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10:13AM, Thu 15 May 2008

ShadowPulse train keeps on rollin'

ShadowPulse train keeps on rollin'

The boys were minus mvp candidate Cade Bryant last night leading up to our toughest test of the season. The 2nd placed Raiders had a good lead at half time but the SP moved to a full court press, and started taking our time more in offense, resulting in better shots and we took the lead halfway through the second half, managing to hold onto a 10 point win.

Special note to Bubsy KG Lomer hit a number of big shots over tight defense towards the end of the game to put a small gap in the scoreline.

Ash Wednesday Davidson played through a sore back, affording us the luxury of having 1 sub, which was good. Didnt take him long to get into the game despite his injury, hitting a 3 pointer no more than 15 seconds after walking onto the court.

It should be said that a dazzling behind the back pass late in the game would've surely made ESPNs top 10 plays of the day had Baff hit a layup!

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10:26AM, Thu 15 May 2008
Well done Sam - you're carrying that team. Shame about Baff.
Go Roos!

Reply to Glenn Archer
10:31AM, Thu 15 May 2008
Sorry Sam. I was SOO excited when the pass hit me that I stuffed it up.
Reply to BAFF
12:19PM, Thu 15 May 2008
Whose turn for the aorund the back pass next week?
Reply to Reg Daddy

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