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03:44PM, Sun 8 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Best wishes to all for a very special new year.

As the 2012 season rapidly approaches, I am mentally and physically preparing. Firstly, myself. Doctor's visit to check cholesterol levels and that the heart is functioning properly. Heart will be needed. Psychiatric evaluation to ensure mind is in the right space to cope with another year. Consult with yogis and other holy men to consider meditation to clear mind (useful at quarter time). Physically, all limbs appear to be attached and in some sort of working order.

Now that I have checked me off, what else do I need to check?

1. Djarragun College. I plan to make a visit there to speak to boarders as soon as it appears they are back. Get them early. Really want to get Jawa, Zed, Henry, Nicholas, Harry, Garrett, Leo back on board along with some of their mates if possible. may not get them all, but need to start trying.

2. Gordonvale High. Will get there somehow. Will work a meeting on my non contact at school. Really want Robert, James, Charlie, Jordan to come back plus as many mates as possible. Will also try to tap some U14's, especially those new to high school.

3. Gordonvale State School. Now that I am there will make a real assault on kids to try out at school level, ensuring returnees and hopefully new faces for 12's, 10's and other youngsters.

4. Yarrabah. have got somee talent from there (Charlie, Choco, Robert) but believe there is more. I believe we could secure others (ie: Lesley Bagiri) if we attack early via community, rather than just school. Reckon there could be others forr all age levels if we strike now.

5. Joe McGuinness Hostel. Even though Shaq, Keron, Alfred and co would be U18, they have said they have brothers who are younger. Worth a visit to get the kids but also befriend the hostel.  

6. South of Cairns: Hope to attract Danny and Jammo, but would like them to encourage the likes of Ryan, Tim, Minnie, Sean B and others to return. I want a list that can play through the non-Djarragun times, so these local boys will be vital. Happy  also for kids like Adam and George to play up from time to time.

7. White Rock. Will be chasing Eric and David again, but will find out about kids like Wayne Stafford, Edward Wosomo and Jack Morrison. Even if they are just holiday backups.

8. Mission Impossible. Any clues on Hazman (last I heard, still in Cairns), Peter (Goompa) Tyson (wanted to play lasy year...worrth finding family and see), Derek If he lives closee to ground), Ralph (saw him last week and he said he might come back) will be welcome and followed up. Solomon Blanket is also worth contacting, even if we offer he only play when available.

We have many threats (North Cairns, AFL Cape York, Djarragun, hormones, reegistration fees, transport etc). But we also have a little time to make some things happen. Looks like a lot, but if we start now, who knows? I would love any lead that will ensure that every Pyramid Power team that pulls on a jumper is competitive.

Also, can we get Chalky, Marty and anyone else who should be in the loop a page set up here. It has been such a useful communication tool, and as a teacher I am not encouraged to have a Facebook page. Would love to expand our on-line trading of inforrmation, stories and images.

For now, Happy New Year, and bring on season 2012.



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10:51PM, Wed 11 January 2012
Get a second opinion on the mental state, any Doctor worth his salt would tell you not to continually put yourself in harms way, and Coaching is definantly that!
That said...........

Djarragun - who knows, but as I said tonight, we are going to have to try to bypass certain people, and if we can get some sort of assurance as to the colleges participation levels, i.e., will they be pushing the kids towards any program, will they allow the use of the buses to get to games etc, will they be paying the kids fees this year, then that would be a great start. We will need to organise the meeting as soon as possible with the big man, and then the college itself, to make sure we are all on the same page. This will be a massive issue for our U14, U16, U18 programs as to where we are headed for the year.

Gordonvale High - Always been an issue as to low numbers, too many Cutters in there. Remember a few years ago they won a school championship, in the 14-15 yrs old I think, and we have never really seen to many of those kids come through. A few did play for Cutters, and some, the likes of Brad George ( useful player, good family ) are now lost to the game, and do BMX instead, because of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on there.

Gordy SS - GO WESLEY GO, DA DA DA DA DA DA DUH, GO WESLEY GO............ With you now on board there, this could quite possibly be the beginning of the turn around, with new numbers hopefully pushing through in the younger ranks. When we can start to see us being able to enter 2 sides in Under 8's and 10's, we will know that we are starting to get our zone on the right page. Until these younger grades come through en masse, we will always struggle up the line. But hopefully we may also see a big improvement, in the 12's, as this is the start of the competitive grades, and also an age where kids are starting to have the penny drop as far as footy skills and ability goes. With Bruce Houghton, and Matt Allen there to hopefully assist, and Bruce telling me last year that his son will be pulling on the Teal this year, you would start to hope that your influence there will even surpass your previous big efforts, in getting AFL going in our local school, which can only benefit our club going forward. This will surely help the High School issue out in years to come as well.

Yarrabah - Sunday could tell a lot. Jimmy called Brent Snr after you left, and he didn't seem to know about the Seahawks fielding Juniors this year, but added that he was out of the loop on that one. He also added that we might have trouble anyway getting too many players from out there this year, but we told him that we were happy trying to remain vigilant as far as Yarry goes, and he did say that the boys from last year would most likely play on, and evidently his 2 are ready, willing, and as we know, certainly able. This has got to be our hunting grounds for the foreseeable future, simple. There are some 5000 people out there, and a large proportion of those are youth. If there, for arguments sake, are only 500 kids of footy age in Yarry, and the Seahawks field sides this year, they will not take half of that number. Of these " other " 250, there must surely be a massive number that would like to play, that can surely get some sort of parental help, or community help to make it happen. Even if we only got 10% of those 250, we will be a lot better off.

Joe Mc - Agree totally, and also wondering if there are any other boarding houses that we could approach. Another idea that has popped into my head, is the possibility of approaching groups that help new settling families, i.e. Nigerian or Chinese, when they come to town. A lot of these kids are natural athletes, and if their local support group has a contact for a sporting club, instead of the family trying to work it out for themselves, this could be another avenue...... Pie in the sky maybe, but who knows?

SOC - Danny, Jammo, Ryan are certain starters. Minnie has told me that he is already training, and can't wait. Not sure about Tim, but I know he enjoyed himself last year, and I would use a pretty thick pencil on him. Sean is still a 14, but could easily play up, along with Adam for sure, will have to get roids for George but I reckon.

White Rock - Who would know, Eric is also saying that he is off to Tigerland, as I think is Wosomo, but is that just BS? The others no idea.

MI - I think you'll get Ralph, and Solly, and that tall lad that always hangs out with Solly, can't remember his name?, but I think he shadows him everywhere. Good luck on the rest but.

I can see the making of a pretty good side there, but, the College as I said earlier will be a big one, and there are always outside threats, but we can only deal with what is presented to us, and we normally do that pretty well. If we strike now, put things in place early, organise the best possible draw for the college, I think that is all we can do, and let the cards fall where they may.

That said, if you speak to any of the boys who are certainties, maybe a gentle bit of persuasion, might help to get a friend or two our way, from other clubs or codes?

It might also be a time to start to find businesses and sponsors, who may be able to offer the older kids jobs, because while we may not be paying them, we could be seen as helping them along another of lives paths, and getting our fees at the same time. Just an idea?

2012, it will be interesting for sure, but aren't they all?

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