Hi there, for those of you who don't know me I'm Barrie Lester, a former Australian bowler and a Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, who works for Bowls Australia in Community Development and run a B ...


replyBlest wrote
at 04:30PM, Tue 4 October
Great start to the season by the Moonee Ponds Bowls Club, well done boys!!! We had a great game against a solid outfit in the Melbourne Demons. Bring on the Bombers this Saturday.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 07:22PM, Tue 30 August
Hey mate how r ya? My family and I have moved to Geelong West Bowls Club. I might be bowlin' against ya in pennant practice in 2 weeks.
replyBlest wrote
at 04:48PM, Thu 30 June
As of Monday I will be in full training both on and off the green.
replyBlest wrote
at 11:23AM, Mon 20 June
So after taking a break from bowls and suffering from a foot injury I was glad to be back on the greens last weekend. I enjoyed two days of qualifying for the Australia Indoor. After 5 games in tricky conditions I'm happy to say I'm off to Tweed Heads August 22 - 25. Best of luck to those who I'll see at Tweed Heads.
reply  CoCo-Maree wrote
at 02:09PM, Mon 11 April
placed a message on ur blog
replyBlest wrote
at 02:57PM, Thu 17 March
Well lawn bowls always seems to throw some unexpected things at you. We lost our GF to Clayton on the weekend by 1 shot. 16 men from each team giving it 100% to be able to hold the flag. Well I'm already thirsty for revenge so it's time to hit the training track for next season. Meanwile I'm looking forward to the Australian Sides starting next weekend at Nelson Bay Bc. Big week for the Vics and myself if I have any chance on making the Australian Squad again. Good bowling to all. Best wishes Blest 122.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 06:14PM, Tue 8 March
Hey mate how r ya? Good luck in the grand final on Sunday.
replyBlest wrote
at 09:50AM, Mon 7 March
Bring on the GF...Moonee Ponds V Clayton 1pm Sunday 13th March at Mulgrave Country Club. This will be the game of the year so come along and support your team. Good bowling to all and GO MOONEE!!!!
replyBlest wrote
at 04:50PM, Fri 4 March
Hi to all bowlers out there, I hope ur enjoying ur time on the greens...Very pumped for tomoro with finals Moonee Ponds V Altona at Burwood bowls club. cheers speak soon.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:40AM, Fri 28 January
Big weekend on the greens coming up, Moonee Ponds V Altona Saturday, Club singles semi and final Sunday at MPBC. All the best on the greens everyone.
replyBlest wrote
at 09:49AM, Wed 19 January
Is glad to be back from the UK WOW what a trip. Bring on the AO.
replyBlest wrote
at 12:19PM, Fri 24 December
Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a happy and safe New year.
replyBlest wrote
at 02:32PM, Tue 21 December
Hey Jason I'm great buddy, I'm looking forward to the break over xmas and the NY. I'm hoping to catch some fish and waves back in my home town of Lakes Entrance. Keep up the good work mate, have a great Chrismas and Awesome NY. All the best in 2011 see you at the AO.
reply  CHIPPY wrote
at 01:10PM, Tue 21 December
Baz, how you been mate? all the best for christmas and the new year, catch up down at aus open.
replyBlest wrote
at 11:16AM, Mon 20 December
G'day Ash I'm good thanks looing forward to the xmas break and catching up with friends and family. I hope you are well and that you have a great xmas and NY.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 03:13PM, Sun 19 December
Hey how r ya?Merry Xmas 4 Saturday
replyBlest wrote
at 02:50PM, Tue 23 November
Well it has been a few big months of bowls playing in both the Victorian and NSW Premeir League's...Good news we made the finals, the Roselands Devils V's Warrilla Gorilla's at Warilla. Best of luck to those enjoyning a game of bowls at the moment in either social or competitive games.
replyBlest wrote
at 11:16AM, Fri 29 October
Moonee Ponds V Mentone Edge... See you all there tonight 6pm start (Mentone BC) Music, food and drinks available.
replyBlest wrote
at 09:27AM, Wed 27 October
I'm looking forward to a good hit out on the Darebin indoor tonight with Scott Mortimer one of Melbourne's best young talents. I dont train because I like it, I train because I like to win.
replyBlest wrote
at 01:40PM, Mon 25 October
Big weekend for the Moonee Men...Won both games beating Werribee and Bundoora it was Great to have Turls back in the Moonee outfit...This Friday night we have a big game against Mentone Edge at Mentone. 6pm start, see you all there.
replyBlest wrote
at 12:53PM, Wed 20 October
Double header this weekend, Moonee Ponds V Werribee Saturday. Bundoora V Moonee Ponds on Sunday...
replyBlest wrote
at 04:11PM, Fri 15 October
Well well well... I haven't seen rain like this in Melbounre for a long time. I hope we can get out on the greens tomorrow. Best of luck to all those putting a bowl down over the weekend.
replyBlest wrote
at 02:05PM, Wed 13 October
Is off to Sydney to sit in the Foxtel studios and do a wrap up of the Lawn Bowls finals at the Comm Games...
