Langwarrin CRT#2

Venue Address
80 Warrandyte Road

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Season Fixture for Venue
DATE TIME Competition Name   HOME TEAM   AWAY TEAM  
19/03/18 (Mon) 19:00 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   Black Panthers   vs   No vaseline  
19/03/18 (Mon) 19:45 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   Langy Boyz   vs   NITRO  
19/03/18 (Mon) 20:30 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   Courgoes   vs   Stevie Does Wonders  
21/03/18 (Wed) 19:00 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   East High Wildcats   vs   Organised Confusion  
21/03/18 (Wed) 19:45 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   Seda dubnation   vs   Shot Block Crusaders  
22/03/18 (Thu) 20:00 (W18 - Thursday Men (Pre-Grading))   Mighty Dux   vs   Steamed Hams  
22/03/18 (Thu) 20:45 (W18 - Thursday Men (Pre-Grading))   Blue Devils   vs   Monstars  
26/03/18 (Mon) 19:00 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   gayfs all stars   vs   Who Needs J  
26/03/18 (Mon) 19:45 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   Thunder   vs   Comeback Kings  
26/03/18 (Mon) 20:30 (W18 - Monday Men (Pre-Grading))   WHEN'S SMOKO   vs   The Drizzly Bears  
28/03/18 (Wed) 19:00 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   Seda dubnation   vs   Chafing the Dream  
28/03/18 (Wed) 19:45 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   Karingal Mad Monkeys   vs   Express Alert  
28/03/18 (Wed) 20:30 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   Cosmatic   vs   Organised Confusion  
28/03/18 (Wed) 21:15 (W18 - Wednesday Mixed (Pre-Grading))   Shot Block Crusaders   vs   Squeaky Sneaks  

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