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11:08AM, Wed 18 March 2009

Bowled over by Arch and The Yapper at Shepparton

Bowled over by Arch and The Yapper at Shepparton

There are some matches in your career you remember for the great skills on display, some for a thrillingly close finish, others for the trophies and prize-money you win. But there are some you remember for different reasons...

It was great fun to be part of the Arch vs The Yapper lawn bowls challenge at Shepparton Park Bowls Club and nice to have a bit of a day off. Mucking around and having fun was a welcome change from the serious business of the Australian Open.

The toss of the coin decided the teams so it was Glenn and I against and Sam [Shannahan] and The Yapper.

Right from the start, there was one element of the game where the boys really out-did Sam and I: sledging!

As soon as we got on the green, those two were at each other, which provided a lot of entertainment for Sam and I.

They were very evenly matched in the sledging department, so I couldn't say who was the winner there.

Naturally, Sam and I followed the etiquette of lawn bowls to the letter and retained our composure throughout.

Well, on to the bowling... I was amazed how quickly they both picked it up, having not really played before. Lawn bowls can be tricky for beginners to pick up right away. I was impressed!

True to his AFL days, Glenn showed a natural gift for crashing through the pack and scattering bowls with a couple of impressive drives.

The Yapper was no slouch either. A couple of well-weighted shots from him showed some definite potential.

So I bet you’re wondering who won? That would be telling! You’ll have to wait and check out the fun and games on the next installment of Arch vs The Yapper.

Thank you to everybody on myBowls who left me a message on my website. It was lovely to read them all.

Best wishes.




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11:26AM, Wed 18 March 2009
I reckon the Yapper and Sam would have won..... no physical contest and the Yapper has better touch! Look forward to the video!
Reply to David
12:47PM, Wed 18 March 2009
was the yapper there? nice photos...but the yapper must have been doing an interview for foxsports or something at the time?!
Reply to Andy Collins

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