played touch for a few years now on and off played in the state comp and for the state played. a bit of rugby league off and on for a bit now . manly play fullback or center in touch the teams that i ...
08:09PM, Sun 29 March 2009

will be a very insteresting season in the nrl

yet anther close game

hi there im writing this  because its will be a very insteresting season 

its allready round 3 and so far its been all over the place and this second ref thing i think is making the game worse off the players cannot play as they were in previous seasons so a much poorer game in the long run

i don't think manly will get into the grand final this year as they had too many mistakes well one mistake was with the full back i play full back myself and from my point of veiw he was far too far back not in a very good place on the feild and way too many gaps in defence if the oppsing team finds a gap or hole in any kind they are as good as lost before it allready begun all the teams been making plenty of mistakes during the game i think the top 8 will probley be in this order

rabbitohs,broncos, bulldogs, storm ,raiders , eels ,tigers ,knights, roosters problay in that order or not if there have not been making too many mistakes and other problems with the current game this as follows

too many droped balls

kicking fouls

trys not awarded when one is

time off and on

well goto go if anyone thinks of anything please add a comment

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10:23AM, Sat 30 May 2009
wat team do u play for i play for hinchinbrook hornets u

Reply to Alaa malti
05:42PM, Mon 8 June 2009
home bush thunder
Reply to Sharky

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