It takes Mr. Busy just seconds to do something that would take us half an hour. He is always on the go, and expects others to keep up with him. Which, of course, they can't. ...
01:14PM, Wed 13 August 2008

Olympics Wrap - Speak Up!

Come on you lot, speak up and tell it like it is. Stop hiding in the dark, don't let the Chinese tanks and heavy armoured vehicles scare you, pick the Olympics apart and speak your mind. For the faint-hearted, I'll get you started.

1) If the Chinese have spent the reported 'millions' of dollars on reducing smog then they have been RIPPED OFF!

2) For an Olympic games that has sold every ticket available, someone has obviously forgotten to print the date and time of the events on the tickets because NOBODY IS SHOWING UP!

3) The Chinese reportedly did months of training in speaking English so as they could make the athletes and visitors feel at home, but obviously learning how to CHEER & SUPPORT wasn't on the agenda!

4) The venue look fantastic, the Chinese have done a magnificent job. What a pity they wreck it by positioning tanks out the front! Great look guys, great look!

5) And finally, one for our very own Australian television network covering the games - Channel 7. Can someone please tell me the sporting prowess of Sonia Kruger? You don't send an electrician to paint a house, so why send Kruger to cover sport? What an absolute joke!

Now, don't hold back......speak up!

The Yapper has spoken!

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01:22PM, Wed 13 August 2008
I read a news report from the States that some of the olympic opening ceremony was recorded 12 months earlier, when the skies were clear. The bit where the fireworks made big footprints across the city towards the 'birds nest'. So billions of viewers were treated to a bit of video footage during the opening ceremony. Also in the report was that the little chinese girl who sang at the ceremony, only got the gig at the last minute because she was pretty. She lip synced the voice of the girl deemed too ugly to be the face of china.
Reply to Ned
01:23PM, Wed 13 August 2008
Sonia Kruger probably got her gig for the same reason as the chinese girl.
Reply to Ned
01:29PM, Wed 13 August 2008
Well it worked for Milli Vanilla. She is a very cute girl but obviously no Nikki Webster.

Yapper - good to have you back, wherever you are.

As for Channel 7 - last night they cut the basketball off after half time... what do they expect us to do then? What's the point watching it? Tell me your thoughts Yapper.
Reply to Sam Fewster
01:37PM, Wed 13 August 2008
With 8 swimming world records in 4 days of competition, there is a lot of speculation as to the reason - is it the laser suits, is the pool 'fast', is it the lane ropes???? Even Susie 'Madame Butterfly' O'Neill has no idea as to why!!

Well my thoughts are that the chinese are doping the food that ALL the athletes are eating at the athletes village. So when it comes to drug testing the athletes, EVERYONE will have a positive test (not just the Chinese) and there will be such a huge uproar, that every world record will stand!!!
Reply to Ali
01:39PM, Wed 13 August 2008
Mate, the way the Boomers played last night, I was hopeful Channel 7 didn't return after the first ad break! What a mess that was! If they Aussies keep playing like that I've heard they might be conscripted into the Chinese Army to toughen up a bit!
Reply to The Yapper
01:54PM, Wed 13 August 2008
A brilliant decision to give the games to China!!! Smogged out, no one turns up, if you do you aren't allowed near the joint (see the road race finish). But worst of all is Channel 7's constant attempts to try have their cake and eat it too. Play one sport and the chop and change to the others becuase we are doing well. Or their a heat at the swimming, their treatment of the Boomers on Sunday night was an absolute disgrace and i haven't stayed on Channel more then 20 seconds since.
Reply to Reg Daddy
01:55PM, Wed 13 August 2008
Great conspiracy theory Ali, love it.
Reply to The Yapper
02:18PM, Wed 13 August 2008
I liked it too Yapps. I am not only the guru of netball, I am also the master of conspiracy theories!!
Reply to Ali
04:06PM, Wed 13 August 2008
As for the smog, word has it that Eddie Murphy has been venturing around Beijing stuffing bananas in the exhaust pipes of cars!
Reply to The Yapper
06:28PM, Wed 13 August 2008
Olympic Games? Are you sure it's not just the World Swimming Championships? Seriously, every time I switch on to Channel 7 we've got action from the 'Water Cube'. And when they finally show something else, like the Men's hockey, halfway through the game we get a 'and we'll leave the hockey there for a moment, let's go to the pool to watch some Aussie hack in the 200m backstroke who's gonna finish 6th in the heat...' I can't wait until our over-rated and over-hyped (save for Rice and Jones) paddlers are locked away for another 4 years.

Thank goodness for SBS, who once again provide a professional and unbiased coverage of all sports. Soccer, basketball, weightlifting, volleyball, water polo, now that's what I'm talking about!!
Reply to MoonBoots
10:09AM, Thu 14 August 2008
If Channel 7 keep showing Stephanie Rice's medal ceremony I'll spew up. The girls looks great, she has performed magnificently, but I want to see live action, even if it's some crappy sport. STOP THE REPLAYS OF THE REPLAYS!
Reply to The Yapper

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