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reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 09:41AM, Sat 25 July
Thanks a lot, We have a lot of top teams in North Carolina ya'll should try to play in the future
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 06:25AM, Thu 23 July
How does a player from the usa go about making your team
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 06:23AM, Thu 23 July
how did your teams do when they came to the states??
reply   wrote
at 05:29PM, Sun 3 May
hey mate come vote on my poll
reply  Hayden Lynam wrote
at 09:42PM, Wed 1 April
Hey Robo I'm good thanks how you doing ? Been watching your videos on youtube from the usa tour this year looked a load of fun!
reply  David wrote
at 08:19PM, Sun 15 March
Game 4 was a marketers dream, 9000 people for game 5! Dragons had all the way!
reply  Julie Strini wrote
at 07:33PM, Sun 15 March
I'm sure you were shaking in your boots after game 4 but I think we all agree the best 'team' won. I'm disappointed for Bulleen too.
reply  Julie Strini wrote
at 10:39AM, Wed 11 March
Yes, he's a terrior and played a great game. Go the Gippsland boys!
reply  Julie Strini wrote
at 09:51AM, Wed 11 March
The system only let me pick one basketball team and although I'm on the Dragons bandwagon, with our very own Rhys Carter playing for them, I had to let history rule my decision. I can't wait for the stoush tonight.
reply   wrote
at 11:28AM, Sat 21 February
hey wat u been up 2?
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 10:32AM, Thu 22 January
g'day david - great youtube of arch v yapper - just watched it for the first time...
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 03:56AM, Thu 22 January
How was the trip to north carolina?
reply  Dave Cooper wrote
at 11:51PM, Fri 16 January
Hi David - SP question - What web address do you give people for your site rather that following a path from the main site? Thanks Dave
reply  Dave Cooper wrote
at 01:56PM, Wed 14 January
Hi David - thanks for checking us out - I was getting our old site OK then we got swapped to SP - I'm finding it pretty easy to handle - just need to get all of the club on it!!! Our next Comm. Meetings is 9/2 at 7.30pm RSL - Available? Keep cool!
reply  Wazza wrote
at 11:19AM, Mon 12 January
congrats on the coaching gig again. Emz will give you a good boost, is Carmen going around again?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:57PM, Thu 8 January
Yep, I remember Wayne. Hope it all goes well for him. How are you looking for your group? We're going to be very young this season, which is a good thing for the future.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:47PM, Thu 8 January
Did they twist your arm? Who's taking the men?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:39AM, Thu 8 January
She'll certainly keep you up there. Yep, tournament is at MSAC now. When do you start back training?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:33AM, Thu 8 January
Ok, locked in - no pulling out this time! We'll arrange finer details later, but Sunday March 1st it is! Will be a good chance to run a few kids prior to the pre-season tournament. Are you going in that?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:17AM, Thu 8 January
Let's hook-up for a practice match - Sunday March 1st at our home base, 3pm start. What do you think? I've only got a couple of slots left.
reply  Emz wrote
at 03:15PM, Wed 7 January
Done - if you don't recieve my email let me know!! :-)
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:45PM, Tue 6 January
Good to hear you're back! The star idea (or medal) is something we've actually been working on for a while - great minds think alike! So, are you coaching again?
reply  Emz wrote
at 09:17PM, Sun 4 January
Hey Matey! Just looking at the Latrobe website... Are the coaching positions filled for the USA basketball tour? If not I'd be interested in Assistant coach of one of the teams. I wish a tour like that was around for locals when I was that age!!
reply  Emz wrote
at 07:36PM, Tue 30 December
Hey David - hope you had a good christmas! I'm not sure about basketball at the moment - I'm really unfit after having trouble with some medication this year and I've got 10-15kgs to lose to try and get back to game weight (which I'll step up the intencity for now) I'll keep in contact cos I'll see how I go over the next month with my fitness etc. At the moment I'm back to playing once a week which is a little weird :-P Talk soon!
at 11:07AM, Thu 18 December
Hey Dave,
Yeah Josh mentioned you guys were a little down in the game. He was impressed with one of your boys, an athlete who was jumping out to the gym.
How many games do you have left?
at 01:45PM, Wed 17 December
G'Day David,
Best of luck in tonights game V's Bishop McGinniss in Winston Salem.
I good mate of mine who i coach at Duke each year with is the Varsity boys coach at BMc and was after some info on the 'aussie' team they were playing.
Any way mate, i hope your enjoying the trip.
reply  Ali wrote
at 04:31PM, Tue 16 December
Yeah I bet he wasn't impressed! I always tell him that I know heaps of people and I will ALWAYS find out anything that he does. I bet he believes it now! LOL. I hope I don't have to top up his funds.
reply  Julie Bourke wrote
at 10:09AM, Thu 11 December
G'day David - did you get to see anu of the Homeless World Cup?
reply  Ali wrote
at 07:13PM, Wed 3 December
Hey David, yes he's all packed and raring to go!! We fly to Sydney tomorrow, do a bit of last minute stuff on Friday and he goes off on Saturday and I fly home. How jealous am I??
at 09:38AM, Tue 18 November
Hey Coach,
How are the Energy Women looking for this season?

