Venue Address
19 Bell st

New Town
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Season Fixture for Venue
DATE TIME Competition Name   HOME TEAM   AWAY TEAM  
14/01/13 (Mon) 18:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Last Minute   vs   The Kazoos  
14/01/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Nelson Ninjas   vs   Hook In  
14/01/13 (Mon) 20:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Go Team   vs   Killer Frogs  
17/01/13 (Thu) 18:00 (SUMMER THURSDAYS)   T.I.T.S.   vs   Sweet Nothing  
21/01/13 (Mon) 18:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Joe Hockey   vs   The Glowsticks  
21/01/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Black Sticks   vs   Swifts  
21/01/13 (Mon) 20:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Nelson Ninjas   vs   The Kazoos  
28/01/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Do a Flip   vs   Hook In  
04/02/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Brute Squad   vs   Go Team  
07/02/13 (Thu) 18:00 (SUMMER THURSDAYS)   Addiction   vs   Sweet Nothing  
11/02/13 (Mon) 18:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Team Zee   vs   Go Team  
11/02/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Brute Squad   vs   Fiddlesticks  
14/02/13 (Thu) 18:00 (SUMMER THURSDAYS)   Trigger Happy Bunnies   vs   Strikers  
18/02/13 (Mon) 18:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Joe Hockey   vs   Gerald S  
18/02/13 (Mon) 19:00 (SUMMER MONDAYS)   Last Minute   vs   Fiddlesticks  
21/03/13 (Thu) 18:00 (SUMMER THURSDAYS)   Cams Camgaroos   vs   Trigger Happy Bunnies