replyBlest wrote
at 10:29AM, Fri 8 October
Looking to have a christmas or birthday party somewhere soon??? www.gobowlistic.com.au
replyBlest wrote
at 10:27AM, Fri 8 October
Please feel free to contact me at Bowls Australia for all your bowls club/membership or community issues. This is my 14th season of bowls this year, so I have been bowling for half of my life WOW!!! Good bowling to everyone keep enjoying the sport.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:23AM, Fri 8 October
Well there's a fair bit happening on the bowls circuit at the moment...our Aussies are doing us proud in India against all the elements- Keep pushing guys. The NSW open entry forms are now online so make sure you check out www.bowlsaustralia.com.au Victorian Pennant is underway this weekend so good luck to those hitting the greens.
replyBlest wrote
at 04:46PM, Mon 4 October
Solid start by Moonee Ponds on the weekend with a 16-2 win over last seasons premiers...Best wishes to all our Aussie's in India YOU CAN DO IT.
replyBlest wrote
at 06:33PM, Tue 28 September
Is enjoying my time at the Australian juniors...
replyBlest wrote
at 01:58PM, Thu 23 September
It's all happening...Time to pack the bags again and join the boys at Roselands BC for another double header this weekend in the NSW Premeir League. Mt Lewis on Saturday and Engadine on Sunday. All the best to all those bowling over the weekend.
replyBlest wrote
at 09:47AM, Wed 15 September
Very cold and windy down here in tassie today...
replyBlest wrote
at 11:25AM, Mon 13 September
Is off to Tasmania tomorrow, looking forward to meeting some wonderful people from clubs all over Tassie.
replyBlest wrote
at 09:18AM, Sat 11 September
Just enjoyed a morning jog on the sunny streets of Moama, time to hit the greens for the state trials.
replyBlest wrote
at 04:08PM, Mon 6 September
It's time to start hitting the Gym gotta get the body in good shape for the long season ahead...Healthy body= Healthy Mind= Healthy Attitude.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:32AM, Fri 3 September
Is off to Sydney tomorrow to join the boys at Roselands...
replyBlest wrote
at 08:55AM, Thu 2 September
Yeah I remember speaking to you there mate...Cant believe that was four years ago...I'm trying my best to to have another crack at it one day mate.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 07:56PM, Wed 1 September
I saw you play at the Melbourne Commonwelth Games in the pairs with Lurch on the Sunday. I sat in front of some of your friends.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:21AM, Wed 1 September
Well good luck and keep enjoying it mate.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 10:18AM, Wed 1 September
I'm bowlin well. At my club the other day we had club opening day. This week comin up is 1st week of pennant practice for us and looking foward to the season. It was sad to see Corey Jones retire the other day he was great player.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 09:22AM, Wed 1 September
Hey how are ya? Hows bowls goin?Dasher
replyBlest wrote
at 10:47AM, Tue 31 August
Is back in training on the grass greens preparing for NSW Premier League this weekend. I'll be putting on the Roseland Devils gear for the first time and giving them my 100% best. Good luck on the greens.
replyBlest wrote
at 02:23PM, Mon 30 August
It's great to be back at work from my time away. I'm very happy to have qualified for the World Indoor Singles in the UK January 2011. Thank you to all my opponents over the week including the Australian Indoor singles. Well done to Brett Wilkie and all other competitors.
replyBlest wrote
at 08:19PM, Mon 23 August
Has qualified for the world indoor singles in the UK January. I have the 2nd Rd of the Aussie indoor tomorrow at Tweed Heads, having a good time on the greens.
replyBlest wrote
at 01:18PM, Tue 17 August
The bags are packed it's time to "Blow it Up" at tweed Heads Bowls Club this week for the national PBA finals. See you all there. blest #122
replyBlest wrote
at 10:49AM, Wed 4 August
I have enjoyed my rest from Bribie island, now it's time to hit the training track at Darebin Indoor. Good Bowling everyone Blow it up.
reply  cassandra millerick wrote
at 10:25AM, Wed 4 August
gday mate
hope u do well with ya bowls
Bribie Island aye, lol
its a great place aye, lol
well catche cobber
replyBlest wrote
at 03:19PM, Tue 3 August
Is Back from Bribie Island... Who's going to the Aussie Indoor August 22nd - 26th??? I will see you there... Blest122
replyBlest wrote
at 09:09AM, Tue 22 June
Has qualified for the Australian Indoor to be played in August at the Tweed Heads bowls club. I'd like to thank all my opponents for the games we played. Well done to Kingsbury and Nagambie bowls clubs for hosting the days play. Well done and good luck to all those who competed and qualified.
replyBlest wrote
at 10:39AM, Thu 10 June
Looking forward to a relaxing few days over the long weekend.
replyBlest wrote
at 02:36PM, Thu 27 May
Bring on the Gold Coast this weekend...
reply  Shazza wrote
at 05:07PM, Wed 19 May
good luck mate
replyBlest wrote
at 12:36PM, Mon 17 May
Is all set for the PBA qualifying this weekend at the Brighton Indoor...
