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01:03PM, Wed 27 May 2009

Will The V-Bomber Come Home?

With Newcastle dropping out of the English Premier League's top flight, is the time right for Aussie Mark Viduka to head home and finish off his illustrious career in the A-League?

The great man doesn't need the money that comes with an EPL contract any longer, he's been well looked after as a genuine superstar of the game in Europe for the past 15 years, so perhaps the time is right to return to his family here in Melbourne.

Imagine the V-Bomber playing for Melbourne Victory next season? You'd get an extra 5000 fans to every home game for sure!

C'mon Mark, come home mate and give us a glimpse of your talents before you hang up the boots for good!

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03:06PM, Wed 27 May 2009
Nice in theory, but he's been earning around $A150,000 per week at Newcastle, and if he can stick out another 1-2 seasons in England, or elsewhere in Europe earning decent coin, he will. Even as a squad player at a mid-range Premiership or Serie A club, he'll get at the vert least $A50,000 per week, a nice little earner to come off the bench and score a few goals I would've thought. He could do worse than follow Harry Kewell to Turkey, whilst he's not earning the same amount as he did at Liverpool, he's playing regularly in a slower tempo league (the EPL is one of the most physically taxing leagues in the world) and playing Eurpoean football.

The only way I can see a return back to Oz is if he has a financial interest in the proposed 2nd Melbourne A-League team and he plays the odd game when he feels like it.
Reply to MoonBoots
04:30PM, Thu 28 May 2009
Word has it that he might have a big interest in Melbourne's second team!
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