reply  Kath wrote
at 04:37PM, Sat 8 November
Oh well it goes with the loud and proud supporter stuff, life was meant to be fun wasn't it?
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 10:32AM, Thu 6 November
g'day - i'll check it out right now...!
reply  Kath wrote
at 08:45PM, Wed 5 November
Thanks for the message... will need to get into the swing of this
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 12:36AM, Tue 28 October
Im from Raleigh North Carolina, I go to school in west virginia, I hope im out home for the holidays the same time ya'll have you're tour
reply  Coach Ash wrote
at 10:49PM, Tue 21 October
Hi David, how’s it going
Yeh I got plenty on my plate this year coaching YL men again at Bankstown and probably will be helping out with our ABA side; I also was appointed as a Asst coach with U/20 NSW state team and I’m going back to North & South Carolina in early December with the NSW ITC squad

How about you?
reply   Ned wrote
at 02:13PM, Mon 20 October
Yes he is, he has transferred to the NITCP tour (texas was cancelled) which leaves early Dec and gets back on Christmas eve. He is excited to be with a couple of guys he knows and one he met at Albury on the country tour.
reply  Tamara Mason wrote
at 11:46AM, Thu 9 October
Hi David. I remembered your name from working for Sport Education Victoria with Les Bee, how are you things going at GippSport? Are you keeping Barry Mark and Dawn inline?
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 11:33PM, Fri 3 October
Thanks alot dave, I appreciate that alot
reply  "Its more than a game!" wrote
at 04:20PM, Thu 2 October
Hows things Dave? I'll be coaching u18 domestic altona tournament this weekend. past organisers wouldn't let me play so I'd stopped trying.
reply  Deshawn Deshawn wrote
at 05:22PM, Sun 7 September
I am a combo guard, Im 6'3 and 210 pounds, I play division 2 basketball for the ncaa, Im a senior this season looking to play basketball overseas after this season,my email is creedmoorhighschool@yahoo.com, Nice Website do you coach?
reply  Wazza wrote
at 11:59AM, Sat 6 September
Hi Dave, Sorry I havnt got back to you been flat out , will speak tonight at the dinner
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:22PM, Thu 4 September
Just working on the NBL tipping comp now. Hopefully you'll see something tomorrow.
reply  Bear wrote
at 12:19PM, Thu 4 September
Hi Dave, I have been unable to follow up myself with so much on my plate. You know how things can get this time of year. We have it on the radar and I hope to hear something very soon. Cheers.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:04PM, Mon 25 August
Yeah, just ran out of legs. Jo missed the game, did her calf at training last week. Kate did well to play as she came down with the flu. Just not enough fit bodies. Girls did a great job first half, but couldn't keep it up. DV deserved the win.
reply  I love this game wrote
at 12:04AM, Thu 21 August
hi David
Congartualtions for such a great game. To be honest I expected the Australians to be an opponent but not such a tough one for the Us!
Real impressive 1st half. If there just would not have been so many (sorry) unnecessary Turnovers in 2nd qrt, the 3rd qrt may have been different and with this strong 1st and 2nd as well as the good 4th quarter maybe US had lost.

If you like you can discuss the game in my forum post http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=5067&a=FRM_T_V&fID=137&t=1105 .
I missed the complete 1st quarter and the first half of the 3rd(was just wondering what happened. Was the Australian Team so weak or the US Team too strong at this time?).
Greetings and again congratulations.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 02:23PM, Sun 17 August
Yep, should be there Thursday. The game? Hmmm. We just missed every opportunity and they made us pay. Not a good night at the office!
reply  I love this game wrote
at 05:52AM, Fri 15 August
Hi David
Visit the sports log on my page. I have added a link where they seem to stream the Australian games.
And I started a new topic for discussions on all games maybe you like to submit your opinions. My comments are more seen to be filling some content rather than a real real analysis of the games but I am very tired today and my back hurts. take a look at http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=5067&a=FRM_T_V&fID=137&t=1105
reply  Bear wrote
at 07:19PM, Wed 13 August
Sports Without Borders Dave, have you get a hint there or a contact I can speak to mate? We want to get a project up and running soon and they may be able to help us. PS: Completed Midnight Basketball a couple of months ago, huge and very successful!
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 10:07AM, Mon 11 August
what a shocker from channel 7 - i think we're in for some disappointment in the coverage over the next couple of weeks.
delayed and cut up coverage of the aussies, yet they show the USA blowout...