replyBlest wrote
at 08:47AM, Wed 14 April
Is back to work after a great week away with the Victorian State Team. We finished with Silver, our rink of Mark Jacobsen, Brett Dodd, Ian Ewing and myself scored 6 wins from seven games. Well done to the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club and all those involved.
reply  Dave Devine wrote
at 09:17PM, Fri 19 March
Gday Barrie, i just wanted to say thanks heaps for your advice today im sure it will help me improve my game. In time i hope to achive half as much as you have. And remember m8 you will read about me down the track lol. And like you said today how could you not remember my last name. Thanks again Dave Devine.
reply  paul Norton wrote
at 09:57AM, Sat 13 March
hi thanks for the post glad you thought my sunnies were good,next time ask to mlook through them-awesome!! Very hot in ther west this season well into the 30's each week,though a little cooler today (sat) 27. 2nd to last round for the pennant season & we should make the finals both on sat (2 red) & thursday (1 blue).How did your pennant season go,we have 18 games plus finals over in the west,whats your set up?-" may all your bowls be effective & your life be rich"
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 08:55PM, Wed 23 December
Hi how r ya? happy xmas.Dasher
reply  trudy golding wrote
at 03:51PM, Fri 27 November
barry as a top young player im sure that during a singles game having a good marker is important could you please help raise awareness of what a good marker entails as the standard of markers at club level and zone and state level needs to be raised such as what are the duties of marker what can or cannot a marker do and what the marker needs to be paying attention to whilst marking a game and what rules of the game the marker needs to be aware of thanks i hope you can help
reply  muppy/gps wrote
at 08:41PM, Fri 9 October
Hi blest just wondering if u are playing in the moama prestige pairs this year. Me and my brother just recieved the invite and seeing you play in it last year.if so hope to see you there
reply  paul Norton wrote
at 02:13PM, Fri 28 August
got to get out of those ugly oakleys ask leif & kelsey how their Maui Jims are in a wrd fantastic!! Me i am from Wa & looking fwd to my 1st opening spring carnival at my home club safety bay taking in2 WA juniors Mat French & Rob Bell to kick some butt ! Hoping to play 1 blue (our top side) this year.Had a great bowls winter,beaten only once.Been very wet & cold here.Looking fwd to some sun. Have a great season Paul Norton
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 09:30AM, Sat 30 May
G'day again Barrie not much activity on your site for a while but here goes anyway. Could I invite you to visit this site ... http://my.sportingpulse.com/b_worrell ... and follow the link in the Sports Log. .As a very talented young male bowler in VIC ... do you have any issues about playing with females in Saturday afternoon pennant ... a competition open to talented females down there for the past 8 years but still restricted to "men only" in NSW? Please comment on my site.
reply  Ashley ''Pablo'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 07:24PM, Sun 5 April
Well done for winning the premier league game a few weeks ago. On the same day I played the division 5 grand final for Lara. We won. It was my first win in a grand final. I bowled at the 2006 Australian Classic for Victoria and won a bronze in the mixed pairs. I watched you at the Commonwelth Games and in front of your school mates.Good luck for the rest of the year and go Vics. Ash.
reply  Shazza wrote
at 02:17PM, Wed 25 March
congrats an a good tournament. may not have been the result you and your teamamtes were looking for but still a damn good effort well done!
reply  Ian Reid wrote
at 09:46PM, Mon 23 March
G'day Baz, been a while, have decided to give this bowling caper another go.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 12:00PM, Mon 2 March
Hi again Baz ... think you might get a chuckle out of the last few messages posted on my page .. they are the ones containing links in blue to other sites... "BLUE" being the operative word ...lol. Of course, by the time you get to my page, others may have posted comments which may push the messages I am referring to off the front page. To find them in that case just click on "View all" under the Message Board banner.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 10:15AM, Thu 19 February
Bad luck mate ... must have been a great game ... 10-2; 5-10; 1-3.
reply  Ranndy Stone wrote
at 11:48AM, Wed 18 February
Barrie ... Good Luck at 3pm today when you play Marc Evans in the "Round of 32" at the AO Men's Singles
reply  junior wrote
at 08:48PM, Sun 1 February
hooks lost your mob num give me a call.
well done at yallourn too. i cum in !!!!!!!!!!!
reply  Kel & Margaret Brandhoj wrote
at 08:03AM, Fri 16 January
Well done mate, great bowling at Yallourn, maybe the Australian Squad should have thought twice before dumping you. See you soon keep up the good work. Ke & Marg
reply  Prue Goonan wrote
at 06:16PM, Fri 9 January
Bad luck in Moama :(
i saw u put some good bowls in :P
better luck next time :P
reply  Hubber wrote
at 12:00PM, Thu 11 December
how you going now?
replyThe SportingPulse Team wrote
at 11:58AM, Wed 3 December
Hi Barrie.
Great to have you onboard.
Look forward to hearing all your news.
Good luck!