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10:09PM, Sat 6 September 2008


A shame that more weren't there to see Kirk and Bolton play out of their Jolly's 50 hitouts!

Now Buddy is an absolute champ, but could learn a lot from watching Kirk - Franklin looking at himself on the big screen all night drives me crazy (then again, he has 20-odd chances to check himself out and with some of the stuff he does on the field, I'd probably do the same)!  Kirk was brilliant tonight when the game was there to be won.

Ah, Shannon Grant has just retired - maybe he should have stayed at the Swans!

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11:11AM, Sun 7 September 2008
Forgotten hero in the Sydney win was Amon Buchanan. He played a blinder, as did Ryan O'Keefe. Kirk and Jolly were superb, Jude Bolton had 10 tackles, and Cracker Jack held Wells to three touches in the second half (plus the young kid kicked three goals!)

You can't write the Swans off. You have to respect them.
Reply to The Yapper
11:31AM, Sun 7 September 2008
Good win by the swans it was looking very good for north early in the game. I am usually a big fan of the channel 10 coverage (mainly because they don't show it 2 hours delayed) but they should not commentate swans games. They are so biased towards the swans, and what makes it worse is that you cant mute them no put the radio on because the radio is 5 seconds ahead.
Reply to Azza
09:53PM, Sun 7 September 2008
why do you reckon they love the swans?
Reply to Andy Collins

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