It takes Mr. Busy just seconds to do something that would take us half an hour. He is always on the go, and expects others to keep up with him. Which, of course, they can't. ...
11:23AM, Mon 30 June 2008

Kangas Their Own Worst Enemy

I know the responses will come thick and fast from North Melbourne supporters, but before you start typing away in frustration to my comments, think about it first and tell me, honestly, if I'm wrong?

The Kangas let their fans down on Saturday night against St Kilda. They could have won and should have won, but they didn't and they might be made to pay for it come round 22 when they miss the finals. For all the usual talk about the Shinboner's Spirit, such attributes were lacking on the Gold Coast.

After beating Hawthorn and demanding respect from all and sundry, North were brought back to earth with an almighty thud against the Saints who, it must be said, are also far from a worthy finals contender.

The Kangas had plenty of players not up to scratch, which is disappointing given the pride they take in being the underdogs in most games. The supporters were let down. The coach was let down. It was a woeful performance after quarter-time.

So what now for North Melbourne? Can they make the finals? Do they deserve to make the finals? Can they put this loss behind them and rediscover the form of just one week earlier?

The fact is this, and I'd be interested to hear if North Melbourne fans actually own up to it. In my opinion, North Melbourne fans walk a tightrope. Rarely do they ever go into a game 100 per cent confident of victory, rather there is always some hesitation or a nagging thought in the back of their mind that their team over-achieves for the most part and a touch or reality is always just around the corner.

Am I wrong? Was any North supporter truly that shocked that their team lost to St Kilda, or was it more a case of "It was only a matter of time!"

Yep, they have great spirit down at the Kangas, but that will only win you so many games each year. I think deep down that North supporters know this only too well.

The Yapper has spoken!


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11:36AM, Mon 30 June 2008
I think that the Roos will finish 5th to 8th but like all the teams that fill those spots, they are just making up the numbers. The top 4 look clearly better that the rest and I will be very surprised if these 4 teams don't playoff in preliminary final weekend. Adelaide, Brisbane, Collingwood and the Kangas look the most likely to fill these positions but the Saints and the Blues are not without a chance.

Week 1 Cats V Swans and Hawks V Dogs look the likely match ups.
Week 2 Swans v Crows and Hawks v Lions
Week 3 Cats v Hawks and Dogs v Swans
Week 4 Cats v Dogs

Sorry Yapper can't see the Swannees getting through to the gig one in September.
Reply to BR
11:41AM, Mon 30 June 2008
Yapper we've been like this for years. I dont think there would be a Roos supporter, or anyone else for that matter that would disagree with you.

The fact is though, we're not a top 4 side, so we shouldnt expect to beat St Kilda, despite how well we played last week. We're still a young side, so we are still inconsistent. Have you seen our injury list? Those guys arent easy to replace with rookies, which is what we're trying to do now. The fact is, unless we're at full strength it's much easier for opposition teams to attack our weaknesses, which is youth at this stage, and that's why we're seeing some ordinary performances.

To be honest, as a supporter i've seen more positives this year so far that i did for all of last year. Seeing Wellsy starting to lead other players, our defensive players starting to show some signs of the stallwarts of the 90s under pressure, the chasing/tackling of players like Campbell, Power and Thomas. All of this stuff wins games, and i'm quietly confident that it wont be too long before we are a top 4 side again.
Reply to Sam Fewster
08:03PM, Mon 30 June 2008
Well i sure do disagree. we do NOT go into games thinking we're OVER achieving. When we lose, we have UNDER achieved. And if we miss the finals it's more to do with your mob cheating!!!!!!!!!!! remember that one?!!!
Reply to Pink Kangaroo
07:36PM, Thu 3 July 2008
I'd agree with all the comments as they possibly all have some truth to them. However, isn't it the case that each of our teams "let's us down" at times. As the Pink Kangaroo says, we expect to win every game and the Saints match was no different to any other. It's disappointing to lose, of course but, that is the difference between "true blue supporters", and mere spectators, for Kangas and every other team on earth - blind faith. Go the Roos!!!
Reply to lav

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