Im 20 years old, play netball, basketball and go cycling and the occasional run. I love my sport and dont know where I would be without it. ...
11:43AM, Thu 22 May 2008

im back

well i know its been a while since i last wrote but im back. we lost the grand final by about 4 points, but it wasnt too bad. i was able to play, but now have to strap my ankles all the time :'(. its not good but i have got to get used to it. now i a m playing netball for good old corio (near geelong), but we are actually not going too bad (the a graders anyway) becasue we now have rossi (used to play for firebirds). im playing bz, which isnt too bad coz im 16, but my friend who is 15 is playing az...but then again she is really good lol. well i should really get back to training tonight as well as basketball so will have fun :D

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02:36PM, Tue 27 May 2008
i hate strapping as well, i have to get both ankles and a knee done for football.
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