How about those Diamond's eh? ...
12:21PM, Thu 17 July 2008

Really? A chick who dunks?

The Under 16 nationals are on currently in Kalamunda in Perth.  I'm here, partly for the tournament, partly to spend some time with BWA, and partly to annoy Hoody that I am staying at the beach and he is not.

BA run three under age national tournaments as state based competitions.  The Under 16's, U18's and 20's.  I think the 20's is superflous and I like the 18's a lot but the 16's are my fav.  I was first on the organising committee of an Under 16's nationals back in 1995, when Geelong hosted the event.  I made everyone do computer stats and all that stuff, which probably everyone curses me for now. 

The Under 16's is my fav because for many of these kids its the first time they have represented their state.  They might have had an opportunity to contest the National Under 14 club championships, but this is often their first major rep gig.  This means more parents come, and grandparents, and idiots like me who just like these tourney's.

There is some great talent on display.  Check out this kid.

Tippet is in her second U16 national championships at the tender age of 15.  Last year, as a BOTTOM age player she managed just 15 points and 11.9 rebounds per game.  As a top age player she is third in scoring with 22.8 pts per game and is collecting 16.6 rebounds, which is the best in the tourney.  She is long and athletic and people were telling me this week she can dunk a volleyball.  The world might well just be her oyster......especially given how BA have a knack for turning these young prodigies into genuine superstars (yes, I'm talking about LJ).  Oh yeah, her stats are all there in the link, including her game by game playing log - go SP!

And apparently she is related to a couple of Tippet's playing AFL.

The men's comp has thrown up some great teams.  Vic metro and country, SA Metro and NSW Metro are all in the mix for finals.  New Zealand have been tough, winning their first three before falling to Nth Qld, then Vic Country (a thrashing) before boucning back with a single digit loss to NSW Metro.

But the highlight has been the people.  Terry and his wife Marion seem to be driving forces behind this event.  Marion supervising a canteen that was completed just a day before the tourney opened and Terry overseeing the tourney operationally.   Van, Webby, Leash and Mr Bell have been stalwarts as volunteers this week.  Van has driven more miles than Peter Brock this week - including chaufering me up and down the Hill to the spectacular Wattle Grove Hotel for the first three days of the event (before I moved to the beach).

ok, enough of being nice to people back to the stats...did i mention that Tippett had 27 blocked shots in five games?

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12:31PM, Thu 17 July 2008
So, can she dunk or not?
Have you seen it ?- I mean Sam can dunk a tennis ball!
Impressive stats - what size is she?
Reply to BR
12:42PM, Thu 17 July 2008
I bet she gets plenty of Tip-ins!
Reply to The Yapper
12:43PM, Thu 17 July 2008
Hey, if we can ban forum users can we ban noggin heads who make bad puns?
Reply to MC
02:04PM, Thu 17 July 2008
Nice Story MC....impressive Stats.

If your near the Vic Country U16 Girls shout out to Tanarly Hood and Carly Mullen-Bianconi, both Latrobe CIty Energy girls for me.

Also have a beer with Dave Mc - Team manager for the U16 Boys (another MySport member!)...would be nice to be there swanning around like yourself!
Reply to David
02:07PM, Thu 17 July 2008
Go easy BR, i could dunk at her age, not sure i can even grab the ring anymore! Just an old geezer now like you blokes.

U16s seems to be the best place for talent spotting, true?

This girls stats are pretty handy, she's Marcus Camby and Kevin Garnett in one!
Reply to Sam Fewster
08:31PM, Thu 17 July 2008
impressive stats - good post, great widget. we need to get photos into these player stats! anyone got a camera?
Reply to Andy Collins

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