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 09:11PM, Sun 10 August
yeah, i agree with you - its in the planning! what do you reckon; things like backgrounds / colours, or team, player, etc.....ah, we need all the options! can you believe over 17,000 new basketball members since we launched myFiba last month
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:23AM, Fri 8 August
Get on to Andy Collins mate, tell him to pimp the pages. Good suggestion.
reply  Kez & Ten B wrote
at 11:04PM, Thu 7 August
Hey Dave, looks like you've been busy on the Latrobe website. Looks Good. Have a great night off Fri. Tenille wont be at training the following thur. as she has a school camp. Cheers, Kerri.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:49PM, Sun 3 August
Yeah, really happy with the girls, Very physical game, refs lost control and it became a real battle.
reply  Wazza wrote
at 06:40PM, Thu 31 July
Dave too bad you just missed out of the finals. great stepping stone for next season. See you at the Big V dinner. cheers
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:31AM, Mon 28 July
Yeah saw that, nice work. Mate we had our biggest cheer ever yesterday when a 15yr old guard took on two DV players and drove the basket for a AND1. The crowd went wild. It was one of those great moments.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:54PM, Sun 27 July
Great job mate, you must be very happy with the effort this season. A great building block for next season.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:40AM, Sun 27 July
Yep, we most certainly did. Played well, Kate and Sally were brilliant, plus we ran some kids. We'll rest a few today, play the kids and have some fun. Hopefully DV respect we won't be at full strength! Great job against Werribee. We have them next week so I'll catch up with you for a debrief.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:53PM, Thu 24 July
So do I. Are you playing Saturday? We'll probably rest a few on Sunday, tough gig getting a DH in the last round (only team to cop it).
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:45PM, Thu 24 July
That's training tonight mate! We're doing some synchronised swimming! How are guys looking for this weekend? Feel free to knock Werribee around!
reply  James Bourke wrote
at 11:29AM, Thu 24 July
No worries Dave, happy to help out.

We cant seem to replicate the header banner problem in Firefox 3 though? Do the ads on teh Fixture pages appear?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:22AM, Thu 24 July
Which Olympic sport would best suit The Yapper? Head to my page and cast your vote on myPoll. Even better, go to edit sections on your page and start your own Poll. You know I'll be back to vote!
reply  Jenny wrote
at 07:24PM, Tue 22 July
Can you believe Netball Victoria! No room for Knox, Gippsland Storm or MDNA? The South Eastern Corridor have nowhere to send promising players from Lilydale Yarra Valley, through Knox and Mountain District, Berwick and Gippsland. What are they thinking?? Where do I develop my most promising players now????
reply  LJ wrote
at 05:53PM, Tue 22 July
hey thanks for the add!
you know sammy!
have a good one
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:48AM, Tue 22 July
No, just plenty of work on. I'll crank it back up today.
reply  RU wrote
at 09:51AM, Mon 21 July
are enjoying any of the dragon's seasons ha ha
reply  Ali wrote
at 07:23PM, Wed 16 July
Ned's son and my son are one and the same!
reply  Ali wrote
at 11:23AM, Wed 16 July
That should be fun for all involved. I wish I was going!
reply  Ali wrote
at 09:24AM, Wed 16 July
Nick is going on the NSW NITCP trip early December. He was originally on the Texas tour but was offered a position on the other, which he accepted but has turned the rest of the family's holiday plans awry!! TYPICAL
reply  Kez & Ten B wrote
at 10:58PM, Tue 15 July
Bad Luck about the loss Sat. night, sounds like they gave them a scare tho!! C U Thur.
reply  Ali wrote
at 09:49PM, Tue 15 July
Hi David. I like the photo with the cheer girls - that is on my son's 'must see/do' list when he goes on his HSE tour later this year.
reply  Gela wrote
at 11:10PM, Tue 8 July
hey dave, the holidays are great.
How are you?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:20AM, Fri 4 July
It's actually a tough situation for us. We have a tougher draw than any other team, yet we are mindful of keeping players fresh etc. We'll probably rest a few this weekend, still go for the win, but try and keep everyone healthy.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:22AM, Fri 4 July
It's the power of deduction mate.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 02:49PM, Thu 3 July
Dave, check out the new game on the mySport Forum. Bit of fun!
reply  Yaralla Port City Power wrote
at 10:12AM, Thu 3 July
On the QABL site you can get his season stats. We don't have a write up on him other than what's listed on our site. If you email Blair Smith (blair.smith@basketballqld.net.au) then he maybe able to come up with something for you.
reply  shooey wrote
at 05:23PM, Tue 1 July
Hello like your page
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 02:39PM, Tue 1 July
I accidently wiped it when editing and couldn't be bothered typing it all again, so I thought I'd give netball a plug!
reply  "Its more than a game!" wrote
at 06:13PM, Mon 30 June
2 weeks mate and I will try again! hahaha
reply  Yaralla Port City Power wrote
at 02:47PM, Mon 30 June
I'll be sure to say hi for you, but we wont be sending him down south anytime soon. I think everyone would agree that we'd like to keep him all to ourselves.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:12AM, Fri 27 June
Who do you have this week? We travel to Warrnambool. Any tips? I think you guys have played them about three times this season!
