It takes Mr. Busy just seconds to do something that would take us half an hour. He is always on the go, and expects others to keep up with him. Which, of course, they can't. ...
12:04PM, Mon 28 April 2008

Swans Bashers Need To Stop Sooking

Swans Bashers Need To Stop Sooking

Here we go, I've got the hard hat on and I'm ready to cop every form of abuse that will predictably flow my way from these comments I'm about to make, but it's about time someone spoke up and defended the playing style of the Sydney Swans.

I'm sick of hearing all the sooking about Sydney's style of play, their shut-down mentality and thirst for a physical contest. If it's within the rules of the game and produces wins, then why wouldn't they do it? If the negating, flooding, hard in and under game brings out the best in the playing group, why the hell would they change it?

Some of the sooks out there need to understand that at AFL level it is all about winning! Just ask any player, coach or club official. It's not about playing a style of football that doesn't suit the players and losing by 10 goals every week. That's the way Melbourne is going about their footy at the moment and we all know where they are on the ladder!

Do you think for one minute Paul Roos gives a stuff what Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond, North Melbourne or Essendon supporters think? When Sydney won the flag in 2005 did Roos apologise for the way his team plays the game? Absolutely not!

Sydney aren't breaking any rules, they are playing the game they believe brings out the best in them and exposes weaknesses in the opposition. When the Swans are sitting down the bottom of the ladder and failing miserably because of their game plan, then all of you sooks can point the finger and complain, but until then perhaps you're better off looking at where your own team can improve.

The Yapper has spoken!

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12:28PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Hey Yapper. I ain't sooking - just stating the fact that it is SHITE to watch!

Reply to Nick Maywald
12:33PM, Mon 28 April 2008
I cant stand flooding, any team that cant back their defenders to beat the oppositions forwards should not be playing in the competition, they should be in a domestic league if they cant play 1 on 1. Everyone knows punching is easier than marking, why do you need all those extra players in the backline? The game is about courage, desperation, teamwork and skill. By flooding you are choking all of those great aspects.

It's just rubbish to watch. The Swans flooded from the opening bounce of the first quarter.
Reply to Sam Fewster
12:37PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Paul Roos should front the AFL Commission on the charge of bringing the game into disrepute - I refuse to watch a swans match now - boring boring boring! Hope the cats smash em again and they go back to the drawing board to find a new game plan.
Reply to BR
12:41PM, Mon 28 April 2008
I think it is quite funny that the first three people I wanted to hook with my comments have all lived up to expectations and come forth with their opinions. Now all I need is Andrew Collins to be the next one in here and I've hooked the quartet. Easiest catch of the day goes to The Yapper.........too easy!
Reply to The Yapper
12:46PM, Mon 28 April 2008
the swans are great but YOU SUCK
Reply to Andy Collins
12:48PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Ahhh, there we go. All four stitched up in one foul swoop!
Reply to The Yapper
01:09PM, Mon 28 April 2008
So Yapper, you obviously agree with all of us if you only put that post up for a reaction.

Even the Swans fans are bagging the team now.. Good stuff Yapper, i reckon you should get in touch with Roosy and give him a piece of your mind.
Reply to Sam Fewster
02:40PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Keep talking Sammy! I want to try and get 15 responses by the end of the day, so I'm........... halfway there, whoooaaaaa, we're living on a prayer!
Reply to The Yapper
03:18PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Ninth comment... Nothing to say... except the last minute was the most exciting moment of the entire match!
Reply to Clarky
06:56PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Ah well better make a comment , You won't like it though , I don't mind the Swans , They play tactical football , and Roos'y can only work with what he has got . They can play attacking football when thay want , but it all depends on the opposition , If teams are not good enough to adapt to the swans way and beat them at their own game then stiff . What's wrong with one on one football any way , the only reason the Swans play kick to kick is because the opposition won't play one on one . THINKING FOOTBALL that;s what that is . Actually Footy Darts is more exciting .
Reply to Dazza
11:54PM, Mon 28 April 2008
Good to see that the Swannies game plan is evolving - they obviously thrown in the 19 man option!
Reply to BR
03:58PM, Wed 30 April 2008
I don't know much about game plans and such, I just like to go watch the footy and I do know the rules. I've been going for nearly 20 years now. But I did notice that they do really play rubbish football.... no offence, just it is incredibly boring to watch and Swans supporters should be annoyed they aren't getting their money's worth for the lack of entertainment. Also agree with BR, hehehe. And sorry Yapper I can't speak to you about that other post, I'm so angry right now about the debacle I might say something nasty and you're normally very nice so I won't do that to you!!!
Reply to Pink Kangaroo

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