12:51AM, Fri 4 July 2008

Common sense prevails down at windy hill

Common sense prevails down at windy hill
Good to see Lucas and Fletcher get re signed by the bombers ending speculation that lucas would not re sign to a one year deal.  It would be fair to say that Lucas has been the best player at the club in the last 2 or 3 years and whilst on the surface asking for a 2 year deal seems fair enough, in the current climate with the speed of the game changing so rapidly a one year deal is a much smarter approach.  Hopefully lucas can follow the shane crawford path and sign one year deals for the next 2 or 3 years and keep giving the bombers that match winning option, that they will need whilst the young key forwards like gumbleton, neagle and co are still developing. 
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09:35AM, Fri 4 July 2008
Totally agree with you Azza. Lucas has been a great player for the club and it would be good to see him finish his career with the Dons, even though alot of people though we should trade in exchange for, for instance, a second round draft pick. Fletcher is extraordinary. Our backline will be stuffed when he leaves.
Reply to Patrick Boyd
09:52AM, Fri 4 July 2008
oh, when i read the headline i thought it was about sacking knights...

Reply to Andy Collins
10:14AM, Fri 4 July 2008
Knights has a lot more respect from the players than ratten. how could you hire a coach on the back of a perfoct 0-8 record?
Reply to Azza

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