reply  Kez & Ten B wrote
at 11:12PM, Tue 24 June
Thanks Dave, will work on it. Go Energy, 6 in a row (D1W & U18's)
reply  Julie Bourke wrote
at 11:37AM, Tue 24 June
G'day David, just wondering if you have any "African" or other world-wide links? I am currently involved as a volunteer with the Homelss World Cup at Fed Square Dec 1 - 8 this year, and am looking into resources for the teams. This is a street soccer program run in Australia by The Big Issue. If you are interested or could offer some suggestions please contact me at julieroosister@gmail.com - regards julie bourke
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:52PM, Mon 23 June
No chance that she's moving to Melbourne at some stage in the future? Just joking!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:43PM, Sun 22 June
No worries mate. I've already put a couple of things together and will send over to you tomorrow. Hey, good wins over the weekend. Carmen is on fire!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:40PM, Fri 20 June
Dave, when does the newsletter go out? I'll do something especially for you.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:32AM, Sun 15 June
Lost by 10pts. Played well for three qtrs, but couldn't hit our shots in the last. Some very suspect calls didn't help away from home! Well done to you guys on the win. Good stuff.
reply   Ned wrote
at 02:18PM, Fri 13 June
Thanks. Nick is just on 6' tall, but looks tiny on the basketball court. He is a decent rep player for Coffs harbour U18 Mens. Hopefully the competition will not be too strong (or weak) for him. He had a mate going, who has now pulled out. He is a bit nervous about going 'on his own'.
reply   Ned wrote
at 01:24PM, Fri 13 June
Hi David, Sports logs will come with a bit of time. On your page, you have HSE stuff. Is that Horizons ? My son has booked on the Texas tour this year.
reply  MC wrote
at 09:18AM, Thu 5 June
doing ok brother, just heading overseas....as in about an hours time, back in a couple of weeks. let me kn0ow when you are next meeting up with the Leisure Networks guys and I might try and pin myself to that meeting!
reply  Mal wrote
at 08:20PM, Thu 29 May
haha yeah pretty decent hey! Yeah the Sapphire Coast AFL is a disgrace this season - we're getting fines left right and centre for rules that have never existed before - its a joke!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:51PM, Tue 27 May
Ahh, there's a fair few of us, always lurking around and talking sport every day. It's a good life!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:53PM, Mon 26 May
Mate, just waiting for SWB to add me as a friend so I can start talking it up!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:06PM, Mon 26 May
Another long trip and a narrow loss mate. How did the group pull up?
reply  Sports Without Borders wrote
at 12:42PM, Thu 22 May
Who is the Yapper
reply  Mick wrote
at 01:50AM, Mon 19 May
Hey Dave, how've you been? Enjoyed watching the YouTube clips above. Great basketball and great music. Impressive! Mick
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:39PM, Mon 5 May
Hey David, get into the new mySport Forum. Just click on the green button up above. As a mySport member you can get on there anytime you want. Have fun!
reply  "Its more than a game!" wrote
at 10:44PM, Sun 4 May
I'll get back to you David on the time and place!
reply  Andy Collins wrote
at 07:29PM, Sun 4 May
nah, no wories mate - just wanted to say g'day as i walked by. wasn't expecting a conversation when you have a team to coach! get comeback, you really pushed them outside in the 3rd Q and their scoring dried up for a while. talk soon!
reply  Mick wrote
at 02:18AM, Sun 4 May
Dave, you've gotta watch when you play Yapper's side...I here he likes to slip in and extra player when no one is looking. HA HA
reply  Mick wrote
at 12:44PM, Sat 3 May
Hey Dave, I've been away a while and missing out on things. What's going on? Mick
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:09PM, Wed 30 April
Good stuff. Looking forward to the game and welcoming you guys to the sleepy town beside the Yarra River!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:47PM, Mon 28 April
What's happened to Jess Murphy Dave? Haven't seen her playing for you guys for about three weeks now. Hope she's not too far away from returning, she's an important player for you.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:20PM, Mon 28 April
Fly to Mildura. About $240 a ticket and you're there in 1hr15min. Makes life a lot easier!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:49AM, Mon 28 April
Didn't you guys stay down overnight? Did you have to come straight back?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:13AM, Thu 24 April
Yeah, got Mildura again. Hopefully we have another big home crowd. Where are you this week?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:02PM, Mon 21 April
Werribee got sent to the foul-line 43 times on Saturday night, which doesn't exactly help the cause! Two very inexperienced refs, but hopefully they learned a few lessons. Great win by the girls at Hawthorn yesterday. Always hard backing up against a fresh team. Girls dug deep and did really well.
