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11:05AM, Thu 6 March 2008

ShadowPulse takes the minor premiership!

ShadowPulse takes the minor premiership!

Well, it wasnt pretty, and i wasnt even there so this is only secondary information, but the ShadowPulse got over the line last night to secure the minor premiership V Munkie Tung. Cade topped all scorers with 22 while Brent 'Brett' Lomer chipped in for a handy 14.

The talk of the town though this morning was an apparent incident involving an unnamed player that this article will refer to as 'Bodybag'; another unsuspecting victim; and an ejection which was 'no big deal'. What a saucy mixture of words, could be the catch phrase of a good fiction novel. Only those that witnessed the events will know who was involved, those that werent there can only take a 99% accurate guess.

I've been gathering evidence this morning on what actually occured and the evidence suggests the following sequence of events:

1. Bodybag has the ball around midcourt, late in a reasonably close game.
2. Unsuspecting victim applies close defense
3. Bodybag applies elbow to the face of unsuspecting victim, sending him to the floor by express post
4. Unsuspecting victim stands up and questions bodybag's actions
5. Bodybag gives unsuspecting victim the 'dont argue' and a 'have a think about this one on your way to the ground.... again'.
6. Bodybag has left the building. 

ShadowPyulse played the last few minutes with 4 players and hold on for the win. 

We play next week at 9pm in our first final. Without Damo, Grieg and Lomer the rest of us will need to play well to get the win. 

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11:10AM, Thu 6 March 2008
Sounds like an incident filled match... SOOO wish I was there.
Reply to BAFF
11:28AM, Thu 6 March 2008
I'd just come from seeing Rambo and the on court "incident" was the most violent thing I saw that night.
Reply to Regs
11:38AM, Thu 6 March 2008
Various sources have reported that Victoria Police are now looking into the incident as a possible link to various unsolved crimes that they had originally linked to Tony Mokbel....
Reply to Sam Fewster

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