 wrote
at 04:03PM, Fri 27 June
Brent harvey, hes my favourite footy player.
mat priddis hes sweet.
any WA boys like buddy franklin hes sweet.
is there any other "celebrities on here?
have a good one.
reply  MC wrote
at 12:03PM, Fri 27 June
reply  STEVE-OH #14 wrote
at 07:22PM, Wed 25 June
hey, do you no if there are any AFL players or previous AFL players that use this?
reply  STEVE-OH #14 wrote
at 03:28PM, Wed 25 June
hey how ya going..
im a roos suppurter and think we can make the septemberrun if we have a real crack but it will be hard to finish top 4 at the end of the seasson

also any roos supporters or AFL enthusiast add me :P
reply  Christopher Pobke wrote
at 06:45PM, Mon 16 June
G'day i'm a port power supporter & this year i think power are gone from the race. So how ever that we are out i really don't care who wins as long as it is not the Adelaide Crows As it is cross rivalry
reply  cooper thomson wrote
at 05:20PM, Mon 16 June
i am a new one to and i don`t know what i`m doing
reply  Monica Edmonds wrote
at 05:36AM, Thu 12 June
WELL DONE "QUEENSLAND" MEAN AZ GAME!!! 30 - 0. Inglis way to start the game off. SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE. What a game Tate had showed some mean form!!! OVERALL QUEENSLAND showed NSW how its done. BRILLIANT TEAMWORK QUEENSLAND... Can't wait till the next show down.
reply  spinner wrote
at 04:29PM, Mon 9 June
Its ok because i started today can someone help me plz?
reply  wilis wrote
at 10:12AM, Thu 5 June
pls update the ladder and results for the cvha hockey association
reply  Alex stefanac wrote
at 07:12PM, Mon 2 June
thx i think it needs something so you can maybe have a background colour or layout also i think you need to explain a little bit more when you register
reply  wilis wrote
at 02:38PM, Mon 2 June
can i stop getting updated when ppl post topics on the forum its clogging up my email
reply  luke capuano wrote
at 06:48PM, Sun 1 June
reply  wilis wrote
at 10:23AM, Wed 28 May
pls update the team stats for the sporting pulse website for hockey central victorian hockey association
reply  Monica Edmonds wrote
at 10:44AM, Sun 25 May
MANGERE EAST "STUDD HAWKS" had one of the most memorable games of the season!!! This team plays with such big hearts and respect not only for the love of the game but each other. Never ever do they speak ill against the opposition, supporters or referees. The "STUDD HAWKS" had to over come what could have been a major upset with the help of a referee to whom I thought was one sided in favour of the home team Northcote Tigers. The 2nd half of the game the "STUDD HAWKS" had 3 players sin binned and 1 player sent off all within the space of 15 minutes which is unheard of especially when the "STUDD HAWKS" are team players and NEVER play dirty. The overwhelming calls made by the referee the "STUDD HAWKS" took it all in stride with 4 players down the 9 players left on the field played like there were 18 of them holding up the MEANEST defensive line one could ever imagine then counteracting with 3 tries winning the game 22 - 4 leaving Norhcote Tigers try less 2nd half. "RESPECT" STUDD HAWKS
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 10:19AM, Sun 25 May
8000! why am i counting? maybe us mySporters love stats? thats 1000 new friends this week!
reply  CW wrote
at 07:25PM, Wed 21 May
Hey guys and girls, you have created some sensational magic on our Hawks Website: with the Brand New Forum and Vote Poll......We are dearly in debt to all of you wonderful people that work so hard for Sportingpulse - MySport for your absolute awesome support to community cricket.......The marvelous medium you have created for our Cricket Club is mind blowing and sincerely appreciated.....AND IT'S ALSO FREE....As Tina Turner would say "You're Simply The Best" ....Thank you - Cheers Hawks Dinosour.
reply  Dazza wrote
at 10:17PM, Tue 20 May
Just a thought about the forum , when someone makes a post is it possible for that post to go to the top so you don't have to scroll and look for it to reply . ????
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 11:59PM, Sun 18 May
7000 - oh my! congrats
reply  Pierce Dawson wrote
at 08:21PM, Sun 18 May
hey buddy fleming.niice game on saturday lol. ur team got hammerd lol.aww yeahh nd u go 4 dockers 2 ayy lol. DOGGS 4 PREMIERS!!!!!
reply  Damo wrote
at 08:08PM, Sun 18 May
Hi, I seem to be havig the same problem as Spook with fixtures for the Warrandyte teams in he same division.