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 11:44AM, Mon 21 April
Hi David. Good to hear from you. We've logged your suggestion where an administrator will be able to see the total votes cast and have the option to display the total on the Poll.
reply  baby girl wrote
at 06:44PM, Wed 16 April
hi dave do u no simone kresjlik she plays big v 4 energy she is my bestest friend eva hope she duz well xan u wish her luck Emily bdale
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 08:06AM, Sat 12 April
Dave, yer i am able to just mite have to go straight after game as we play at 5.00. Do u want me to bring my computer up? What time do u want me there? MaTtY
reply  Pigott wrote
at 08:55PM, Fri 11 April
hay watsup

just wonderin why u add me?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 01:39PM, Mon 7 April
Congrats on the win Dave, well done mate. Always good to get that first one on the board.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:05AM, Wed 2 April
Yeah, I can never really understand the draw these days. I know it's to cut down on travel, but Coburg plays Mildura twice this weekend. Imagine if one of those teams was missing its best player for some reason. Should be interesting to see if one of them can grab two important wins.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:07AM, Wed 2 April
Long way to go yet mate. Warrnambool and DV both started well. Jo's back this week which will be good. I think it will take probably 12 wins to get top four. Until we get that, I'll just tip-toe quietly. I think your team will upset more than a few this season. If your leading players can stay healthy, you won't be too far away come the back end of the season.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:06PM, Mon 31 March
Hi Dave, how did your girls pull up? Good to finally get the season underway. Good luck this week,you have two games don't you?
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 09:45AM, Mon 31 March
Hey Dave, thanks for that. It is a very simple to use. MaTt
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 09:02AM, Mon 31 March
Hey Dave, Just try the cd on my laptop Works good. MaTt
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 08:48AM, Mon 31 March
Hey Dave, just try that cd u gave me yesterday with the live stats on it and i got it to work on mums laptop which is vista. About to try on mine and see if it works. I think its just my laptop lol. MaTt
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 01:40PM, Tue 25 March
Hey Dave, trust all is well. I've lost your work email, can you send me an email at j.nelson@sportingpulse.com and I'll email you back? Thanks mate.
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 03:05PM, Fri 21 March
Hey Dave, good to hear yer i might go is it at the stadium? Matt
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 04:03PM, Fri 14 March
hey Dave thanks. Have you tested it out on computer yet?Matt
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 05:02PM, Thu 13 March
Hey Dave, THanks for the stat program. Only problem i cant seemto Save the database after i have enter the line ups. Can i get any help anywhere. Matt
reply  Wazza wrote
at 05:56PM, Wed 5 March
Dave, Great advertising Vid, catch up with you over the weekend
reply  Mick wrote
at 10:19AM, Wed 5 March
Just waiting for the next session of hockey to start up and hoping to get back most of the girls from our last session to make transitioning easier. I like to use a mentoring system pairing up my new players with some of the ones familiar with my system/style of play. It helps get my message across as to what needs to be done in certain situations and they feel more confidence in knowing someone is there to back them up and explain things to them they way only girls can. Not that I don't have a sensitive side...ha ha!!
reply  Mick wrote
at 06:02PM, Tue 4 March
Hey David, How have things been with you?
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 04:40PM, Thu 28 February
Yer it was a preety good picture
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:53PM, Wed 27 February
And at 202cm if he was a she then chances are you would have the best player in the comp....or at least the tallest!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:01AM, Wed 27 February
Hey Dave. Looks like you've got a good import there. I look forward to watching his progress. How's things at your end? Got everyone up and running now?
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 02:04PM, Sun 24 February
Mum said it was a rule and she will show u in the rule book if u wont.

reply  Robin Maartens wrote
at 05:28PM, Thu 21 February
Thank-you very much for your help.
reply  Mick wrote
at 10:22AM, Wed 20 February
Congrats Dave! Time to step it up now...
reply  Mick wrote
at 11:10PM, Tue 19 February
Hello again, I'm sure it was mild. Some officials you only need question and they feel you are stepping on their authority.
reply  Mick wrote
at 04:51PM, Tue 19 February
G'day Dave. Sorry about that last loss and the tech. It can be difficult to keep you comments in check over a blown or misssed call but I've been fortunate...at least that's what my wife tells me when she has shown up to some of my games. It's like a marriage...you've got to watch your tone and not get personal but who's perfect? Not me!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:23PM, Mon 18 February
Thanks for the heads up. Have been in doing some work on that page today, helping to upload a few new things and forgot to log off. Appreciate the tip. Speak soon.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:15AM, Mon 18 February
Hi Dave. Are we good to go this week?
reply  Mick wrote
at 02:50PM, Fri 15 February
G'day Dave. How's things going with Basketball?
reply  Wazza wrote
at 12:42PM, Sun 3 February
Dave - give me a call when you can. number on the delegates site
reply  Callum Chambers wrote
at 03:04PM, Wed 30 January
Hi David, great idea about the Gippsland Fm. Spoke to Justin and he thinks it is something we can look into, so will chat to u about it in coming weeks to sort something out!
