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11:50PM, Sat 7 August 2010

Its Time for a Change

Politics it seems is becoming more and more like a sport every day. Competitive, requiring training and physical effort with the outcome of the grand final - Election day, a ticket to power and riches. We live in a democratic country but is the way we go about governance really democratic. 2 parties dominate the political landscape in Australia. Our vote generally goes towards a person who represents a community, the electorate, but when it comes to voting for bills or debating issues, that person simply follows party policy and no longer represents the electorate. Yes yes I know, we are supposed to vote for the person who MOST represents our our views, but the reality is that no party ever truly represents the feelings of the people. If this were so, the same party would win all the time because WE would be happy. Ask yourself this: "How often do you communicate with your member?". Generally speaking, it is never, unless of course you happen across them at election time when they finally come out of hiding and stroll amongst the people. I'd like to suggest now that we have got it all wrong and it is time for a change. Party politics is ruining the country. Parties on opposite sides of the house often argue against something just because they feel they have to. They are after all the Opposition. But how ludicrous is that. Are these members now arguing for the electorate? The answer is NO and no matter how politicians would like to argue differently this is just plain true. I'd like then to suggest a a fundamental change to our political landscape, because, its TIME. First of all we do away with political parties. Let the people choose their representatives as the person who will best represents their consensus views and the interest of the electorate they live in. The representatives will now need to work hard to actually find out from their electorate how they stand on specific issues. For Government, let his electoral college of representatives choose from their ranks the best people to implement policy as collectively agreed by the College and ensure the Public service then manages these decisions according to the will of the people. The electoral college chooses cabinet. Cabinet monitors the day to day running of government. But what about opposition? you ask. Well there is no need for opposition just for the sake of it. On every issues debated in the house the elected representatives take the side of the debate that best represents their electorates feelings on the matter. Bills are passed based on consensus or majority view in the same way as they are now, but not at the whim of the political parties. The Senate would operate in the same way. There is the option of having the people choose the Prime Minister, but it would save millions of dollars if this process was eliminated. Imagine how much money could actually be re-directed to national building without the waste generated by election campaigns and party politics. No need for boring national posturing by two leaders who less than half of the population think would make good leaders for the country. Best of all the people might just have their say once and for all.. Ah well... If only I ruled the world.... Cup of tea??? Cartoon From

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12:54PM, Tue 10 April 2012
Hear hear Brian...I'm all for it. Having political parties just creates unnecessary waste of time on debates just so that MP's can justify their sitting allowance...
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