Would be appreciated if you could check it out.
reply  speedy wrote
at 01:26PM, Sat 17 May
reply  Dan Riches wrote
at 01:27PM, Tue 13 May
I want to upload banners!!! haha
reply  Johnson toa wrote
at 08:17AM, Sun 11 May
world Championship in Volleyball
reply  Spook wrote
at 06:50AM, Sun 11 May
hi guys, on my home page one of the fixtured games appears 3 or 4 times can you have a look thanks
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 07:12PM, Sat 10 May
Ok then thanks alot guys. What new things are you working on for the website and when will there be some new things that you can add to your page.
Jenno !!!!!!!!!
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 09:20PM, Thu 8 May
Hey guys whats happening. The fixtures on my page are wrong is there any possibility that you can change them. Do you have any other hockey players on the website yet?
Jenno !!!!!!!!!
reply  Joshua Brennan wrote
at 06:51PM, Thu 8 May
May i email from Homepage ?
reply  wilis wrote
at 01:57PM, Thu 8 May
just need some tactics for our under 15 yteam and i need some ball skills drills can u help in eny way
reply  GoBlues wrote
at 08:58PM, Wed 7 May
hi mySport team - do you have games for kids to play?
reply  wilis wrote
at 03:59PM, Wed 7 May
hay, how do ya add ppl to ya frends? and change ya top frends? d ya no anythhing bout hockey?
reply  Tebby wrote
at 08:59PM, Tue 29 April
yeah lol we stugglen , umm how do ya change ya top friends?
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 10:53PM, Sun 27 April
hey - really like the 'teams i support' on Jason Stanton's page -
reply  Tebby wrote
at 11:26PM, Sat 26 April
how r we mate , great idea this will be next best to thing to myspace, need a few more promotional campagns , write back n tell me ways i can help
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 07:04PM, Wed 23 April
Hey guys. i would like to see from the kookaburrus : brett livermore, mark knowels,stephan lambert and from the hockeyroos: nikki hudson.
also thanks for sorting out the profile and message board thingy !!!
Luke :) :) :)
reply  Mike wrote
at 06:20PM, Tue 22 April
Hi Arch... did'nt get to watch the video...!? Anyway, Nice home page... Mike
reply  Timmy wrote
at 11:08PM, Mon 21 April
I like what you guys are doing, its fresh! keep up the great work!
reply  David wrote
at 10:03PM, Sun 20 April
Hi guys, can we have counters on the new polls...or atleast see them from site admin. Thanks
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 09:15PM, Fri 18 April
Hey guys . My page has some how got two message boards and two profile things!!! do you think that you could possibly delete one of them each ? Thanks !!! Are there any other australian hockey players on this website that you can add as friends? Alright then Cya later !!! Luke :)
reply  Lisa Gye wrote
at 08:03PM, Thu 17 April
I had him in the wrong team - but still a good start!
reply  ganga prasad wrote
at 11:41PM, Tue 15 April
I need some more information as to how to attract people to read my articles and join more friends on my site. ganga
reply  TAI JENNISON wrote
at 06:59AM, Sat 12 April
Thank's Everyone That Go's on Mysport
reply  TAI JENNISON wrote
at 07:15AM, Fri 11 April
hey guys I've been telling all my friends what good this website is now they go on it and they think its realy good so try to tell some of your friends how good it is and they mite go on it? Tai
reply  Mighty U8As wrote
at 09:44PM, Wed 26 March
Can someone explain how I save a weather google gadget as Sydney. I can edit it, add to my page but it reverts back to New York!!!!

Tried another gadget & same thing. What am I doing wrong
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 08:54PM, Tue 25 March
alright thanks guys i will try it .
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 09:35AM, Tue 25 March
hey . is it possible to put songs on your own page ?
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 06:31PM, Mon 24 March
hey guys . what have you been up to ? This is the best site i go on here all the time i have told heaps of my friebds about it and now they are making accounts aswell . will you be able to put things for the olympics up on the website ? Luke
replyTash wrote
at 01:37PM, Mon 24 March
Hey Paolo,
Sorry i have been busy for the past few weeks. Let me know when you want to do interview. Tash
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 07:10PM, Fri 21 March
i hope you guys have a great easter !!!
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 07:08PM, Fri 21 March
hey guys !!! i still can't work out how to join sunshine coast hockey and the buderim rebels my community . can you please do it for me ??? p.s. does anyone want to talk about hockey ???
reply  Hannos16# wrote
at 04:56PM, Thu 20 March
Hey! Anyone want to talk about AFL or basketball?
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 08:54AM, Sat 15 March
Hey . i cant find where my message board is ? where would i find it ?