Hope your well, will catch up with u at the tournament if u r there :) Sarah
reply  Wazza wrote
at 05:23PM, Thu 24 January
At cranbourne all day saturday and Dandenong all Day Sunday. Might catch up with you.
reply  Wazza wrote
at 10:05PM, Wed 23 January
Dave Lve the photo;s looks that you were rather high up, would have been a workout just to get to the seat.
reply  Awesome wrote
at 03:27PM, Wed 23 January
thanks man.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:26AM, Wed 23 January
Getting details for you now.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:25AM, Wed 23 January
Now that is one seriously good looking photo. Who's the guy in the middle that spoils it? Just joking!
reply  Mick wrote
at 10:17AM, Tue 22 January
Well David, I guess the shoes are bought and paid for. If you brought home the cheerleaders you'd still be paying for that one for a long time!
reply  Mick wrote
at 05:49AM, Tue 22 January
Say David, you didn't happen to get any of those cheerleaders in your bag for the trip home, did you?!
reply  Mick wrote
at 05:48AM, Tue 22 January
Hi Dave, Great to hear all went well. Good thing you weren't down there this past week as "The Alberta Clipper" or "Siberian Express" has blown in with some snow reaching as far as south as Greenville, South Caorlina. BRRRRR!!
It was minus 7C up here yesterday morning. That cold cuts right through ya!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 07:00PM, Mon 21 January
Ok, no worries. Good luck with the day, sounds like it will be a good one for the club.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 06:36PM, Mon 21 January
Yeah, heard that today. Pretty poor on their behalf. I can offer you a game on March 16 (Sunday) at 3pm against our junior squad if you want to run some of your development players and younger squad members? All of our girls are 15, 16, 17 yrs old, except for one 19 yr old. Our seniors are playing against Diamond Valley at 12.30pm on that day.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:17PM, Mon 21 January
We've also organised three games for our junior squad players against Mornington, Melton and Darebin. So yeah, busy times indeed!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:04PM, Mon 21 January
We've got games booked in against Ringwood, Latrobe Uni, you guys, Keilor (away) and Diamond Valley.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:01PM, Mon 21 January
Not long to go now mate. Can't believe we have our first run against another team in three weeks time!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 01:48PM, Mon 21 January
All looks good mate. Your girls back at training yet? I hope they're looking forward to coming up to Warrandyte on the 24th!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:17PM, Thu 17 January
Dave, we've done a short piece on you for our next mySport newsletter, just a bit about your page, your trip to the USA and the sports logs. Short but sweet. Are you happy for us to put it in the mySport newsletter?
reply  Bear wrote
at 01:38PM, Wed 16 January
Welcome back mate, sounds like I want to go to the USA soon!! I may have to start saving some cash though!! I have heard that college games are awesome, compared to college football etc... they rule!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 02:47PM, Wed 9 January
Fixtures, results & ladders is now fixed. You should be able to update your club mySport page now.
reply  Nick Maywald wrote
at 09:40AM, Wed 9 January
Great updates David - sounds like you are on the home run now - hope the last part of your trip goes well.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:19AM, Wed 9 January
Look forward to the photo! When do you get back home?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:22PM, Mon 7 January
Fantastic! It's a great place, I'd love to get one of those stores over here. When do the girls start back training?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:29AM, Mon 7 January
What a way to welcome in the New Year. The boys from the Valley mixing it up with the lads from the Bobcats!
reply  Bear wrote
at 11:27AM, Tue 1 January
Happy New Year Dave and keep up the blog, it's great reading about USA tours and something we all should aspire to achieve one day mate! Not sure about the rank call for a player coming back after running out of court, did he leave the stadium for a coffee or something, very strange!!? Just so you know, t's been 40 plus degrees down here for the New Year, very damn hot mate.....
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:19PM, Sun 30 December
Played any games yet? If so, how did you go?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:42PM, Sat 29 December
Great news, looking forward to the season. How's the US? Where exactly are you at the moment?
reply  Bear wrote
at 01:26PM, Sat 29 December
Best of luck on your trip mate, stay safe.......
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:52AM, Wed 26 December
Yeah, just tried it myself and it didn't work. I'll speak with the guys at work in the coming days and see if they can fix it.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 06:51PM, Mon 24 December
Hi Dave, a Merry Xmas to you too mate. We have no spare weekends left to chnage the match, we're totally full. We've booked five games in all. Hopefully you're still right to go ahead.
reply  Mick wrote
at 01:30PM, Tue 18 December
I second the Yapper on your trip Dave. Have a great time. The exchange rate should remain pretty good while Bushie is breaking the bank!
reply  Wazza wrote
at 04:40PM, Mon 17 December
You pick anyone up from Shrebrooke? Heard you had Kennet?. Whats Tara Carrol doing and send some my way haha
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:49AM, Mon 17 December
Good luck in the US, Dave. Have a great time. Catch up with you when we play in February.
replyErin Phillips wrote
at 11:59AM, Wed 5 December
Hi David, thanks for your kind words. I really enjoy my basketball and look forward to plenty for success for the Opals and the Lightning in the future. Erin.
reply  Miss Wendy wrote
at 09:06AM, Wed 5 December
Hey Dave, Best Wishes to Andrew and yourself on your trip to USA. You will thoroughly enjoy it. I believe Marty is coaching Andrew's team and I think his son is in the same team. Enjoy the journey.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 01:30PM, Tue 4 December
No, you'll be fine. Get some practice matches under your belt, go to Frankston to play some of the Div 1 teams and the girls will quickly get up to speed. I think they'll enjoy the challenge.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:24PM, Tue 4 December
I'm sure once the new year kicks in it will be business as usual. I'm looking forward to the season, it should be very competitive, much more than last season.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:19PM, Tue 4 December
No, just doing some work on various things. All is quiet at Warrandyte. Big V women are training hard before the break. We announced the signing of Sally Phillips (Crowe) last week, which is a good addition to the squad. Hopefully we'll announce two more in the next week or two. Are you running any training prior to Christmas?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:59AM, Tue 4 December
Hi Dave, what's news down your way at the moment?
