Hi. My name’s Tracy and I’m from McKinney, Texas. I've played basketball in Greece, Ireland and Turkey, and have played for Adelaide Link Lightning in the WNBL since 2006. We are the current WNBL ...
02:08PM, Thu 12 March 2009

Team spirit lifts Lightning after semi-final defeat

Team spirit lifts Lightning after semi-final defeat

Now that the season has ended for the Adelaide Link Lightning, it gives me the chance to write about something other than our weekly on-court battles.

We're very lucky to have a great bunch of girls here at Adelaide and there are certainly a few characters amongst them.

Cayla Francis would have to be the equivalent of the class clown. We never know what we're going to get with her. She can be that incredibly goofy and silly, but she is always entertaining - a real asset to the team.

We all get along really well, but when it comes to competitions at training, the gloves come off. We're all super competitive, even with shooting drills, counting our shots as loud as possible to drown out the group down the other end of the court.

I suspect a bit of cheating goes on though, I've often heard, “Six! Seven! Eight! Ten!” - though only from the other end, of course.

There's usually so much chatter going on when we're on the bus together, that conflicting tastes in music don't often arise, with the one exception that my beloved country music has - outrageously! - been banned outright. Every time I've tried to put it on, I quickly get out-voted.

I might get myself into a bit of trouble by saying this, but I think there's definitely a coach's pet at the Lightning. In every team some people can get away with things that the rest of the team gets pulled up on. It wouldn't be fair to name names - I'll leave you to guess who it is...

I've been in Australia for three years now and I still absolutely love life here and I've made some wonderful friends.

I guess it’s hard on my family back in the US, because Australia is a bit like my second home now. They're always asking when I'm coming to visit.

I was considering playing in Europe right after the WNBL season was over, but I think I'll take some time off. As I get that little bit older, I like to rest up and ensure that I'm fresh and ready to go for the start of next season.

Even though we'd all much rather be playing in it than watching, I think the girls will probably get together to watch the Grand Final between Canberra and Bulleen on Friday night.

Grand Finals are always an exciting time, even if you're watching from the sidelines. It should be a fantastic contest between two great teams.

Best wishes to all the girls involved.

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