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    Name: Brian Minikin
    Year of birth: 
    Country: United Kingdom
    Location: Australian Capital Territory

    About me: Life is just too good...

    Sporting Interests:
    Australian Football -  West Coast
    Rugby Union -  Brumbies
    Football (Soccer)

    Favourite Players
    Current: Anyone who has a 'Go'.
    All-Time: Anyone who Had a Go....

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    Fitting in To PNG
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    reply  Claire wrote
    at 07:13AM, Tue 21 September
    Bula Brian,
    thankz for your comment will keep training hard and looking forward for the Korean team coming over.......
    reply  Taney wrote
    at 09:55PM, Wed 7 April
    Bula Brian
    We just finishd wid one tourney n we won bronze n noy its back 2 training 4 another tournament next week. n also if its ok wid you, the club has asked me go wid them to Indonesia on June than i'l have a month break in Fiji b4 cumin bek on da 1st week of August..
    Hope everythin is goin gud ova dea
    Kip in touch
    reply  Taney wrote
    at 11:24PM, Tue 22 December
    Bula Brian,
    There's not much going on this side as our first competition starts on the 16th of next month so right now we r just doing our training..Isa loloma to everybody at home. Merry x-mas n a blessed 2010..
    God bless
    reply  Minno wrote
    at 12:20PM, Mon 31 August
    Great news and heard that you won the Grand Final as well. I know you are coming back to Fiji soon but if you can hang out long enought o watch the Asian Senior Champs in play it would be a good experience for you to bring back to tell these Gals.

    Work continues on here and your managers want to keep the ball rolling that is for sure so be sure to come back and help convince the rest of the crew that hard work is both needed and worth it.. See ya soon..
    reply  Patrick Boyd wrote
    at 10:15AM, Wed 29 July
    How good is that Nick Naitanui fella going to be. Has shown signs of amazing ability in his first handful of games. Great success story for Fiji!