reply  "Its more than a game!" wrote
at 09:55AM, Mon 3 December
Nah verything all good here mate! been in NYC for the past 2+ weeks!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:13PM, Thu 29 November
Good work Dave, looks good. I like the way you've done the fixtures and results as images. Very smart idea.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:33AM, Wed 28 November
Hi Dave. Check out the page Warrandyte Venom now has on mySport at my.sportingpulse.com/venom You'll notice that I've listed all of the club's fixtures and results on there, which I'm sure will become a one-stop shop for our club's players and families.
reply  Bones wrote
at 02:55PM, Mon 26 November
Hey Dave, thanx 4 the comment and thanx for coaching on Friday. Dad really appreciated you coaching and he was ecstatic about the win on the board
reply  Mick wrote
at 11:58AM, Mon 26 November
Super Dave! Stay in touch and let us know how things go. I wish you the best and have a pleasant travel. Check out my write on "Aussies in the NFL." Other sports soon to follow...
reply  Mick wrote
at 11:33AM, Mon 26 November
Thanks Dave. I'll give it a shot and let you know.
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 08:24PM, Thu 22 November
k i dont care anway
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 03:52PM, Thu 22 November
Who told u about sukie??
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:28AM, Thu 22 November
Well it's official now, welcome to Div 1. It promises to be a very competitive competition! Now we'll have to see how uneven the draw is with nine teams and 20 games!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:34PM, Wed 21 November
That might be close to the money, but they have 27 teams to look after, so that's where I got 11, 8 and 8 from.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:24PM, Wed 21 November
I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough. Just a thought and to make the draw even, they should look at 11 teams in D1 (final 6, 20 games, play each other twice) with you guys coming up, Coburg coming down from Champ, and Shepparton, Blackburn and LTU dropping back to D2. Then have eight teams in D2 and eight in D3 (final 4, 21 games, play each other three times). At least this way we have even draws for all teams.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:43AM, Wed 21 November
Great news, well done. I wonder if they are going to go with 10 teams then, or nine. Could mean Blackburn, Craigieburn and LTU are going down, along with Shepparton and possibly one other. I'm sure we'll hear more soon. Looks like the trip to Traralgon is back on!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:37AM, Wed 21 November
So does that mean you're in Div1? If so, congratulations mate, well done!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:21AM, Wed 21 November
Yeah, March 29/30. Are you going to take a team to Frankston again? Any news on when they are going to release details on the women's divisions? Has the league spoken with you yet?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:48AM, Wed 21 November
Hey Dave, what's news down your way this week? We start pre-season tomorrow night, looking forward to it. The girls seem happy to be getting back into it all again.
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 05:03PM, Mon 19 November
Yer i no lots of people no
reply  Troyminator wrote
at 05:00PM, Mon 19 November
reply  Troyminator wrote
at 01:35PM, Mon 19 November
yea mum said i could....
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 10:53AM, Mon 19 November
yer troy is
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 09:59AM, Mon 19 November
Its report writing day for the teachers so we got the day off
reply  Jordy Royal wrote
at 09:01AM, Mon 19 November
k was it a good game though??
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:34PM, Fri 16 November
Yeah, agreed. I think the big decision now will be whether to have nine in each division, or could 10 go in D1 or D2? I don't think it's set yet, perhaps still some lobbying to take place.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:26AM, Tue 13 November
Three divisions mate, final four system. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with the outcome and where do you think the league will place you guys?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:03PM, Thu 8 November
Fantastic, locked in. Game starts at 12.30pm. I'll send the address and details when we get closer. Look forward to having you guys up at Warrandyte for the first time. Speak soon.
reply  David wrote
at 09:17AM, Thu 8 November
The Sunday is good!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:01AM, Thu 8 November
Feb 24 is a Sunday. Are you happy to come and play us, say a 12.30pm start? Or would you rather play on the Saturday night, Feb 23?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:10PM, Wed 7 November
Feb 17 is gone now, you guys interested in Feb 11 or Feb 24? 12.30pm start at Warrandyte.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:06AM, Wed 7 November
Hey Dave, I'm organising practice matches for next February. Would your girls be interested in coming up to Warrandyte for a game?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 08:49AM, Wed 7 November
Couldn't agree more. Are you going down to Warrnambool?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 07:56PM, Tue 6 November
Mate, I can assure you that none of teh coaching staff or the playing group has anything to do with the forum. We can't be so sure about supporters, however we are very guarded of the information we release at this time of the year. What I can confirm is that most of what you read on the forum is a fair way from reality.
reply  Trippy wrote
at 04:40PM, Mon 5 November
Thanks - did you ever watch the show The Biggest Loser, she was a contestant on it - and she had the best facial expressions ever... She'll be gone in a day or so...

