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05:00PM, Tue 22 January 2008

Kobe is MVP

G'day NBA fans,

Whatever you may think of the off-field antics of Kobe Bryant, he is in my opinion and without doubt, the NBA's most valuable player to the half way point of the season.  Given the Lakers have the best record in the NBA, their starting 5 consists of Derek Fisher (about 52yo), KOBE, Luke Walton (tries hard), Lamar Odom & Kwame Brown - it is incredible what Kobe is achieving.

It just seems to me that he will do whatever it takes to win.  Today (to this point) he has attempted only 5 shots, whilst dishing 11 assists; however, we have seen him take 40 shots a game at different points of time.  Perhaps he would be frustrating to play with (!), but is there anyone you'd rather have the ball in your team's hands in crunch-time?

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05:49PM, Tue 22 January 2008
Sounds like you're talking Kwame down a bit there. I've heard he is A-Grade material, but then again I'm just a novice and don't know too much about the NBA. Perhaps you can give us your thoughts on Kwame? I'm sure all readers of this Sports Log would like to know your thoughts!
Reply to The Yapper
05:54PM, Tue 22 January 2008
classic - with Kobe as the franchise, they could have the Yapper at C and still win games. Kwame is servicable, recovering from injury and will improve. I reckon he will ave around a double double, 1st, 1.5blocks, 1 assist and 3 TO's per game, shooting 50% from the field and 60% from the FT line! He's no Ray Borner, thats for sure
Reply to Andy Collins
05:58PM, Tue 22 January 2008
Actually, Boston, Phoenix, and New Orleans are presently ahead of the Lakers at the moment. True, Kobe is a catalyst to his team despite not leading the league or being in the top five in any one single category. Currently: Cleveland's LeBron James leads in points at 29.7ppg, New Orleans Dwight Howard leads in rebs at 15.2pg, Phoenix's Steve Nash leads in asst's at 12.1pg, Chicago's Ben Gordon leads with and astounding FT% of .920 (lights out), however, Kobe's teammate Andrew Bynum leads in FG% at .636. Kobe is MVP to his team for sure as he attracts so much attention on the court and is great all around but Denver is stacked with talent the likes of Iverson and Anthony, to name a few, and Boston has really turned it around this year in a worst to first thing leading the NBA as of this moment with Pierce and the gang. The playoffs will surely tell and the Lakers will undoubtedly be there. But I don't think I'm ready to crown anyone just yet. A good choice all the same, Andy. Mick
Reply to Mick
05:48PM, Tue 5 February 2008
why did you put mj in that photo bro?
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