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11:21PM, Fri 4 May 2012


What does perspective mean? Among other things, try this: "The appearance of objects in relation to position, distance, point of view, etc".

Ah Hah! So perspective is really just the fancy way of saying that I can make things say anything depending on how I sell them. In other words, like politicians, spin things.

I was always told I was capable of selling fridges to eskimos. That is provided there is a reasonable supply of eskimos (lacking in Cairns), and, of course, fridges.

So how do I sell tonights fantastic game which finished Cairns Hawks 12 2 74 to Pyramid Power 6 13 49..?

Well, before I start, I am going to award myself a "sale" every time I prove my point. And bear in mind, this was against the top side after 5 rounds with an average winning margin of 59 points.

Hawks were missing four of their best. Farley-Smith. Michael. McConachy. Hudson. Poor puppies! We were missing Henry, Ralph, Josh, Malachi, Alfred, Jordan D, Jordan T, Leo. That's an entire midfield, with Hazman and Thuraka playing injured. Perspective. We win that one. Cha-Ching. One happy eskimo!

They had 14 scoring shots. We had 19. They were freakishly accurate. We Weren't. Still, who attacked the goal more? Perspective. Cha-Ching. Another happy eskimo.

Horror second quarter, 6 goals to 1. But who won the second half? The half that finishes the game? We did. Cha-ching.

Who won the Frees Against catagory by 135 to 6? We did. Perspective. Cha-Ching.

We even won the most players, 22 to 18. Another happy eskimo.

So, everything points to us except the actual result. But I could not be more proud of how this side threw themselves at Hawks on every possible level. The teamwork, endeavour, confidence and effort was back. Even the Hawks coach agreed we are back and have more wins just around the corner.

But the big winner tonight was the playing group. They earned respect back from so many quarters and so many people. With luck we get 5 or 6 top players back next week. Maybe, just maybe, we have ridden out the storm and will continue upwards after this performance tonight. Be proud, boys. I am.

Perspective. So many happy eskimos.


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11:46PM, Tue 8 May 2012

Wes, I will reply to this one by email as there is a few confidential things to speak of.

Reply to Jimmy

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