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01:08AM, Wed 9 July 2008

Nick Off' almost notches up its first W

Nick Off' almost notches up its first W

Well game 2 was a stark contrast from our first game. After a bit of an awakening the boys sharpened up their skills and with a bit of help from gun recruit Damien Smith (good work there Nick) the boys almost topped the fancied Celtics (minus Rondo, Pierce, KG and co).

We hit the lead early on with some straight shooting from AC 'Stix' Collins, managing to hold the lead for the majority of the first half. He went from agent zero (field goals made last week) to 'i've been practising my jumpshot dont leave me open or you'll pay' and they did. After he hit his first jumpshot every time he got the ball within range he took more stuttering baby steps than Brent Harvey about to step around a defender, getting in a comfortable spot to hit the next one and sign his name on the floor

The tempo seemed a bit slower than last week, maybe because the ball went through more hands, and entered the key a lot more, with the Celtics looking first to go inside almost every time (where last week anything within 30 feet was cash money), it was an active 40 minute effort for Maywald keeping their big guys at bay at both ends. The introduction of Andy Maywald is highly anticipated, the press is already talking about the 'Maywald Towers' and how with 'Bodybag' Irvine and BRicci to come the key is likely to become the most dangerous place in the west outside the US/Mexico border.

Damo's defense was a big plus, mopping up loose balls while generally making the opposition feel uneasy when he was anywhere near the ball. While at the other end, his outside shooting and attack of the basket put him a class above anyone else on the night.

While fatigue set in late in the game, we dropped to about 10 points behind, but the boys managed to pull of some big defensive plays. Damo hit 3 or 4 late 'quick draw' 3's straight off the hip and Maywald even got in on the action catching the defense unawares for a nice 3 pointer to keep his stat sheet full like Rasheed Wallace.

We pulled to within a few points, but and ended up going down by 4 - 56-52.

Defensively, the fact that the opposition didnt hit 14/18 3's as they did last week meant that our anticipated man defense was put on ice for another week.

Offensively we moved the ball better than last week, also shooting better from outside and making a few more cuts attacking the key. Still plenty of room for improvement though, which will no doubt come with time. All in all a solid second-up effort, now we have the confidence that we can play in this league, hopefully our first W wont be too far off if we can continue to build on this improvement.

Thanks again to Baseline Regs for filling in. I heard he made it back to South Morang at roughly 3am.

Yapper was nowhere to be seen.... Rumor has it he was working all night on Tuesday's 'Who Am I' list of mySport mystery sports celebrity subjects. Rumors are also circling that the SportingPulse.TV team is busy in the editing room working on the highlight reel....

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01:08PM, Wed 9 July 2008
what about hops fooster?
i know its hard to talk about yourself, but the boards from the 2/3 position were invaluable - if we all had the foosball energy, we would have won. i reckon we have had 6 fast break points in 2 weeks.
we probably didn't expect to win the game based on last week's performance, so there's a lesson there about taking opportunities as they are presented. getting back from 11 down late in the game was a good effort.
good update
Reply to Andy Collins

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