reply  Al wrote
at 12:22PM, Sat 3 November
Hey David I put some stuff in about myself yesterday but did not complete I will have to do it again.Its intreting when you you sit down & ask yourself what your favorite movies are etc.
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 09:11PM, Fri 2 November
hey Dave. it is bout time but theres to much work involved. im to lazy.MR
reply  Al wrote
at 06:06PM, Fri 2 November
Hey David Just trying to add some detail to my page C U soon.
reply  Wazza wrote
at 08:36PM, Thu 1 November
I think it will end up with 3 divisions. Starting tryout 1st week dec.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:51PM, Thu 1 November
Good to hear. We have three girls at the State U20s at the moment, so we're really hoping they come on next season and start taking some big steps forward.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:39PM, Thu 1 November
Hopefully you have some kids coming through. I think at this stage there will be a vote next week on two divs or three divs. If it is two then you guys will certainly be with us, if it is three then I'm not sure. At least we should all know soon.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 03:34PM, Thu 1 November
Any news from down your way mate? Carmen right to go around again? I'm looking forward to some big match-ups next season.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 11:19AM, Wed 31 October
Sorry Dave, been up in QLD for a flying visit. Back in town now and ready to get the mouth going again! Speaking of pre-season training, it's just around the corner my friend. Can't wait!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 04:27PM, Thu 25 October
We're not far off getting back into training, plus we have the juniors to keep us busy. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to it all, but a holiday would be nice!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:12AM, Wed 24 October
Mate, get set for it. I think we are definitely in for three divs in 2008. We should know more next week.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 10:02AM, Mon 22 October
Went with a shorter sports log today! Enjoy!
reply  ASSA wrote
at 10:43AM, Sat 20 October
hey david! thx for the request. how are things going on ur side of the globe? i hope all is well and dandy. all is well here in am. samoa. just getting the swim programs together for the new year. take care!
reply  Bones wrote
at 07:54PM, Fri 19 October
Hey Dave, dunno if i'm going to da Korumburra t'ment but its pretty likely that i am
reply  Awesome wrote
at 07:41PM, Fri 19 October
hows it man
reply  MaTtY wrote
at 07:13PM, Fri 19 October
Yer we are not sure if im in the team yet. Is robbo playin at Korumburra MR
reply  Wazza wrote
at 05:17PM, Wed 17 October
David, Sorry should have been sent to Justin.

To anwser your question, Im moving to U14-1 Girls this season and yes picked up the Big V coaching job again.
What about you, looks like with Division Split you will stay Div 2?
reply  Wazza wrote
at 05:16PM, Wed 17 October
Justin - Looking at the AGM motions I would say that they are looking at 3 divisions for the women. Would expect that they do similiar to the mens and have top 4-5 stay and bottom 4-5 drop in Divisions. No sure if the women's are ready for that yet.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 01:04PM, Wed 17 October
Email me at j.nelson@sportingpulse.com and I'll talk there.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:52PM, Wed 17 October
Three divisions for women, plus championship! Plenty of changes on the way by the sounds of it.
reply  Dave wrote
at 10:29PM, Tue 16 October
You don't know what you have done! She now has her own site.
reply  Dave wrote
at 10:27PM, Tue 16 October
Dave, I have since made the site public. Thanks
reply  Dave wrote
at 09:23PM, Mon 15 October
Hi Dave, TABA website looks good well done! from Leanne
reply  Andrew #31 wrote
at 04:06PM, Mon 15 October
its the coaches fault everytime
isnt it?
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:40PM, Thu 11 October
Think you're on the money mate!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 12:18PM, Thu 11 October
Mate, I take that back. I have also heard the same reports out of Shepp. Interesting!
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 09:43AM, Thu 11 October
WIll be good to have you guys back up a level. I'd be surprised if Shepp drop, I think you might find Latrobe Uni are more likely to step back a division. I know Coburg will be dropping back from Championship, so we could have 13 teams.
reply  The Yapper wrote
at 05:57PM, Tue 9 October
Hey David, how's things down in the Valley? Are your girls coming up to Div 1 next season? I hope so s I have plenty of family down your way and look forward to the chance to visit them next season.
reply  Trippy wrote
at 10:55PM, Wed 3 October
Hi David,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, a news story re the basketball network road shows in victoria can be viewed by clicking on this link....


reply  Wazza wrote
at 06:12PM, Fri 28 September
Thanks david. The girls done great and won from 5th position. Played hard all year and deserve the fruits of their labour.
reply  "Its more than a game!" wrote
at 07:47PM, Tue 25 September
Hey David, I invited him today but he probably getting over last night's Brownlow! I love footy mate and I played a game back in 2000 and thinking about having a run this year.
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 05:03PM, Thu 20 September
Hi David. The messageboard is set up so it won't appear until you log onto your website. I've just logged in to the mySport website so it should be there now.