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 10:21PM, Thu 13 March
Hi . do you know anyone else that is on this site that plays hockey on the sunshine coast? i think this site is really good.
reply  Vicki Mainard wrote
at 10:59PM, Sun 9 March
I love your site as it somewhere to chat about my all time favourite sport Basketball - was Happy to see Adelaide win the WNBL title yesterday and hopefully the Tigers will do the same in the NBL on Wednesday as my heart can't take another two games like today's.
reply  Luke !!! wrote
at 09:41AM, Sun 9 March
How do you Delete friends?
replyTash wrote
at 11:48AM, Fri 29 February
Hi Team. Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to working with you guys to develop my page into something special...the blackest cat page i guess!
replyStanto wrote
at 04:12PM, Thu 28 February
Can i edit text in an IMAGE SECTION or do I need to repost?
reply  Dazza wrote
at 10:19AM, Thu 21 February
G'day team Just wondering if my sport are going to have a footy tipping competition for the AFL season 2008
reply  Dazza wrote
at 10:12AM, Thu 21 February
Thanks to the My Sport Team You have a great set up here , i have been on a few football forums here and there and this beats the lot , i am looking forward to using mysport and posting football / sporting stories and i hope i can get a few more Auskickers and coach's to join in .
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 03:57PM, Fri 25 January
wow - 914 friends - thats very impressive
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 08:46PM, Wed 23 January
Yeah, sounds okay.
You could put it on the SportingPulse home page.
I don't know if I'm ready to do 2 logs in a day though.
Would that be too many?
Besides the tipping wouldn't get as many views
Any ideas?
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 02:53PM, Wed 23 January
Thanks but I was sort of hoping to have a text box on my page and call it "Watch this space..." and keep all the match reports of Palmerston on there. Thanks for taking the time to read all my suggestions.
You're the best!!!
reply  ASSA wrote
at 02:02PM, Wed 23 January
keep doing what youre doing...its awesome!
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 12:40AM, Tue 22 January
Here is a question:
Can you enable a blank section in which people can type as well as images? I'd love to add team songs, game reports and so on as well as images.
Can you take some time to think about this possible feature. I'm sure others would enjoy this as well
reply  David wrote
at 07:58PM, Mon 21 January
Hey guys...thanks for the feature! Added some pics from the USA trip now too! My vote for next month certainly goes to Mick, never meet the guy but was great having a banter with him before the USA trip...anyway thanks again!
reply  Mick wrote
at 12:31PM, Mon 21 January
Love what you have been doing with the site. Great idea featuring a mySport member. It makes things more personal and stimulates involvement in mySport. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy being a member of the mySport community. Mick
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 05:23PM, Fri 18 January
I'm just natrually picky
reply  Good old Collingwood 4eva wrote
at 01:24PM, Fri 18 January
I was just looking at your my Communities and I saw something terrible. In the "Northern Territory Football League" section it says: Supporter of Darwin, Supporter of St. Mary's, Supporter of Tiwi and Supporter of Wanderers. Why not Supporter of Palmerston. They are the greatest team so can you please add them to your my Community asap.
reply  Bear wrote
at 01:43PM, Wed 16 January
Such a loss to us all, you will be sadly missed Clinton. May the legacy and enthusiasm for sport among the young and young at heart live on in your memory mate...
reply  charmaine carroll wrote
at 10:55PM, Mon 26 November
is there any 1 out there that is inti softball. if there is,can u plz get back to me about it and i would like to be added to any1 as friend's .
reply  David wrote
at 02:47PM, Thu 25 October
Thanks! Keep up the good work!
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 12:24PM, Thu 25 October
Good point, David. You should be able to easily move between pages to find your friends. I'll get it logged and let you know when it's live. Thanks.
reply  David wrote
at 11:23AM, Thu 25 October
Paolo (and others), on the friends list (with them growing) can you set it so you can jump to page 3 or 4 of your friends. At the moment you need to go through each page to find someone!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:35PM, Wed 17 October
Did you here SportingPulse won a silver medal at the Masters in basketball? Just talking it up!
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 12:15PM, Mon 15 October
A minimise section option is currently in development so you should be able to hide the box. Watch this space...
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 12:10PM, Mon 15 October
The 'Assoc Websites Editor' list is only visible to you, but I'm afraid you're not able to delete it.
reply  Patrick Boyd wrote
at 11:44AM, Mon 15 October
Does anyone know how to get rid of the 'Assoc Websites Editor' section from a mySport page. There's no delete button on it and my list's 50 miles long and i want to get rid of it.....
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 01:04PM, Tue 9 October
Over 100 friends! It's great to feel popular. Thanks for the add.
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 04:13PM, Wed 26 September
We put mySport together so please let us know what you think by writing on our MessageBoard
reply  David wrote
at 05:05PM, Thu 20 September
Lol, sorry I either wasn't looking or didnt see this before! Great work on the speedy development!