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10:29AM, Fri 31 July 2009

World Swimming - What A Joke!

Can someone please sit the heavyweights of FINA down and slap them about until they wake up to themselves and understand that the world is currently laughing at them! The current World Swimming Championships and the ridiculous situation with these 'floating devices' they call swimsuits has cast a huge dark cloud over the sport.

Seconds are being smashed off world records courtesy of a swimsuit, not sheer talent. And then, to make matters worse, FINA tells the world that the suits will be banned from future meets but the current records (set with the suits) will stand.

What? Are you for real? That's like telling the V8 Supercar drivers that they can have two engines in the car instead of one for the next race and every record they set will stand, even though they must return to one engine from then on.

It's like strapping an outboard motor to a horse in the Melbourne Cup for one year only and letting the race record time stand for all time.

Grant Hackett's 800mtr world record was smashed by seven seconds by a swimmer who looked like he was floating on the water. He looked like a hovercraft. These hydrofoil swimsuits give swimmers an unfair advantage, it is no longer a pure and natural sport.

The big question now is if FINA admits that these suits should be banned, why on earth would you allow world records that were set by swimmers wearing them to stand?

More than 100 world records have been set with these new-age suits. Let's get back to basics and make all swimmers jump into the pool wearing their birthday suits! Imagine the television ratings? Swimming would be the most popular sport in the world! 

We all know that an ostrich hides its head in the sand, but can it drown in a pool of water?

Wake up, FINA! 

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10:50AM, Fri 31 July 2009
Not sure about the birthday suits mate, but yes what a debarcle this event is. 5 world records per day - the swimmers know why, we know why, it just makes a joke of the concept of a world record. When the development of a material has more bearing on records than the development of the athletes there's something seriously wrong.

And as for FINA - the way they have handled this topic is up there with the AFL and Demetriou denying the tanking factor in terms of priority picks. It's not controversy, it's just common sense (or lack thereof).
Reply to Sam Fewster
06:51PM, Fri 31 July 2009
i agree brin back the old swimsuits and make the swimmers earn their world records fair and square.
Reply to Shazza
05:35PM, Wed 12 August 2009
FINA has been digging itself into a great big hole for a number of years with the various versions of the streamlined swimsuits. They should have been outlawed from the start, but no FINA just sat on its hands. Just about every world record has been broken muliple times in the last few years by swimmers wearing the new streamlined swimsuits. Up until the fiasco of the 2009 World Championships, FINA was turning a blind eye to the fact that the only way for a swimmer to compete (& break records) was for them to wear a new streamloned swimsuit. Any swimmer who could not get hold of a new streamlined swimsuit did not have a chance competing against the new streamlined swimsuited competitors. I thought that swimming competition was about the ability of the swimmer not the ability of the swimsuit manufacturer. FINA's response to the super suits just shows that they stuffed up big time!
Reply to Alastair Graham

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